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Raised in Chicago, I was raised with a love for diverse sounds at the time of the Warehouse Days. Today I have a weekly radio show (Thelonious Funk Sessions) and a monthly show (Thelonious Funk's Monthly Report) in Finland on I am blessed to have a laundry list of supporters for my show: Tom Trago Tim Toh SoulPhiction Michael Rutten Jerome Derradji dOP Pirahnahead Paul Randolph I am willing anything that will destroy the dancefloor. If Deep House and Techno is your thing then you are in for a treat!

Thelonious Funk Sessions #270


This week’s show feature’s music from Vagrant, Hanna, Bonobo & Kettenkarussell. I have music from the Rebirth 10 year anniversary remix EP featuring music from Full Intention and Butch & Vogt. There’s music from Saile, Sentiments (featuring Franck Gérard), Tilman & Soutine.  Every once in a while there is a track that despite how much you have your ear to the ground, you still missed it. Well Mount Liberation Unlimited’s “Clinton Space Funk” qualifies as such. I have a collaboration between Butane & Worldline followed by Fabrice Lig, Ocobaya & a banger from Retro Activity. Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier remixes a classic from Madrid Inc & Daphni rounds off the 1st part of the show.

For the 2nd par of the show I have music from nthng, a replay of SHDW & Obscure Shape, Uto Karem, Robert Hood and a triple play of DJ Deep. I have more upfront pressure from Radio Slave followed by Cadans & 2000 and One (remixed by Len Faki). New music from Aggborough, Boston 168, ABSL & +plattform. SHDW & Obscure Shape appears again on the show this time remixed by Dax J, followed by Lory D & Ewan Jansen rounding off the show. Lastly I will be archiving the Next Gen exclusive mixes on my Mixcloud page very soon. Until then…

Enjoy the music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

Part 1

1. Vagrant “Morning”(Insight Music)
2. Hanna “Buck Town”(Perpetual Rhythms)
3. Bonobo feat. Innov Gnawa “Bambro Koyo Ganda”(Ninja Tune)
4. Butch & C.Vogt “The Infamous”[Palms Trax Smudge Mix](Rebirth PROMO)
5. Kettenkarussell “New York Blues”(Giegling)
6. Saile “Richard Double G In NYC”(Down By The Lake)
7. Kettenkarussell “Everything”(Giegling)
8. Sentiments feat. Franck Gérard “Freecell 52″(Light On Earth)
9. Hanna “Stranger”(Waella’s Choice)
10. Tilman & Soutine “You Know That”(Fine)
11. Full Intention “Icon”[Gerry Read Remix](Rebirth PROMO)
12. Mount Liberation Unlimited “Clinton Space Funk”(Junk Yard Connections)
13. Butane vs Worldline “What We Do”(Alphahouse PROMO)
14. Fabrice Lig “Border 2 Border”[Instrumental](We Play House Recordings)
15. Ocobaya “Perspec”(1432 R)
16. Retro Activity “Rocket”(B.SOUL Ltd PROMO)
17. Madrid Inc. “My Sundays Love”[Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier Dub Remix](Invade PROMO)
18. Daphni “Tin”(Jiaolong)
Part 2
19. nthng “The Traveller”(Transatlantic)
20. SHDW & Obscure Shape “Himmel Und Erde”(REKIDS)
21. Uto Karem “Living The Night”(Agile PROMO)
22. Robert Hood “Solid Thought”(Dekmantel)
Triple Play: DJ Deep
23. DJ Deep “Chord Kids”(REKIDS PROMO)
24. DJ Deep “New Horizon”[Roman Poncet ‘Steps’ Remix](Deeply Rooted House PROMO)
25. DJ Deep “La Grande Brasserie 2e Service”(REKIDS PROMO)
26. Radio Slave “Reverse”(REKIDS PROMO)
27. Cadans “1 Bar FU”(Clone Basement Series)
28. 2000 and One “Get Down”[Len Faki Hardspace Mix](Figure)
29. Aggborough “Talos Principle”(OTB Records)
30. Boston 168 “Orbit”(Enemy Records)
31. ABSL “Reduction”(South London Analogue Material)
32. +plattform “Khartoum”(PLOINK PROMO)
33. SHDW & Obscure Shape “Die Dinge des Lebens”[Dax J Version](From Another Mind)
34. Aggborough “Saving Bacon”(OTB Records)
35. Lory D “mg-comp-strngd”(Numbers)
36. Ewan Jansen “Wooden Ships”(Red Ember Records)

Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 05.17

       For the monthly report of May we have music from Morgan Geist, Kettenkarussell & Cape.  I have music from the Dekmantel imprint by Levon Vincent, Joey Anderson & Robert Hood. Rebirth like Dekmantel are represented pretty well on the show with music from ILO and a Paranoid London remix of a collaboration by Shield, Robytek, Sal P & Dennis Young. New forthcoming music from Patrice Scott. There a couple of tracks from Deetron’s latest ep on his Character label. New music from Actress, Boston 168, Peverelist, Electric Rescue & +plattform. I have forthcoming tracks from DJ Deep on REKIDS & his Deeply Rooted House imprint. There’s also new music from SHDW & Obscure Shape on REKIDS & From Another Mind. Enjoy The Music…
Henderick aka Thelonious Funk
1. Morgan Geist “OCGC”(Environ)
2. Levon Vincent “UK Spring Vibes”(Dekmantel)
3. Kettenkarussell “New York Blues”(Giegling)
4. ILO “Beautiful Place”(Rebirth PROMO)
5. Cape “Trips”(MyHouse YourHouse)
6. Patrice Scott “Feels So Good”(Sistrum PROMO)
7. Deetron “Supper In Casa Blanca”(Character)
8. Actress “X22RME”(Ninja Tune)
9. Shield, Robytek, Sal P & Dennis Young “NOW”[Paranoid London Remix](Rebirth PROMO)
10. Joey Anderson “Opened Gate”(Dekmantel)
11. Deetron “I Got To Have You”(Character)
12. Peverelist “Slice of Life”(Livity Sound)
13. DJ Deep “Surge”[Steve Rachmad Remix](Deeply Rooted House PROMO)
14. SHDW & Obscure Shape “Nachtblende”[James Ruskin Version](From Another Mind)
15. Electric Rescue “Together”(Skryptöm)
16. +plattform “Storn”(PLOINK PROMO)
17. Boston 168 “90s Space”(Enemy Records)
18. Jonas Kopp “Galactic Core”(Tresor)
19. Robert Hood “Idea”(Dekmantel)
20. DJ Deep “La Grande Brasserie”(REKIDS PROMO)
21. SHDW & Obscure Shape “Himmel Und Erde”(REKIDS)

Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 04.17


For this very tardy edition of April’s Monthly Report, I have music from the albums of Alexey Nikitin, William Masson & Greymatter. Lone returns with a killer ep on R&S. Ike Release has some new Material on Mister Saturday Night. New music from Botshelo Moate, Josh Butler & Gunnter. Madrid Inc gets a proper repress after 17 years. More bangers from Adryiano, Viers & TWR72 remixes Michael Klein. I must say the most slept on label for releases this year has to go to PLOINK. This time it is another impressive LP by +plattform. Markus Suckut & Peter Van Hoesen rounds off the show with some heavy tracks. Just a heads up be sure to check out my soundcloud page for 2 exclusive mixes I’ve done for Come Up Records & for Svedjebruk records. Definitely some mixes I enjoyed doing. Also all of the shows that are up for Thelonious Funk Sessions have Next Gen Mixes for Nebraska, Ken Desmend, Yotam Avni & The Oliverwho Factory. Monthly Report for May to come very soon. Until then…
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk



1. Alexey Nikitin “Bar’yer Neizvestnosti”[Barrier of Uncertainty](Gost Zvuk)
2. William Masson “Keep Movin’ Forward”(Society Music Recordings)
3. Alexey Nikitin “Zvezdnyy Inspektor”[Star Inspector](Gost Zvuk)
4. Ike Release “Geospatial”(Mister Saturday Night)
5. Lone “Chroma”(R&S)
6. Botshelo Moate “The Giving Child”[Tribute To God Soul Hloni](Kanzen PROMO)
7. Greymatter “Clocks”(WOLF Music)
8. Lone “Crush Mood”(R&S)
9. Josh Butler “Jackal”(Kaoz Theory PROMO)
10. Gunnter “Jupitos”(Rutilance PROMO)
11. Madrid Inc. “My Sundays Love”(541)
12. Adryiano “Not So Easy”(Shall Not Fade)
13. Viers “A Thought From The Machine”(Figure)
14. Michael Klein “Fronting”[TWR72 Remix](BLKDRP)
15. +plattform “Kerala”(PLOINK PROMO)
16. Markus Suckut “Third Movement”(EXILE)
17. +plattform “Wrak”(PLOINK PROMO)
18. Peter Van Hoesen “Oscar’s Blood”(Time To Express)

