Thelonious Funk Sessions #266 (Next Gen Mix By Nebraska)


This weeks show kicks off with some old broken beat classics from NEPA All-Stars, Alex Phountzi (remixed by Daz-I-Kue) & Zero dB’s remix of John Kong & Moonstarr. New musisic from Ben Hauke on Church records. This week’s triple play features the previously unreleased tracks from Ron Trent’s Compilation of his legendary Prescription label on Rush Hour. I have a couple of more classics from Big Bang (remixed by Alex Attias), Just One & the Detroit supergroup 3 Chairs. New music Soulphiction, Simoncino, Fiedel & Carsten Jost. DJ Sotofett does a journey of a remix for Yoshinori Hayashi. Nebraska does a killer remix of Mr. Beatnick. More on Nebraska in the 2nd hour. I have a couple of Chicago disco edits from Cesario Magnifique & Mall Grab rounds off the 1st part of the show.
For the 2nd hour we have an exclusive Next Gen Mix 8 years in the making & by a producer that truly needs no introduction. We are talking about Nebraska. I first ran across this producer who initially released some tracks on Rush Hour & Down Low Records. I was so impressed with his music that I had to get in touch with him. He was nice enough to pass on a few tracks that he completed that needed to be shopped around. One of the main tracks was the maniacal banger “Green Marimba”. I premiered on this show back in 2008. I said to him whoever get this track will be a very lucky man. A couple of years later I was offered an A&R position at Chicago label Smooth Agent. Guess who was the 1st person I contacted? Yep. The track had an vinyl release on the Smooth Agent compilation EP “The New Recruits“. The track was also release digitally with the other tracks he sent to me initially. Still I felt it did not get enough recognition it truly deserved until it was licensed in a mix compilation on Mister Saturday Night records. In all of this I suddenly though why the hell have I not asked the man for an exclusive especially considering some of his tracks premiered on this show? He concurred.
So for this mix he included music from Valentine Unlimited Orchestra, Smith N Hack & of coarse the aforementioned Green Marimba tune. He’s also included his remix of Session Victim & some classic jams from Bill Withers, War, Billy Paul & Azymuth. He also showed some love from label mate Keita Sano along with some tracks that have been fixtures on this show by Felix Wentink & Soundstudio. He’s also included some Techno Soul from UR remixed by Aaron Carl. Big up to Ali for taking the time to put this mix together for us. After the mix I included another track from Nebraska, Roger 23 & Sounders Department. DJ Spider adds more dirt to his forthcoming remix of Vohkinne. New music from the albums of DVS1 & nthng. The show rounds off with more forthcoming pressure Guti X Morgan (remixed by Mark Broom), Orbe & P. Leone. What more can you ask for on this show?
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk



Part 1
1. NEPA All-Stars “The Way”(Surplus)
2. Alex Phountzi Feat. Xantoné Blacq “Another Way”[Daz-I-Kue Remix](Funk Of Fury)
3. John Kong & Moonstarr ‎”Future Vision”[Zero dB Remix](Fluid Ounce)
4. Ben Hauke Feat Joe Armon-Jones “I Kinda Missed It” (Church)
Triple Play: Ron Trent
5. Ron Trent “Energy”(Rush Hour)
6. Ron Trent “History”(Rush Hour)
7. Ron Trent feat Harry Denis “Black Magic Woman”(Rush Hour)
8. Big Bang “Higher”[Alex Attias Altitude Rework](Arision)
9. Just One “Love2Love”(Neroli)
10. SoulPhiction “Blues Theory”[Churchapella](Philpot)
11. Simoncino “Gherkin Tape”(Unknown To The Unknown)
12. Fiedel “S-Drive”(Ostgut Ton)
13. Carsten Jost “Dawn Patrol”(Dial)
14. Yoshinori Hayashi “Waterwheel Scenery”[DJ Sotofett’s Dubcurve fix-mix feat. Osaruxo](JINN Records)
15. 3 Chairs “I Wonder Why”[Edit](Three Chairs)
16. Mr. Beatnick “Church Street Blues”[Nebraska Remix](Tief Music)
17. Cesario Magnifique “Edit #2″(M.C.D. Disco Edits PROMO)
18. Mall Grab “2 B Reel”(House Crime)
19. Cesario Magnifique “Edit #5″(M.C.D. Disco Edits PROMO)
Part 2
Next Gen Exclusive Mix: Nebraska (Rush Hour/Mister Saturday Night/Smooth Agent)
20. Valentine Unlimited Orchestra “Take You Back”(Cornhusker Records)
21. Nebraska “Green Marimba”(Smooth Agent)
22. Smith N Hack “To Our Disco Friends”(Smith N Hack)
23. Bill Withers “Harlem”(Sussex)
24. War “Galaxy”(MCA Records)
25. Session Victim “Good Intentions” [Nebraska Soho Samba Mix](Retreat)
26. Keita Sano “Explosion”(Mister Saturday Night)
27. Soundstudio “Track 440″(Soundsampler)
28. Frits Wentink “Rising Sun, Falling Coconut”(Heist)
29. UR “Hard Life”[Aaron Carl mix](UR)
30. Billy Paul “East”(Philadelphia International Records)
31. Azimuth “Dear Limmertz’’(Milestone Records)
End Of Mix
32. Nebraska “Moritzplatz Mode”(Ferox)
33. Roger 23 “Of Poor Quality And Method Of Communication”(Ilian Tape)
34. Sounders Department ” Untitled B”(Sounders Dept)
35. Vohkinne “Perceived Augmentation of Light”[DJSpider Remix](Atrophic Society PROMO)
36. DVS1 “Watchtower”(HUSH)
37. Guti X Morgan “Her House”[Mark Broom Remix](Cuttin’ Headz PROMO)
38. Orbe “Higher Dimensions Influences”(Orbe Records PROMO)
39. nthng “Soms”(Lobster Theremin)
40. P.Leone “Coast Atlantic”(E-MISSIONS PROMO)

Thelonious Funk Sessions #265

This week’s show features music from Justin Carter, Mr. Beatnick & Andrew Red Hand. Dawit teams up with Sami for a nice collaboration on the Extended Family compilation on 1432 R imprint. Amazing tracks from the Physically Sick Compilation by Jayda G & Kirk The Flirt on Allergy Season. New music coming from Calvin Morgan, Jenifa Mayanja, Tom Flynn & John Jastszebski. Our first triple play of the show features productions from Flangertrackx. More big tracks from Mental Overdrive, Joy Orbison, Gumz & a thumping Julian Jeweil remix of Cuartero to round off the 1st part of the show.
The second part of the show kicks features more triple plays from Yotam Avni, Tin Man and tracks from Norwegian label Ploink by Thomas Urv & Mental Overdrive. New music from Unbroken Dub, Isabella, DJ Sodeyama & Radio Slave. New collaboration by Ben Klock & Marcel Dettmann on Ostgut Ton. Earth shattering drum kicks rounds off the show from Vril, Setaoc Mass & Don Williams. 4 triple plays in one show! Start listening.

Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

Part 1
1. Justin Carter “Leaves”(Mister Saturday Night)
2. Sami & Dawit “Terrebone County”(1432 R)
3. Mr. Beatnick “Church Street Blues”(Tief Music)
4. Andrew Red Hand “Dry Tears”(M>O>S)
5. Jayda G “Sestra’s Cry”(Allergy Season)
6. Calvin Morgan “Regional Power”[Putin Intrusion Mix](Smooth Agent PROMO)
7. Jenifa Mayanja “Together Apart”(Sound Warrior)
8. Tom Flynn “Movement”(Into Orbit)
9. John Jastszebski “Graceland”(Phonogramme PROMO)
Triple Play: Flangertrackx
10. Flangertrackx “Untitled A2″(Flangertrackx)
11. Flangertrackx “Untitled B1″(Flangertrackx)
12. Flangertrackx “Untitled B2″(Flangertrackx)
13. Mental Overdrive “After The Lights”(PLOINK PROMO)
14. Joy Orbison “Fuerza”(Hingefinger)
15. Gumz “Juelegba”(Get Physical PROMO)
16. Cuartero “Up To The Roof”[Julian Jeweil Remix](Repopulate Mars PROMO)
17. Kirk the Flirt “Back2Biz”(Allergy Season)
Part 2
Triple Play: Yotam Avni
18. Yotam Avni “Shtok”(Stroboscopic Artefacts)
19. Dense & Pika “Buttplug”[Yotam Avni Remix](Kneaded Pains)
20. Yotam Avni “Orma”(Stroboscopic Artefacts)
21. Unbroken Dub “Lullaby Arp”(Resonance)
Triple Play: Tin Man “Dripping Acid” LP (Global A)
22. Tin Man “Washing Acid”(Global A)
23. Tin Man “Oily Acid”(Global A)
24. Tin Man “Surfing Acid”(Global A)
25. Dettmann | Klock “Phantom Studies”(Ostgut Ton)
26. Isabella “Dying and Denying”(Allergy Season)
27. DJ Sodeyama “Thrust”(Lyase Recordings)
28. Radio Slave “Another Club”(REKIDS PROMO)
Triple Play: Ploink
29. Thomas Urv “Kalle Rød”(PLOINK PROMO)
30. Mental Overdrive “Dissolve”(PLOINK PROMO)
31. Thomas Urv “HZ”(PLOINK PROMO)
32. Vril “A2. Untitled”(Giegling)
33. Setaoc Mass “Kunfus”(SK_Eleven)
34. Don Williams “Resounded”(Tokomak)

Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 02.17


For the Monthly Report of February I have music from Arnheim, Shamos & Florist’s V. Rosso project. Sebastian Davidson channels his inner Larry Heard followed by music by Joy Orbison, Brad Hill & Edward. There’s decent collaboration by Mennie & Julien Sandre on Polker Flat. Tons of music from the Rekids camp featuring tracks & mixes by Radio Slave, Mandingo, Melchoir Productions LTD and SHDW & Obscure Shape. Kai Alce remixes John Jastszebski on Phonogramme. On the last report I had music from the brilliant LP from Thomas Urv on his PLOINK imprint. This time I have music from another Norwegian Techno legend Mental Overdrive on the same label. New music from Henrik Schwarz on Running Back records. Don Williams goes back to his roots releasing music on Tokomak for the 1st time since his debut release in 2000 & Jeff Pietro remixes KGIV. Malin remixes his own track with the help of Yaleesa Hall on Will & Ink to round off the show,
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


1. Arnheim “Our Lady of Perpetual Dance”(Barbara)
2. Shamos “Palace Pavillion” (Apron)
3. FLØRIST presents V. ROSSO “Windows On The World”(World Building)
4. Sebastian Davidson “Love A Freak”(Peppermint Jam PROMO)
5. Joy Orbison “Rite Ov”(Toss Portal)
6. Brad Hill “Seduction”(AILA Records PROMO)
7. Edward “Untitled”(Giegling)
8. Mennie & Julien Sandre “In A Pixel World”(Polker Flat)
9. Mandingo “Universe II”[Melchior Productions Ltd Remix](REKIDS PROMO)
10. John Jastszebski “Season”[Kai Alce Restructure](Phonogramme PROMO)
11. Mental Overdrive “Descent”(PLOINK PROMO)
12. Henrik Schwarz “Not Also You”(Running Back)
13. Don Williams “D.D.S.T.T.M.”[Shinedoe RMX 2005](Tokomak)
14. Radio Slave “Feel The Same”(REKIDS PROMO)
15. KGIV “Mockingbird”[Jeff Pietro Remix](Eye Teeth)
16. Radio Slave “Vision”[Obscure Shape & SHDW Remix](REKIDS PROMO)
17. Malin “First Carol”[YHxM Stripped Mix](Will & Ink)

Thelonious Funk Sessions #264 (TF’s Artist Of The Month Mixtape Prince Of Denmark)


For this week’s show I have music from Masomenos, Isolee, Calibre & Ocobaya. JR Seaton (aka Call Super) debut his 1st release as Elmo Crumb on The Trilogy Tapes. There’s music from the the Mind Over Matter compilation by Edward & D-IX. Triple play goes to Folamour featuring tracks from All City Records & his Moonrise Hill Material imprint. More big tunes from S. Moreira, Miki Miyoshi & Karim Sahraoui remixes Cerebro. Electric Rescue, Cleric & Thomas Urv rounds off the 1st part of the show.

