Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 12.17 (Year End Review Albums of 2017)

     For the albums of 2017 I have music from the albums of DWIG, Porter Ricks to kick off the show. This is followed by music from the albums of Mental Overdrive, Tin Man & DVS1. The top five has 2 albums from the PLOINK imprint from Thomas Urv & +plattform. Those 2 LPs along with Mental Overdrive’s LP would be the 1st time on the Year End Review there are 3 albums from one label. Big ups to them. Actress makes a triumphant return to form with his AZD LP on Ninja Tune. Dan Snaith has made a name for himself with his productions as Manitoba & the more popular Caribou moniker. He saves his more deeper house sounds for his Daphni guise & is the runner up for album of the year. The album of the year goes to the Prince of Denmark who announced his retirement of production earlier in the year after the album’s release last December. There is no word on whether this means no more production of his other monikers DJ Metatron & Truamprinz. If so this is one hell of a send off & quite possibly one of the best albums recent memory. Enjoy the music & on to 2018.
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
10. DWIG “What’s Paradise”(DWIG) 
– “Hidden Spot”
– “What’s Paradise”
– “Piece Of Music”
9. Porter Ricks “Anguilla Electrica”(Tresor) 
– “Scuba Rondo”
–  “Sandy Ground”
– “Anguilla Electrica”
8. Mental Overdrive “Hardware”(PLOINK)
– “After The Lights”
– “Descent”
– “Swagger”
7. Tin Man “Dripping Acid”(Global A Records) 
– “Sunken Acid”
– “Oily Acid”
– “Surfing Acid”
6. DVS1 “Hush 20″(HUSH)
– “It’s All About”
– “The Chase”
– “Nineteenninetysix”
5. Thomas Urv “O Sweet Exorcism”(PLOINK)
– “Kalle Rod”
– “Mjondalen”
– “HZ”
4. +plattform “Twelve LP”(PLOINK)
– “Wrak”
– “Brok”
– “Storn”
3. Actress “AZD”(Ninja Tune)
– “Untitled 7”
– “Fatasynth”
– “X22RME”
2. Daphni “Joli Mai”(Jialong)
– “Vulture”
– “Medellin”
– “Tin”
1. Prince Of Denmark “8”(FORUM) 
– “Miseri”
– “Darkspirit Cut”
– “GS”



Thelonious Funk Sessions #280 Year End Review 2017 Vol. 4 of 5

     For the top 40 tunes we have music from Vagrant, Jesse Futerman, Baltra & B-Squit. Joe makes the Year End Review for the 2nd year in a row followed by Daphni, DJ Boring & Mental Overdrive. No Moon & Errorsmith rounds off the top 40. For the top 30 I have music from Markus Suckut, DWIG & Moodymann’s remix of a Model 500 classic. Liem & Eddie Ness makes their debut on the Year End Review followed by Ten Grams, Viers, Cleric & Tin Man. Kuzma Palkin & DJ Spider makes things quite murky towards the end of the top 30. Next week we will find out my top 20 track & top 10 albums of 2017. Until then enjoy the music & your holiday season.
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
Part 1
40. Vagrant “Morning”(Insight Music)
39. Jesse Futerman “Gem”(Church)
38. Baltra “Untitled A”(96 And Forever)
37. B-Squit “Year Of The Dragon”(Pipa Records)
36. Joe “Tail Lift”(Hessle Audio)
35. Daphni “Vulture”(Jialong)
34. DJ Boring “Tribal Dreams”(LPH WHITE)
33. Mental Overdrive “After The Lights”(PLOINK)
32. No Moon “Inspired By The Rift”(Echo Vortex)
31. Errorsmith “I’m Interesting, Cheerful & Sociable”(PAN)

Part 2
30. Markus Suckut “First Movement”(EXILE)
29. DWIG “Piece Of Music”(DWIG)
28. Model 500 “No UFOs”[Moodymann Remix](Metroplex)
27. Liem & Eddie Ness “Midssum”(Lehult)
26. Ten Grams “Please, Wash My Brain Again”(N.O.I.A. Records)
25. Viers “A Thought  From The Machine”(Figure)
24. Cleric “Shackled Minds”(Figure)
23. Tin Man “Oily Acid”(Global A Records)
22. Kuzma Palkin “SugrobChill”(GOST Instrument)
21. DJ Spider “Mobius Strip Revisited”(Rekids Special Projects PROMO)