Thelonious Funk Sessions # 269 (Next Gen Mix By The Oliverwho Factory)

     Another week & brilliant show with a Next Gen Mix. For the first part of the show features music from Call Super, Aleqs Notal, Tlim Shug & forthcoming music from A Taut Line. More music from Jayson Wynters, Map.ache remixes Urban Homes and the triumphant return of Actress & Objekt. Plenty of upfront pressure from Vincent G, Dortmund, Joton, TWR72 and a stomping rerub of Radio Slave’s classic Bell Clap Dance by Tuff City Kids. I have some acid wizardry from the I Love Acid compilation from Mystic Bill & Kerrie.  More bangers to round off the first part of the show by Fabrizio Rat and Jeroen Search.
    For the second part of the show we have yet another Next Gen Mix for the 4th show in a row for 2 people that have been so loyal & supportive of this show for years.  Hailing from Detroit, The Oliverwho Factory (Darryl & Shonie C) are living proof of how music can bring people together. They are a talented husband & wife team that puts a lot of love in their music. They have released most of their music on their Madd Chaise Intl imprint. However their production have been seen on Ostgut Ton, Rush Hour Records & Carl Craig’s legendary Planet E label. When I informed them that the show is approaching 10 years they were very happy to provide a mix.
     So for the mix they provide some classics from Kerri Chandler & fellow Detroiters Carl Craig & Robert Hood. There also Skudge and Tama Sumo’s remix of Mary Boyoi which have been fixture on this show of the years. However it’s their own productions in this mix that you may want to look out for.  They included one of their older productions Never Say Never. There’s the forthcoming track “My Life” & their remix of Tribe’s Living In A New Day. The unreleased remix of  Night Lights by Kevin Saunderson is the highlight of the mix for me. The Elevator took the original to another level to say the least.  I wanted to continue the fun with a triple play of The Oliverwho Factory, followed by music from Shanti Celeste, Adryiano & Dukwa.  Big thanks to Darryl & Shonie for taking time out of your schedule to make this happen.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
Part 1
1. Call Super “Fluenka Spoke”(Dekmantel)
2. Aleqs Notal “Unhidden Blues”(Sistrum)
3. Tlim Shug “Rari Techno”(Bobby Donny)
4. A Taut Line “February Snow” (Diskotopia PROMO)
5. Jayson Wynters “Technological Enslavement”(Don’t Be Afraid)
6. Urban Homes “Tropical Jam”[Map.ache Remix](Altin Village & Mine)
7. Actress “Fantasynth”(Ninja Tune)
8. Objekt “Needle & Thread”(Objekt)
9. Vincent G “Control Freak”(Rutilance PROMO)
10. Mystic Bill “Revenge of the Preacherman”(Balkan Recordings)
11. Dortmund “Acid Over Oslo”(Ploink PROMO)
12. Kerrie “Eerie Acid”(Balkan Recordings)
13. Radio Slave “Bell Clap Dance”[Tuff City Kids Remix](Rekids PROMO)
14. Fabrizio Rat “String” (Involve)
15. Joton “Filia”(Symbolism PROMO)
16. Jeroen Search “Frontal Lobe”(Warm Up Recordings)
17. TWR72 “Lucid”(Float Records PROMO)
Part 2
Next Gen Exclusive Mix: The Oliverwho Factory (Madd Chaise Inc/Rush Hour/Planet E)
18. The Oliverwho Factory “My Life”(Madd Chaise Intl)
19. Kerri Chandler “On My Way”(King Street Sounds)
20. DJ Able feat Hannah Khemoh “Ain’t Got Time”(TR Records)
21. Black Market “All The Critics”[Peter Inn Remix](Unreleased)
22. Tuccillo & Willie Graff “Give You Up”(Freerange Records)
23. White Horse “White Horse”[If You Wanna Ride Dub](Tommy Boy)
24. Shinedoe “Dillema”(High Pro File Records)
25. The Oliverwho Factory “Never Say Never”(Madd Chaise Intl)
26. Tribe “Livin In A New Day”[The Oliverwho Factory Remix](Unreleased)
27. The Oliverwho Factory”Night Lights”[Kevin Saunderson Remix](Unreleased)
28. Tres Demented “Demented Drums Version”(Planet E)
29. Mary Boyoi “Zooz”[Tama Sumo Remix](Süd Electronic)
30. Skudge “Air Walk”(Skudge Records)
 31. Robert Hood “Alpha”(M Plant)
End Of Mix
Triple Play: The Oliverwho Factory
32. The Oliverwho Factory “Disco Nights”[2015 mix](Madd Chaise Inc PROMO)
33. The Oliverwho Factory “Black”[Love Hangover Mix](Madd Chaise Inc)
34. The Oliverwho Factory “Better Days”[2015 mix](Madd Chaise Inc PROMO)
35. Shanti Celeste “Hinoki”(Dekmantel)
36. Dukwa “Fries Friends”(Numbers)
37. Adryiano “Flosk”(CESTRAW)
38. Dukwa “Illusory Dreams”(Numbers)

