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Raised in Chicago, I was raised with a love for diverse sounds at the time of the Warehouse Days. Today I have a weekly radio show (Thelonious Funk Sessions) and a monthly show (Thelonious Funk's Monthly Report) in Finland on I am blessed to have a laundry list of supporters for my show: Tom Trago Tim Toh SoulPhiction Michael Rutten Jerome Derradji dOP Pirahnahead Paul Randolph I am willing anything that will destroy the dancefloor. If Deep House and Techno is your thing then you are in for a treat!

Thelonious Funk Sessions #272 (Next Gen Mix By Karu)

For this week’s session I have new music from Ploy, Daphni & Black Loops. I have music form the Lehult compilation featuring music Epikur and a collaboration by Liem & Eddie Ness. More music from the Sound Signature camp by Julion De’Angelo followed by DJ Slym Fas. I have music from the albums of Terrence Parker & Karen Gwyer.  New music from E. Myers, Bodycode, DJ Deep and Floorplan remixing Radio Slave. For the triple play I wanted to turn back the clock with some music from Arthur Smith’s Grain productions on Fat City. More bangers from Ontal, Dje Deep remixed by Mr. G & Shed unleashes his EQD moniker to round off the 1st part of the show.
For the 2nd part of the show we have another artist from the Smooth Agent camp Karu. I have had the pleasure of meeting from being A&R at the label but he was one the earlier producers on the label before I arrived. He hit me up recently & he has a new album out Intimate Venues. He has also collaborated with Hanna on his latest release. So for his mix he has some of his older productions & his most recent on his new LP. Other highlight are DJ Raybone Jones, Shed & Wajeed latest music from his EP which was played on the previous show. He’s also included music from Hanna, Byron Aquarius and a Tuff City Kids remix Of Radio Slave classic Bell Clap Dance.  He has even rounded off his mix with Nebraska’s remix of Frits Wentink. Definitely worth checking out. So there you have it 50 tracks for you to enjoy.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
Part 1
1. Ploy “Intrigued By The Drum”(Timedance)
2. Daphni “Hey Drum”(Jiaolong)
3. Liem & Eddie Ness “Exodorus”(Lehult)
4. Black Loops “Le Mirage”(Toy Tronics)
5. Julion De’Angelo “Pocketfull”(Sound Signature)
6. DJ Slym Fas “Luv Music” (Intangible & Soundworks)
7. Epikur “Speedrunner IV”(Lehult)
8. Black Loops “Red Light”(Toy Tronics)
9. Terrence Parker “GOD Will Provide”(Planet E)
10. Karen Gwyer “Did You Hear the Owls Last Night?”(Don’t Be Afraid)
11. E. Myers “Rabona”(White Label)
12. DJ Deep “Tuesday Record Shopping In Paris”(Kaoz Theory PROMO)
13. Karen Gwyer “The Workers Are on Strike”(Don’t Be Afraid)
14. Radio Slave “Feel the Same” [Floorplan Remix 1](Rekids PROMO)
15. DJ Deep “Cavalier Drums”(Kaoz Theory PROMO)
16. Terrence Parker “Lets Go”(Planet E)
17. Bodycode “Synchronized Sleep”(Perlon)
Triple Play: Grain (Fat Cat Records)
18. Grain “Untitled A2″(Fat Cat Records)
19. Grain “Untitled B1″(Fat Cat Records)
20. Grain “Untitled A1″(Fat Cat Records)
21. Ontal “Warp Drive”(MORD)
22. DJ Deep “Surge” [Mr G’s Protected Dub](Deeply Rooted House PROMO)
23. EQD “EQD#006B”(Equalized)
Part 2
Next Gen Mix Exclusive Mix: Karu (Smooth Agent/Intimate Venues)
24. Mad Rey “Dreamz”(D.KO)
25. Karu “Before the Night Comes” (Intimate Venues)
26. XOA “In So”[Byron the Aquarius Remix](One House)
27. James Jacob “Over”(Food Music)
28. DJ Raybone Jones “Detroit Deep Essentials”(
29. Steve Kelley “Padda” (Celestial Recordings)
30. Bodhi “Wiggler”(Strictly Rhythm)
31. Kizzmo “Vai Piano” (Snatch! Records)
32. Hatiras “Give Me Love”(Spacedisco Records)
33. Shed “Mayday” (Ostgut Ton)
34. KARU “Night Minds” (Little Angel)
35. Hanna “Here’s to Love”
36. Waajeed “Better Late Than Never” (DIRT TECH RECK)
37. Daniel Jef “The Bird Song”(Hangover)
38. Demuir “Unicorn”(Great Lakes Audio)
39. Junior Sanchez “You,I & the Music” (BROBOT)
40. Gerbert & Roog “Any”(Simma Black)
41. Byron the Aquarius “Night In Jakarta” (In-Beat-Ween Music)
42. Radio Slave “Bell Clap Dance” [Tuff City Kids Remix](Rekids)
43. Danilo De Santo “My Mind”(KONNEQT)
44. Melvin Meeks “Funky Melody”[KARU Remix)(Smooth Agent Records)
45. AFTAHRS “Sway”(Celestial Recordings)
46. Dennis Quin “Read Me Wrong”(Madhouse Records)
47. Mihai Popoviciu “I Should”(Poker Flat Recordings)
48. Mirco Caruso “Again & Again”[Scott Diaz Remix](Safe Music)
49. Julio All “Throw Questions”[Matt Sassari Remix](Panterre Musique)
50. Frits Wentink “Rising Sun, Falling Coconut”[Nebraska Remix](Heist)
End Of Mix