It’s been a while since I’ve done an artist of the month mix. So for the 2nd part of the show wanted to dive into the superb albums by Prince Of Denmark. Also known for his releases as Traumprinz & DJ Metatron, the mysterious producer’s best work in my opinion is his releases as Prince of Denmark. His 1st LP “The Body” was my pick for Album of 2013. 3 years later he returns with an octuple pack aptly titled “8” with a limited press of 100. It caused excitement due to the announcement but frustration due to the availability of the release. So I wanted to reflect on the brilliance of both releases. His tracks will certainly take you on a serious journey & I hope my mix does his music the justice. I will allow the details of the specific tracks to speak for itself. So by all means…
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk



Part 1
1. Masomenos feat Pit Spector “Totoloto”(Welcome To Masomenos PROMO)
2. Calibre “Sand Promise” (The Nothing Special)
3. Datassette “Hands & Faces” (Shipwrec)
4. Ocobaya “Messix”(1432 R)
5. Elmo Crumb “I Man A Canary Bird”(The Trilogy Tapes)
6. Isolée “Pisco”(Maeve)
7. Edward “Check Check”(Giegling)
Triple Play: Folamour
8. Folamour “Shakkei”(All City)
9. Folamour “Love Frequencies”(Moonrise Hill Material)
10. Folamour “Maybe I Did Burn Ya Place”(All City)
11. S. Moreira “The Truth”(SLOW LIFE)
12. Librarian “Journey”[Edit] (Waxtefacts)
13. D-IX “Hugo”(Giegling)
14. Miki Miyoshi “Freight Train”[Empty Stomach Edit](Sovereign State)
15. Cerebro “Factory”[Karim Sahraoui Remix](L-System)
16. Electric Rescue “Glicken”(La Chinerie)
17. Cleric “Shackled Minds” (Figure)
18. Thomas Urv “HZ”(PLOINK PROMO)
Part 2
TF’s Artist Of The Month Mixtape: Prince Of Denmark
19. Prince Of Denmark “Opening Dance”(FORUM)
20. Prince Of Denmark “Cut 02″(FORUM)
21. Prince Of Denmark “Neoclassicdub”(FORUM)
22. Prince Of Denmark “Your Body”(FORUM)
23. Prince Of Denmark “Darkspirit Cut”(FORUM)
24. Prince Of Denmark “Once With A Smile”(FORUM)
25. Prince Of Denmark “Nymphonic”(FORUM)
26. Prince Of Denmark “88888888”(FORUM)
27. Prince Of Denmark “Signjam”(FORUM)
28. Prince Of Denmark “Pulsierendes Leben”(FORUM)
29. Prince Of Denmark “Interlude”(FORUM)
30. Prince Of Denmark “Planet Uterus”(FORUM)
31. Prince Of Denmark “Latenightjam”(FORUM)
32. Prince Of Denmark “Thanatos”(FORUM)
33. Prince Of Denmark “Miseri”(FORUM)
34. Prince Of Denmark “Desire”(FORUM)
35. Prince Of Denmark “Mardou”(FORUM)
36. Prince Of Denmark “Neurobell”(FORUM)
37. Prince Of Denmark “Mentalbeam”(FORUM)
38. Prince Of Denmark “[In The End] The Ghost Ran Out Of Memory”(FORUM)
39. Prince Of Denmark “Tool 517″(FORUM)
40. Prince Of Denmark “Squidcall”(FORUM)
41. Prince Of Denmark “0R6145″(FORUM)
42. Prince Of Denmark “GS”(FORUM)
43. Prince Of Denmark “Cut Untitled Cut”(FORUM)
End Of Mix

Thelonious Funk Sessions #263 (#savedfabric Special)


Kicking off the first Thelonious Funk Sessions of 2017, I wanted focus on a club that has been a crucial part of club culture since 1999. I am referring to London’s Fabric in the Farrington district. The club has host many legendary venues with well respected producers & DJ in the music we love. Fabric has also released just over 90 mixes beginning back in 2001. I personally felt it was an opportunity for the club to give those that have not been there to experience the club with these legendary mixes. But they did not stop there. They hired a well respected DJ & host of Electronic Exploration show Rob Booth (80,000 followers) as A&R to run their critically acclaimed Houndstooth sublabel. However as you know with club culture it tends to be the scapegoats for anything that may occur & unfortunately Fabric experienced this in 2016. However people spoke up (me included) about the injustice of pointing the finger at club culture when some individuals make irrational life choice that affects others. Now for the record this is MY opinion. All across the world a various governments have used as an excuse to establish a hidden agenda for their own ideologies. This compilation is a way to not just help Fabric but club culture AS A WHOLE. Thankful we spoke up and said hell no to the BS. Fabric was shut down but just reopened in earlier this month without having to lose even more money fighting in courts. If there is no fabric there would be no more of the legendary exclusive mixes from their label. Furthermore we would not be able to enjoy Rob Booth’s magic as A&R of Houndstooth.  So for the show all tracks from the compilation. 110 tracks to choose from so here goes.