Thelonious Funk Sessions #268 (Next Gen Mix by Yotam Avni)


Another week another killer show for you to enjoy. I have music from Dukwa, C-Major and another nice collaboration between Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda. There’s forthcoming music from Hodini, D’marc Cantu & Jona Sul remixed by Matt Karmil. More tracks from Folamour, DJ Sotofett, Fred P and a collaboration between Hi Mount & Man-Dee on Regelbau. I have music from the Optimo Trax EP Japan Acid featuring tracks from Hiroshi Watanabe and Kuniyuki. Anthony Parasole’s LP on Dekmantel’s UFO Series get represented throughout this show. First part of the show rounds off with tracks from Jayson Wynters, Deep’a & Biri and Space Dimension Controller.

For the 2nd part of the show, the Next Gen Series continues with Israeli producer Yotam Avni. 2 of his tracks have made the Year End Review & I have been so impressed with how much he has evolved as a producer over the years. His fusion of using traditional sounds with techno has prompted various labels such as Innervisions, Non Series & Stroboscopic Artifacts to add him to their roster. So for his mix he has included all of the productions he’s done the past several months including an forthcoming track “Midas Touch” that will be on Innervisions. The mix also includes “Orma”, a track that has been a fixture on the show the past few weeks. Big thanks to him for getting mix over to us for our listening pleasure.

I also had more time to include more tracks from BUSZ, Carl Craig, Hiroaki Iizuka, Museum, TWR72, Andre Kronert & Rodion Stankevich. I even had time for a triple play of Planetary Assault Systems reworks. More bangers from DVS1, Elad Magdasi & some dusty old techno tunes from Monrella & Population One. Lots for you to listen to!

Enjoy the Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk



Part 1
1. Dukwa feat. Mar-G “Thoughts” (Numbers)
2. C-Major “The Sons”(Atal PROMO)
3. Harvey Sutherland and Bermuda “Saturn’s Return”(Clarity Recordings)
4. Hodini “Down Up”(Wolf Music PROMO)
5. Folamour “$O$”(Roots For Bloom)
6. D’Marc Cantu “S.E.G”(Altered Moods PROMO)
7. Hi Mount & Man-Dee “Impresionante”(Regelbau)
8. DJ Sotofett “Øl på Ibiza”(BØRFT)
9. Fred P “Mile High”(Secretsundaze)
10. Jona Sul “South Zone” [Matt Karmil Remix](Southern Fried Records PROMO)
11. Hiroshi Watanabe “Infinity Sign”(Optimo Trax)
12. Jayson Wynters “Double Standards”(Don’t Be Afraid)
13. Anthony Parasole “Murky Waters”(Dekmantel UFO Series)
14. Kuniyuki “Acid Air”(Optimo Trax)
15. DJ Sotofett “Nekta øl på City Club”(BØRFT)
16. Deep’a & Biri “Over Drum”(Black Crow Records)
17. Space Dimension Controller “Exostack”[Minimal Violence Tribal Etiquette Mix](R&S)
Part 2
Next Gen Exclusive Mix: Yotam Avni (Innervisions/Stroboscopic Artifacts)
18. Yotam Avni – Midas Touch – Unreleased
19. Yotam Avni – Tikkun – Innervisions
20. Yotam Avni – Orma – Stroboscopic Artefacts
21. Yotam Avni – Yeezianity – Enemy Records
22. Yotam Avni – BBBOY Skat – Ovum Recordings
 23. Yotam Avni “Allenby”(Non Series)
End Of Mix
24. BUSZ “Tipico Latino”[El_Txef_A Remix](Beef Records PROMO)
25. Carl Craig “Sandstorms”[VCO Update](Planet E)
26. Anthony Parasole “Explode”(Dekmantel UFO Series)
27. Hiroaki Iizuka “Cosmic Run” (Etruria Beat)
28. Museum “Pole”(MDR)
29. Differ-Ent “Marvel Less”(Don’t Be Afraid)
30. TWR72 “Aporia”(Float Records PROMO)
31. Anthony Parasole “Momentum”(Dekmantel UFO Series)
32. Andre Kronert “Tenth Street Rag”(Peder Mannerfelt)
33. Rodion Stankevich “Umustgothruit”(Symbolism PROMO)
Triple Play: Planetary Assault Systems “The Light Years Reworks”(Mote-Evolver)
34. Planetary Assault Systems “Twelve”[Marcel Fengler Rework](Mote-Evolver)
35. Planetary Assault Systems “Whistle Viper”[P.A.S. Live Edit](Mote-Evolver)
36. Planetary Assault Systems “Tap Dance”[P.A.S. Live Edit](Mote-Evolver)
37. TWR72 “Erudite”(Float Records PROMO)
38. DVS1 “Coding”(HUSH)
39. Monrella “Studio 7″(ZET)
40. Elad Magdasi “Two Floors”(Anagram)
41. Population One “Backwards”(Utensil Records)