Thelonious Funk Sessions #271

This week’s show kicks off with some London meets Philly soul by Omar remixed by DJ Jazzy Jeff. New music from Thomas Xu, Shinichi Atobe, Batu & Kowton. I have both tracks from Levon Vincent’s latest EP on his Novel Sound imprint. There some forthcoming music from Cyclonix & Satoshi Tomiie’s remix album. More big tracks from the Axe on Wax EP by Marlon Hoffstadt & Jesse Bru.  I have some serious previously unreleased KDJ edit pressure on  NDATL. New music from Waajeed of Platinum Pied Pipers followed by Fede Lng, DJ Boring & Boo Williams to round off the 1st part of the show.
The 2nd part of the show features a collaboration between Catz ’n Dogz & Yotam Avni, new music from the album of Markus Suckut and Cosmin TRG remixes Ada Kaleh on R&S. I have music from Jeroen Search, Fabrizio Rat, Parallx & Robert Hood. There’s music from Ben Sim’s Symbolism compilation by Mike Gervais & Mike Storm. More top notch tracks from the impressive album “Twelve” by +plattform. More bangers from Gunnar Haslam, Viers & DJ Spider. DJ Bone gets retooled by Len Faki & Ontal rounds off the show.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
Part 1
1. Omar feat Leon Ware “Gave My Heart”[DJ Jazzy Jeff Remix](Peppermint Jam PROMO)
2. Thomas Xu “Alottochewon”(Sound Signature)
3. Shinichi Atobe “Regret” (DDS)
4. Batu “Off Court”(Hessle Audio)
5. Kowton “Iodine”(Livity Sound)
6. Levon Vincent “A Woman I Know”(Novel Sound)
7. Cyclonix “Two Face”(Phuture Shock Musik PROMO)
8. Levon Vincent “Arpeggiator”(Novel Sound)
9. Marlon Hoffstadt “Heavily Dancin On The Ones And Twos”(Axe On Wax)
10. Satoshi Tomiie “Landscape”[Satoshi Tomiie Remix](Abstract Architecture PROMO)
11. Kenny Dixon Jr. “Untitled” (NDATL)
12. Waajeed “Winstons Midnight Disco”(Dirt Tech Reck)
13. Fede Lng “Inside Your Love”[Edit](PNP)
14. Jesse Bru “Tonite”(Axe On Wax)
15. DJ Boring “Tribal Dreams”(LPH WHITE)
16. Satoshi Tomiie “New Day”[Pablo Mateo Remix](Abstract Architecture PROMO)
17. Boo Williams “Animation”(Dame-Music)
Part 2
18. Catz ’n Dogz & Yotam Avni “Blakkat”(Watergate)
19. Markus Suckut “Fourth Movement”(EXILE)
20. Ada Kaleh “Devotare”[Cosmin TRG Remix](R&S)
21. Jeroen Search “Presentism”(Warm Up Recordings)
22. Fabrizio Rat “Damper”(Involve Records)
23. Markus Suckut “Eighth Movement”(EXILE)
24. Parallx “Golden Hour”(Arts)
25. Mike Gervais “Crisis”(Symbolism PROMO)
26. +plattform “Morne”(PLOINK PROMO)
27. Robert Hood “Nephesh”(Dekmantel)
28. +plattform “Brok”(PLOINK PROMO)
29. Mike Storm “Confirmed Life”(Symbolism PROMO)
30. Gunnar Haslam “Istvaeonic”(The Bunker New York)
31. Parallx “Lost In Time”(Arts)
32. Viers “Zehn”(Figure)
33. DJ Spider “Doomsday Counsel”(Low Income $quad)
34. DJ Bone “Black Patterns”[Hardspace Tool](LF RMX)
35. Ontal “Warp Drive”(Mord)

Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 06.17

     For the monthly report of June we have music from the Natural Sciences camp by 外神田deepspace, Codeless & MONO-ENZYME 307. New music from J M S Khosah, Central & forthcoming music from Nebraska. Ranko does a remix of Klinke auf Cinch on Whyte Numbers (a sub label of Blaq Numbers). More big tunes from DJCJ, Wanvel, Saile (remixed by Map.ache), Alexey Nikitin & a couple of storming tracks from Momentary Records by JDJX & Hymns. New music from the album of Ozel AB followed by SJ Tequilla, Revenu and a massive collaboration between Hodge & Peder Mannerfelt. New music from the latest installment of the Realm Of Consciousness compilation by Aether & Darse followed by forthcoming music from DJ Deep remixed by Ben Sims. Prince Of Denmark has hit us with 2 curveballs in the past 6 months. The first being his amazing octuple pack LP appropriately titled “8” at the tail end of 2016. The second being his announcement of no longer producing under Prince Of Denmark. However it remains to be seen whether it means the end of his DJ Metatron & Traumprinz productions. In the meantime I wanted to do a replay of one of the many highlights on that album “GS”. Last but not least nthng rounds off the show with a banger from nthng.  Big show so by all means…
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
1. 外神田deepspace “ネオトーキョー サンライズ”(Natural Sciences)
2. J M S Khosah “Sancha”(Apron Records)
3. Klinke auf Cinch “Clsr”[Ranko Remix](Whyte Numbers)
4. Central “Pillow Peace”(Dekmantel)
5. Nebraska “Don’t You Know”[Version](Friends & Relations PROMO)
6.  DJCJ “SK”(Craigie Knowes)
7. Wanvel “Ambient”(Lany Recordings)
8. Saile “In The End”[Map.ache Remix](Down By The Lake)
9. Alexey Nikitin “Tayut Ogni”[Melting Fires](Gost Zvuk)
10. Ozel AB “Daisy Bank”(Workshop)
11. JDJX “Disco Machine”(Momentary Records)
12. SJ Tequilla “Sweet Salt”[DJ Dog & Jayda G’s False Indigo Mix](Freakout Cult)
13. Revenu “Inject”(Arken)
14. Codeless “Dissonanze”(Natural Sciences)
15. Hymns “Giant 90s Rephlex Analord Based Love Affair”(Momentary Records)
16. MONO-ENZYME 307 “Natural Sweep”(Natural Sciences)
17. Hodge & Peder “All My Love”(Peder Mannerfelt)
18. Aether “Beyond The Lights”(Afterlife)
19. Cassegrain “Skull Gun”(Arcing Seas)
20. Darse “Horus”(Afterlife)
21. DJ Deep “Stressin”[Ben Sims Remix](Deeply Rooted House PROMO)
22. Prince Of Denmark “GS”(FORUM)
23. nthng “Blazer”[Dub Mix](Transatlantic)

Thelonious Funk Sessions #270


This week’s show feature’s music from Vagrant, Hanna, Bonobo & Kettenkarussell. I have music from the Rebirth 10 year anniversary remix EP featuring music from Full Intention and Butch & Vogt. There’s music from Saile, Sentiments (featuring Franck Gérard), Tilman & Soutine.  Every once in a while there is a track that despite how much you have your ear to the ground, you still missed it. Well Mount Liberation Unlimited’s “Clinton Space Funk” qualifies as such. I have a collaboration between Butane & Worldline followed by Fabrice Lig, Ocobaya & a banger from Retro Activity. Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier remixes a classic from Madrid Inc & Daphni rounds off the 1st part of the show.