So for the 1st Hour I have breaks & some UK bass  from Om Unit, Lakker, Overmono, Trevino & dBridge. Things pick up with music from John Tejada, Clark, Letherette, Bruce & Tiefschwarz. A few more highlights of the compilation were from Mike Shannon Feat. Dave Aju and the LCC All Stars, Pinch & Roman Flugel. The 2nd part of the show we have tracks from Throwing Snow, Peter Van Hoesen, Simian Mobile Disco, Exercise One, South London Ordnance & Planetary Assault Systems. Dasha Rush & Paula Temple rounds off the show.  You can find this compilation on their Bandcamp site.


Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk



Part 1
1. Om Unit “Pop Lockin’ Hieroglyphs”(Fabric)
2. Lakker “Tuc Tuc”(Fabric)
3. Overmono “U-Plastics”(Fabric)
4. Trevino “Fractured”(Fabric)
5. dBridge “Modern Submission”(Fabric)
6. John Tejada “Ucbtron”(Fabric)
7. Clark “Shadow Banger”(Fabric)
8. Letherette “Stabz”(Fabric)
9. Bruce “Cables”(Fabric)
10. Tiefschwarz “Wegekuckuck”(Fabric)
11. October “Anna’s Acid Hour”(Fabric)
12. Agoria “Tribute”(Fabric)
13. Neville Watson “Fight On”(Fabric)
14. Matthew Styles & s-vt – Compilation “Machine Life”(Fabric)
15. Jesse Rose “Suck It And See”(Fabric)
16. Mike Shannon Feat. Dave Aju and the LCC All Stars “Can’t Take My Love Away”(Fabric)
17. Route 94 “fabric”(Fabric)
18. Nathan Fake “Laluna”(Fabric)
19. Pinch “Skylines”(Fabric)
20. Heartthrob “Scott’s Teats”(Fabric)
21. Roman Flügel “Jam The Jam”(Fabric)
Part 2
22. Throwing Snow “One For The Booth”(Fabric)
23. Peter Van Hoesen “Into A Fortification”(Fabric)
24. Skream “Munk”(Fabric)
25. Cosmin TRG “Dens”(Fabric)
26. Simian Mobile Disco “Balloon Takes A Holiday”(Fabric)
27. Exercise One “All These People”(Fabric)
28. South London Ordnance “Arc”(Fabric)
29. Audion “Fun House”(Fabric)
30. Tom Demac “Unchained”(Fabric)
31. Kirk Degiorgio “Shadow Of A Solitary Being”(Fabric)
32. Slam “Government Problem”(Fabric)
33. Perc “Foto Real”(Fabric)
34. _Unsubscribe_ “FFS, R”[Loop Mix](Fabric)
35. Masters of Disasters “The Church Of The Many”(Fabric)
36. Planetary Assault Systems “Twelve”[L.B. Dub Corp Meets PAS Rework](Fabric)
37. Kangding Ray “Summerend”(Fabric)
38. Dasha Rush “Sweet Monsters”(Fabric)
39. Paula Temple “You Cannot Kill A Soul By Killing The Body”[Live At Moogfest](Fabric)

Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 01.17

Kicking of the 1st monthly report of 2017, I have music from Jesse Futerman, Baltra, Folamour, Baltra, Leafer Legov & a Map.ache rerub of Things From The Basement. There’s some forthcoming music from Easy To Remember & Thomas Urv’s superb debut album on PLOINK. More deep tracks from Juju & Jordash, Miki Miyoshi , Steve Spacek & October remixes Facta. Thinks kick up a notch with One Track Brain, Yotam Avni & Prince Of Denmark. This is followed by Z.I.P.P.O, Bambounou, Ilario Alicante, DNGLS & Kangding Ray to round off the show. It’s good to be back.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