Thelonious Funk Sessions #279 Year End Review 2017 Vol. 3 of 5

     For the third installment of the Year End Review, we go into the top 60 with music from Dukwa featuring Mar-G, Baltra & GreymatterFolamour & Lone appears on the review for the 2nd time, followed by Karen Gwyer, KDJ & Pepe BradockRetro Activity & Daphni rounds off the 60.
     The top 50 kicks off with nthng turning back the clock with some classic trance followed by Adventice remix of Illario Alicante. PLOINK has released tons of amazing material this year & +plattform is one of the many highlights. DJ Spider does a deadly remix of Brendon Moeller on his Plan B imprint. Daniel Jacques does some soulful acid wizardry followed by music from Kangding Ray’s brilliant LP on Stroboscopic Artifacts.  Minneapolis based producer DVS1 make the top 50 followed by Deep’a & Biri, Markus Suckut & Don Williams to round off the show. Next week we focus on the top 40. Until then…
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
Part 1

60. Dukwa feat. Mar-G “Thoughts”(Numbers.)
59. Folamour “Shakkei”(All City)
58. Baltra “Untitled B”(96 And Forever)
57. Greymatter “Clocks”(WOLF Music)
56. Lone “Crush Mood”(R&S)
55. Karen Gwyer “The Workers Are on Strike”(Don’t Be Afraid)
54. Kenny Dixon Jr. “Untitled”(NDATL Muzik)
53. Pépé Bradock “Tsundoku”(Atavisme)
52. Retro Activity “Rocket” (B.SOUL Music)
51. Daphni “Tin”(Jialong)

Part 2
50. nthng “The Traveller” (Transatlantic)
49. Ilario Alicante “Virgo Storm”[Adventice Remix](Cocoon)
48. +plattform “Brok”(PLOINK)
47. Brendon Moeller ‎”Turbulence”[DJ Spider Remix](Plan B Recordings)
46. Daniel Jacques “Mind Your Step”(ÆX)
45. Kangding Ray “Rubi”(Stroboscopic Artifacts)
44. DVS1 “nineteenninetysix”(HUSH)
43. Deep’a & Biri “Basic Cycle”(Black Crow Records)
42. Markus Suckut “Third Movement”(EXILE)
41. Don Williams “Resounded”(Tokomak)

Thelonious Funk Sessions #278 Year End Review 2017 Vol. 2 of 5

     For the 2nd installment of our 10th edition of the Year End Review,  Ranko’s remix of Klinke auf Cinch kicks off the top 80. Hi Mount makes his debut on the Year End Review followed by a Map.ache rerub of Things From The Basement. Lone’s raw & rumbling drums makes the cut from his latest EP on R&S. The Legendary Ron Trent made his mark this year with releasing some classics from his Prescription vaults to Rush Hour. His previously unreleased track “Energy” was a highlight along with his classics. E. Myers makes his mark as well as Folamour’s rendition of a D’Angelo classic. Dan Ghanecia & Chris Carrier also takes on a Madrid Inc banger. Nu Foundation’s killer remix of Lovely Dana make the list followed by Peter Van Hoesen to round off the top 80.
     The top 70 kicks off with music from Hanna, Alexey Nikitin & Manmade Deejay.  Other great highlights includes Miki Miyoshi, Ge-Ology’s cover of the Candido classic, Appian & DJ Fettburger. Deetron, Mystic Bill & Vincent rounds off the show. Next we reach the halfway point of the Year End Review. Until then…
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

Part 1
80. Klinke auf Cinch “Clsr”[Ranko Remix](Whyte Numbers)
79. Hi Mount “In The Heat”(Regelbau)
78. Things From The Basement “No One Belongs Here More Than You”[Map.ache Remix](KANN Records)
77. Lone “Looking Glass”(R&S)
76. Ron Trent “Energy”(Rush Hour)
75. E. Myers “Rabona”(ESTY 004)
74. Folamour “Love Frequencies”(Moonrise Hill Material)
73. Madrid Inc.”My Sundays Love”[Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier Dub Remix](Invade)
72. Lovely Dana “Love Letter”[Nu Ground Foundation Vocal Mix](Wildtrackin)
71. Peter Van Hoesen “Oscar’s Blood”(Time To Express)

Part 2
70. Hanna “Lake Shore Dr”(Perpetual Rhythms)
69. Alexey Nikitin “Zvezdnyy Inspektor”[Star Inspector](Gost Zvuk)
68. Manmade Deejay “V-Bee”(Regelbau)
67. Miki Miyoshi “Dreamy Track 1615″(Sovereign State)
66. Ge-Ology “Re-Fingered With Love”(Dekmantel)
65. Appian “Rite Of Passage”(Stripped & Chewed)
64. DJ Fett Burger ‎”Pub 18″(Sex Tags UFO)
63. Deetron “I Got To Have You”(Character)
62. Mystic Bill “Revenge Of The Preacherman”(I Love Acid)
61. Vincent “How I Feel”(Klockworks)