For the 2nd par of the show I have music from nthng, a replay of SHDW & Obscure Shape, Uto Karem, Robert Hood and a triple play of DJ Deep. I have more upfront pressure from Radio Slave followed by Cadans & 2000 and One (remixed by Len Faki). New music from Aggborough, Boston 168, ABSL & +plattform. SHDW & Obscure Shape appears again on the show this time remixed by Dax J, followed by Lory D & Ewan Jansen rounding off the show. Lastly I will be archiving the Next Gen exclusive mixes on my Mixcloud page very soon. Until then…

Enjoy the music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

Part 1

1. Vagrant “Morning”(Insight Music)
2. Hanna “Buck Town”(Perpetual Rhythms)
3. Bonobo feat. Innov Gnawa “Bambro Koyo Ganda”(Ninja Tune)
4. Butch & C.Vogt “The Infamous”[Palms Trax Smudge Mix](Rebirth PROMO)
5. Kettenkarussell “New York Blues”(Giegling)
6. Saile “Richard Double G In NYC”(Down By The Lake)
7. Kettenkarussell “Everything”(Giegling)
8. Sentiments feat. Franck Gérard “Freecell 52″(Light On Earth)
9. Hanna “Stranger”(Waella’s Choice)
10. Tilman & Soutine “You Know That”(Fine)
11. Full Intention “Icon”[Gerry Read Remix](Rebirth PROMO)
12. Mount Liberation Unlimited “Clinton Space Funk”(Junk Yard Connections)
13. Butane vs Worldline “What We Do”(Alphahouse PROMO)
14. Fabrice Lig “Border 2 Border”[Instrumental](We Play House Recordings)
15. Ocobaya “Perspec”(1432 R)
16. Retro Activity “Rocket”(B.SOUL Ltd PROMO)
17. Madrid Inc. “My Sundays Love”[Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier Dub Remix](Invade PROMO)
18. Daphni “Tin”(Jiaolong)
Part 2
19. nthng “The Traveller”(Transatlantic)
20. SHDW & Obscure Shape “Himmel Und Erde”(REKIDS)
21. Uto Karem “Living The Night”(Agile PROMO)
22. Robert Hood “Solid Thought”(Dekmantel)
Triple Play: DJ Deep
23. DJ Deep “Chord Kids”(REKIDS PROMO)
24. DJ Deep “New Horizon”[Roman Poncet ‘Steps’ Remix](Deeply Rooted House PROMO)
25. DJ Deep “La Grande Brasserie 2e Service”(REKIDS PROMO)
26. Radio Slave “Reverse”(REKIDS PROMO)
27. Cadans “1 Bar FU”(Clone Basement Series)
28. 2000 and One “Get Down”[Len Faki Hardspace Mix](Figure)
29. Aggborough “Talos Principle”(OTB Records)
30. Boston 168 “Orbit”(Enemy Records)
31. ABSL “Reduction”(South London Analogue Material)
32. +plattform “Khartoum”(PLOINK PROMO)
33. SHDW & Obscure Shape “Die Dinge des Lebens”[Dax J Version](From Another Mind)
34. Aggborough “Saving Bacon”(OTB Records)
35. Lory D “mg-comp-strngd”(Numbers)
36. Ewan Jansen “Wooden Ships”(Red Ember Records)

Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 05.17

       For the monthly report of May we have music from Morgan Geist, Kettenkarussell & Cape.  I have music from the Dekmantel imprint by Levon Vincent, Joey Anderson & Robert Hood. Rebirth like Dekmantel are represented pretty well on the show with music from ILO and a Paranoid London remix of a collaboration by Shield, Robytek, Sal P & Dennis Young. New forthcoming music from Patrice Scott. There a couple of tracks from Deetron’s latest ep on his Character label. New music from Actress, Boston 168, Peverelist, Electric Rescue & +plattform. I have forthcoming tracks from DJ Deep on REKIDS & his Deeply Rooted House imprint. There’s also new music from SHDW & Obscure Shape on REKIDS & From Another Mind. Enjoy The Music…
Henderick aka Thelonious Funk
1. Morgan Geist “OCGC”(Environ)
2. Levon Vincent “UK Spring Vibes”(Dekmantel)
3. Kettenkarussell “New York Blues”(Giegling)
4. ILO “Beautiful Place”(Rebirth PROMO)
5. Cape “Trips”(MyHouse YourHouse)
6. Patrice Scott “Feels So Good”(Sistrum PROMO)
7. Deetron “Supper In Casa Blanca”(Character)
8. Actress “X22RME”(Ninja Tune)
9. Shield, Robytek, Sal P & Dennis Young “NOW”[Paranoid London Remix](Rebirth PROMO)
10. Joey Anderson “Opened Gate”(Dekmantel)
11. Deetron “I Got To Have You”(Character)
12. Peverelist “Slice of Life”(Livity Sound)
13. DJ Deep “Surge”[Steve Rachmad Remix](Deeply Rooted House PROMO)
14. SHDW & Obscure Shape “Nachtblende”[James Ruskin Version](From Another Mind)
15. Electric Rescue “Together”(Skryptöm)
16. +plattform “Storn”(PLOINK PROMO)
17. Boston 168 “90s Space”(Enemy Records)
18. Jonas Kopp “Galactic Core”(Tresor)
19. Robert Hood “Idea”(Dekmantel)
20. DJ Deep “La Grande Brasserie”(REKIDS PROMO)
21. SHDW & Obscure Shape “Himmel Und Erde”(REKIDS)

Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 04.17


For this very tardy edition of April’s Monthly Report, I have music from the albums of Alexey Nikitin, William Masson & Greymatter. Lone returns with a killer ep on R&S. Ike Release has some new Material on Mister Saturday Night. New music from Botshelo Moate, Josh Butler & Gunnter. Madrid Inc gets a proper repress after 17 years. More bangers from Adryiano, Viers & TWR72 remixes Michael Klein. I must say the most slept on label for releases this year has to go to PLOINK. This time it is another impressive LP by +plattform. Markus Suckut & Peter Van Hoesen rounds off the show with some heavy tracks. Just a heads up be sure to check out my soundcloud page for 2 exclusive mixes I’ve done for Come Up Records & for Svedjebruk records. Definitely some mixes I enjoyed doing. Also all of the shows that are up for Thelonious Funk Sessions have Next Gen Mixes for Nebraska, Ken Desmend, Yotam Avni & The Oliverwho Factory. Monthly Report for May to come very soon. Until then…
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk



1. Alexey Nikitin “Bar’yer Neizvestnosti”[Barrier of Uncertainty](Gost Zvuk)
2. William Masson “Keep Movin’ Forward”(Society Music Recordings)
3. Alexey Nikitin “Zvezdnyy Inspektor”[Star Inspector](Gost Zvuk)
4. Ike Release “Geospatial”(Mister Saturday Night)
5. Lone “Chroma”(R&S)
6. Botshelo Moate “The Giving Child”[Tribute To God Soul Hloni](Kanzen PROMO)
7. Greymatter “Clocks”(WOLF Music)
8. Lone “Crush Mood”(R&S)
9. Josh Butler “Jackal”(Kaoz Theory PROMO)
10. Gunnter “Jupitos”(Rutilance PROMO)
11. Madrid Inc. “My Sundays Love”(541)
12. Adryiano “Not So Easy”(Shall Not Fade)
13. Viers “A Thought From The Machine”(Figure)
14. Michael Klein “Fronting”[TWR72 Remix](BLKDRP)
15. +plattform “Kerala”(PLOINK PROMO)
16. Markus Suckut “Third Movement”(EXILE)
17. +plattform “Wrak”(PLOINK PROMO)
18. Peter Van Hoesen “Oscar’s Blood”(Time To Express)

Thelonious Funk Sessions # 269 (Next Gen Mix By The Oliverwho Factory)