1. Jesse Futerman “Gem”(Church)
2. Baltra “Untitled A”(96 and Forever Records)
3. Folamour “Shakkei”(All City)
4. Baltra “Untitled B”(96 and Forever Records)
5. Leafar Legov “Your Vibe”(Giegling)
6. Things From The Basement “No One Belongs Here More Than You”[Map.ache Remix](KANN Records)
7. Easy To Remember “Singolarita Polare”(BAL PROMO)
8. Juju & Jordash “Monday Mellow”(Dekmantel)
9. Miki Miyoshi “Dreamy Track 1615″(Sovereign State)
10. Thomas Urv “Conga Lightning”(PLOINK PROMO)
11. Steve Spacek “Time Is Running Out”(Eglo)
12. Facta “Sweet Sixteen”[October’s Tiesto Dub](Berceuse Heroique)
13. One Track Brain “Hoo Too”(OTB)
14. Prince Of Denmark “Desire”(Forum)
15. Yotam Avni “Orma”(Stroboscopic Artifacts)
16. Prince Of Denmark “Miseri”(Forum)
17. Z.I.P.P.O “Tribe”(Involve Records)
18. Bambounou “Weak Emotions”(Indigo Aera)
19. Ilario Alicante “Virgo Storm”[Adventice Remix](Cocoon)
20. DNGLS “Fidelite”(La Chinerie)
21. Kangding Ray “Rubi”(Stroboscopic Artifacts)

Thelonious Funk Sessions #262 Year End Review 2016 [Vol. 5 of 5]

For our final installment we have french producers Folamour & Flabaire kicking off the top 20 followed by Frank Timm under his Soundstudio guise. Andres makes the the cut followed by Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda. Red Rack’em appears again on the Year End Review followed by a massive collaboration by Dynamo Dreesen, SVN and A Made Up Sound. The last tracks rounding off the top 20 sneaked up on me at the last minute. The first from the mysterious Janice & the other from Swedish producer Peder Mannerfelt. Two very massive tracks that could not be ignored.
Omar-S once again make his presence felt in the top 10 followed by Manzana Kicks, Legowelt, Bruce & the maniacal afro techno stomper by Randomer. Italian duo Boston 168 makes the top 5 along with the earth shattering drumkicks of Next Gen Alum Abayomi. Marlon Hoffstadt & Paris Brightledge were in fine form with their latest collaboration on Retrograde. Gabriels’ vinyl only one 12 was certainly a banger for me during the summer however there was one track that I just could not stop going back to this year. Peter Van Hoesen has seriously found a way to never cease to amaze me with his prolific career as a producer. His “Quadra” tune was nothing short of mesmerizing. It was one thing to hear the forthcoming clips of this track but it was another story to hear it in its full glory as Joey Anderson played it at Smart Bar at peak time. The reaction was priceless. It was one of the many highlights of not just the Dekmantel showcase. It is my highlight of 2016 & my tune of 2016. So there you have it. Now it’s time to focus on 2017. Enjoy the music & your New Year.

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk



Part 1
20. Folamour “Novalaise”(Moonrise Hill Material)
19. Flabaire “Album 5”(D.KO)
18. Soundstudio “Track 440” (Sound Sampler)
17. Andres “Mighty Tribe”(La Vida)
16. Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda “Priestess”(Clarity Recordings)
15. Red Rack’em “Wonky Bassline Disco Banger”(Bergerac)
14. Hiroshi Watanabe “The Leonids”(Transmat)
13. Dynamo Dreesen / SVN / A Made Up Sound “Untitled A1”(SUED)
12. Janice “Untitled A1”(Janice)
11. Peder Mannerfelt “Public Images”(Peder Mannerfelt)

Part 2
10. Omar-S “Heard’ Chew Single”(FXHE)
9. Manzana Kicks “Slow Train”(Bodytonic)
8. Bruce “I’m Alright Mate”(Timedance)
7. Randomer “Music for Two Kalimbas”(Dekmantel UFO Series)
6. Legowelt “At Delphi”(Craigie Knowes)
5. Boston 168 “303 Regiment”(Attic Music)
4. Abayomi “Blu Sun”(Abayomi Music)
3. Marlon Hoffstadt & Paris Brightledge “Elevate”(Retrograde)
2. Gabriels “Amethyst”(One Records)
Tune Of The Year
1. Peter Van Hoesen “Quadra”(Dekmantel UFO Series)