Thelonious Funk Sessions #277 Year End Review 2017 Vol. 1 of 5


     It time again for the 10th Annual Year End Review for the tunes of 2017. For those that don’t already know the house rules, this list ranges from December of 2016 to November of this year. Anything released this December will be considered for next year. So kicking off this list we have a very unique take of Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose” from Marlo. This is followed by music from Ben Hauke feat. Joe Armon-Jones, Kai Alce’s rerub of John Jastszebski and Black Loops. Salem Jabou make his debut on the Year End Review followed by Marlon Hoffstadt, Librarian, Blackbones & Pepe Bradock’s remix of Paolo Mantini to round off the top 100.

     For the top 90 I have music from new Sound Signature recruit Thomas Xu, Shinichi Atobe, J M S Khosah & Alexey NikitinTerence Fixmer makes the year end review for the 2nd time followed by Kowton and William Masson. Revenu, Reggie Dokes and Pablo Mateo rounds off the show. Next week we focus on the top 80 & 70. Until Then…

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk



Part 1
100. Seal “Kiss From A Rose”(Marlo Refix)
99. Ben Hauke feat. Joe Armon-Jones “I Kinda Missed”(Church)
98. John Jastszebski “Season”[Kai Alcé’s Restructure](Phonogramme)
97. Kettenkarussell “New York Blues”(Giegling)
96. Black Loops feat. Felipe Gordon “Mia Negrita”(Toy Tronics)
95. Salem Jabou “Maximum Reach” (Mad Recordings PROMO)
94. Marlon Hoffstadt “Heavily Dancin On The Ones And Twos”(Axe On Wax)
93. Librarian “Journey”[Edit](Waxtefacts)
92. Blackbones “Malukayi” (Black Bones)
91. Paolo Mantini “Next Generation”[Pépé Bradock’s Braccio D’Oco della Villa-Beonis First Play](Rebirth)

Part 2
90. Thomas Xu “ALotToChewOn”(Sound Signature)
89. Shinichi Atobe “Regret”(DDS)
88. J M S Khosah “Sancha”(Apron)
87. Alexey Nikitin “Bar’yer Neizvestnosti”[Barrier of Uncertainty](Gost Zvuk)
86. Terence Fixmer “Melting Planets”(Ostgut Ton)
85. Kowton “Iodine”(Livity Sound)
84. William Masson “Keep Movin’ Forward”(Society Music Recordings)
83. Revenu “Inject”(Arken Records)
82. Reggie Dokes “Black Lives Matter”(Rawax)
81. Pablo Mateo “Fazing Trees”(Dred Records)

Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 11.17

For this monthly report, I have music from Yinna, Blackbones & new music from Norm Talley’s Debut LP Norm-A-Lize on Omar-S’ FXHE imprint. New music from Appian along with Donato Dozzy having a go at some deep house. More big tunes from Matt O’Brien and tracks from the ÆX imprint by Denote & Daniel Jacques. More cuts from Nicolas, DJ Barbo$$a and a collaboration from Alex Dimou & Kostas Georgoudis. Lucy get remixed by Blawan & Terrence Dixon’s Population One moniker gets a rerub from Orlando VoornSØRN, Natural Flow & Chicago producer Savile rounds off the show. The last monthly report will focus on the albums of 2017. Until then…
Enjoy The music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
1. Yinna “3228 H”(Farbwechsel)
2. Blackbones “Malukayi”(Black Bones)
3. DJ QU “Brut”(Strength Music)
4. Norm Talley “The Rise”(FXHE)
5. Appian “Rite Of Passage”(Stripped & Chewed)
6. Donato Dozzy “B”(Afterhouse)
7. Norm Talley “Earth Vabrations”(FXHE)
8. Matt O’Brien “Caru”(Off-Key Industries)
9. Denote “The Dangers of Planetary Exploration”(ÆX)
10. Nicholas “Black Juniper”(Church)
11. Alex Dimou & Kostas Georgoudis “Mozy”(Unscene BLK)
12. Daniel Jacques “Mind Your Step”(ÆX)
13. DJ QU “No Poetry”(Strength Music)
14. Matt O’Brien “And Through the Other Side”(Off-Key Industries)
15. DJ Barbo$$a “Track 3″(Salt Mines)
16. Lucy “The High Priestess”[Blawan Remix](Zehnin)
17. SØRN “Golden Age”(Holliday Addicts)
18. Savile “Watch Scan Wait”(2MR)
19. Population One “The Move”[Orlando Voorn Remix](Rush Hour)
20. Natural Flow “Virgus” (Oddity PROMO)