     Another week & brilliant show with a Next Gen Mix. For the first part of the show features music from Call Super, Aleqs Notal, Tlim Shug & forthcoming music from A Taut Line. More music from Jayson Wynters, Map.ache remixes Urban Homes and the triumphant return of Actress & Objekt. Plenty of upfront pressure from Vincent G, Dortmund, Joton, TWR72 and a stomping rerub of Radio Slave’s classic Bell Clap Dance by Tuff City Kids. I have some acid wizardry from the I Love Acid compilation from Mystic Bill & Kerrie.  More bangers to round off the first part of the show by Fabrizio Rat and Jeroen Search.
    For the second part of the show we have yet another Next Gen Mix for the 4th show in a row for 2 people that have been so loyal & supportive of this show for years.  Hailing from Detroit, The Oliverwho Factory (Darryl & Shonie C) are living proof of how music can bring people together. They are a talented husband & wife team that puts a lot of love in their music. They have released most of their music on their Madd Chaise Intl imprint. However their production have been seen on Ostgut Ton, Rush Hour Records & Carl Craig’s legendary Planet E label. When I informed them that the show is approaching 10 years they were very happy to provide a mix.
     So for the mix they provide some classics from Kerri Chandler & fellow Detroiters Carl Craig & Robert Hood. There also Skudge and Tama Sumo’s remix of Mary Boyoi which have been fixture on this show of the years. However it’s their own productions in this mix that you may want to look out for.  They included one of their older productions Never Say Never. There’s the forthcoming track “My Life” & their remix of Tribe’s Living In A New Day. The unreleased remix of  Night Lights by Kevin Saunderson is the highlight of the mix for me. The Elevator took the original to another level to say the least.  I wanted to continue the fun with a triple play of The Oliverwho Factory, followed by music from Shanti Celeste, Adryiano & Dukwa.  Big thanks to Darryl & Shonie for taking time out of your schedule to make this happen.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
Part 1
1. Call Super “Fluenka Spoke”(Dekmantel)
2. Aleqs Notal “Unhidden Blues”(Sistrum)
3. Tlim Shug “Rari Techno”(Bobby Donny)
4. A Taut Line “February Snow” (Diskotopia PROMO)
5. Jayson Wynters “Technological Enslavement”(Don’t Be Afraid)
6. Urban Homes “Tropical Jam”[Map.ache Remix](Altin Village & Mine)
7. Actress “Fantasynth”(Ninja Tune)
8. Objekt “Needle & Thread”(Objekt)
9. Vincent G “Control Freak”(Rutilance PROMO)
10. Mystic Bill “Revenge of the Preacherman”(Balkan Recordings)
11. Dortmund “Acid Over Oslo”(Ploink PROMO)
12. Kerrie “Eerie Acid”(Balkan Recordings)
13. Radio Slave “Bell Clap Dance”[Tuff City Kids Remix](Rekids PROMO)
14. Fabrizio Rat “String” (Involve)
15. Joton “Filia”(Symbolism PROMO)
16. Jeroen Search “Frontal Lobe”(Warm Up Recordings)
17. TWR72 “Lucid”(Float Records PROMO)
Part 2
Next Gen Exclusive Mix: The Oliverwho Factory (Madd Chaise Inc/Rush Hour/Planet E)
18. The Oliverwho Factory “My Life”(Madd Chaise Intl)
19. Kerri Chandler “On My Way”(King Street Sounds)
20. DJ Able feat Hannah Khemoh “Ain’t Got Time”(TR Records)
21. Black Market “All The Critics”[Peter Inn Remix](Unreleased)
22. Tuccillo & Willie Graff “Give You Up”(Freerange Records)
23. White Horse “White Horse”[If You Wanna Ride Dub](Tommy Boy)
24. Shinedoe “Dillema”(High Pro File Records)
25. The Oliverwho Factory “Never Say Never”(Madd Chaise Intl)
26. Tribe “Livin In A New Day”[The Oliverwho Factory Remix](Unreleased)
27. The Oliverwho Factory”Night Lights”[Kevin Saunderson Remix](Unreleased)
28. Tres Demented “Demented Drums Version”(Planet E)
29. Mary Boyoi “Zooz”[Tama Sumo Remix](Süd Electronic)
30. Skudge “Air Walk”(Skudge Records)
 31. Robert Hood “Alpha”(M Plant)
End Of Mix
Triple Play: The Oliverwho Factory
32. The Oliverwho Factory “Disco Nights”[2015 mix](Madd Chaise Inc PROMO)
33. The Oliverwho Factory “Black”[Love Hangover Mix](Madd Chaise Inc)
34. The Oliverwho Factory “Better Days”[2015 mix](Madd Chaise Inc PROMO)
35. Shanti Celeste “Hinoki”(Dekmantel)
36. Dukwa “Fries Friends”(Numbers)
37. Adryiano “Flosk”(CESTRAW)
38. Dukwa “Illusory Dreams”(Numbers)