Thelonious Funk Sessions #276

     For this show I have more music from albums of Daphni and Four Tet. New music from Ray Kadinski, Liem & Eddie Ness and Marlon Hoffstadt. Tons of forthcoming material on this show from Lapien, remixes from the Anagram imprint by Lapien and Terrence Dixon as Population One & a timeless classic from Metro Area celebrating 15 years since its release.  More big tunes from Shante Celeste, CRS + BRG & tracks from Pepe Bradock’s new EP.  More forthcoming material from Anil Aras, Stefan Weise & Jun KamodaErrorsmith rounds off the first part of the show with music from his album.
    The second part of the show features two triple plays. The first features tracks from DJ Spider’s Wire Head EP on Rekids Special Projects sub label. The 2nd focuses on the tracks from 1800HaightStreet’s Endless LP on Lobster Theremin. I have more music from the Anagram remix EP featuring remixes by Efdemin and Ryan James Ford of Sinfol and Anetha. More music from the Rebirth camp from Michel Cleis, followed by Bawrut & Jonty SkruFFF. More big tunes from Adryiano, Peter Van Hoesen, Benjamin Damage, Nicolas Bougaïeff  &  a stunning remix of Głós by Cassegrain to round off the show.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
Part 1
1. Daphni “Poly”(Jialong)
2. Four Tet “LA Trance”(Text)
3. Ray Kandinski “Faking Love”(Arcane)
4. Liem & Eddie Ness “Ki Bekko”(Lehult)
5. Marlon Hoffstadt “ARP+”(Ransom Note)
6. Lapien “Inland”(Release/Sustain PROMO)
7. Octual “Dark Sky”[Population One Remix](Anagram PROMO)
8. Metro Area “Miura”(Environ)
9. Daphni “Joli Mai”(Jialong)
10. Shanti Celeste “Moved”(On Loop)
11. CRS + BRG “Erase”(Rebirth PROMO)
12. Pépé Bradock “Tresors”(Atavisme)
13. Anil Aras “Untitled”(Beste Modus PROMO)
14. Stefan Weise “Fractal Soul”(3km Records PROMO)
15. Santiago Salazar “Saturated Fear”(Pastel Voids)
16. Pépé Bradock “Tsundoku”(Atavisme)
17. Elad Magdasi “Two Floors”[Lapien Remix](Anagram PROMO)
18. Four Tet “Planet”(Text)
19. Jun Kamoda “Dopey Forests”(Black Arce PROMO)
20. Errorsmith “Superlative Fatigue”(PAN Records)
Part 2
Triple Play: DJ Spider “Wired Head EP”(Rekids Special Projects PROMO)
21. DJ Spider “Antikythera Mechanism Part 2 ”(Rekids Special Projects PROMO)
22. DJ Spider “Sub-Atomic Vibrations”(Rekids Special Projects PROMO)
23. DJ Spider “Mobius Strip Revisited”(Rekids Special Projects PROMO)
24. Sinfol “Trembling”[Efdemin Remix](Anagram PROMO)
25. Michel Cleis “Obsoleto Lerobo”[Dark Mix](Rebirth PROMO)
26. Bawrut “Pregamell”(Hard Fist PROMO)
27. Jonty SkruFFF “Jellyfish Invasion”(What Came First PROMO)
Triple Play: 1800HaightStreet “Endless LP”(Lobster Theremin)
28. 1800HaightStreet “Psychic”(Lobster Theremin)
29. 1800HaightStreet “Razor”(Lobster Theremin)
30. 1800HaightStreet “Endless”(Lobster Theremin)
31. Adryiano “Batraf”(CESTRAW)
32. Benjamin Damage “Montreal”(R&S)
33. Peter Van Hoesen “Fox Tactics”(Time To Express)
34. Lahj “The Tinley Effect”(Crow Castle Cuts)
35. Jonty SkruFFF “Warpaint”[Daniel Miller Remix](What Came First PROMO)
36. Anetha “Acid Train”[Ryan James Ford Remix](Anagram PROMO)
37. Głós “Cut Tongues”[Cassegrain Remix](Ressort Imprint PROMO)
38. Nicolas Bougaïeff “Cognitive Resonance”(NovaMute)