Thelonious Funk Sessions #267 (Next Gen Mix by Ken Desmend)


Kicking off the show I have music from Calibre, Larry Heard, Manmade Deejay & tracks from the Ostgut Ton camp by Nick Höppner and Fiedel. New music from Sven Weisemann, Juju & Jordash and Fred P. There’s some forthcoming music from TenGrams & Alice Bas remixed by Ena Cosovic. The triple play features tracks from AILA records featuring tunes from cliquee, Diego Pedemonte & our latest Next Gen Producer Ken Desmend (more on him in a moment). The first part of the show rounds off with music from Deep’a & Biri, Tin Man & Farrago.

For the 2nd consecutive show we have another Next Gen Exclusive mix. This time it’s Ken Desmend at the helm. If you have been following the show you may have noticed his music pop up on this show since last summer. I had a sudden overload of promos from AILA records show up in my emails. As much as I am grateful for getting promos sometimes it can be overwhelming. However the label along with many others give me a reminder that you must listen to everything. You never know what you will find. Ken Desmend was a prime example of that. The Hildburghausen, Germany based producer has been one of the most consistent producers to come out of the AILA camp so I had to get him on this mix series. So for the mix he included some of his forthcoming productions with Oskar on AILA Records. Music from the Arts imprints from Electric Rescue & Keith Carnal. He also has some killer tracks from Terence Fixmer & TVA. Big thanks to Ken for doing this mix. Also big thanks to you the listeners for listening.
Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Calibre “Groove Seeker” (The Nothing Special)
2. Larry Heard “Dolphin Dream”(Black Market International)
3. Manmade Deejay “V-Bee”(Regelbau)
4. Nick Höppner “Out Of Sight”(Ostgut Ton)
5. Sven Weisemann “Maori Octopus”(Delsin)
6. Juju & Jordash “Wednesday Something”(Dekmantel)
7. Fred P “6AM” (Secretsundaze)
8. TenGrams “Please, Wash My Brain Again”(N.O.I.A. PROMO)
9. Alice Bas “Mother”[Ena Cosovic Remix](Svedjebruk PROMO)
10. Fiedel “Substance B”(Ostgut Ton)
Trip Play: AILA Records
11. Ken Desmend “Windows Of Time”(AILA Records)
12. cliquee “Acid House Bitch”[Ken Desmend Remix](AILA Records)
13. Diego Pedemonte “Alienation”(AILA Records)
14. Deep’a & Biri “Basic Cycle”(Black Crow Records)
15. Tin Man “Sunken Acid”(Global A)
16. Farrago “Where Angels Go”(Arts)
Part 2
Next Gen Exclusive Mix: Ken Desmend (AILA Records)
17. TVA “Radio Camaldoli Stereo”(Aeon)
18. Luca Gaeta “Line”(Respekt Recordings)
19. Ken Desmend & Oskar “The Lost Rider”[Ken´s Drum the Guy Remix](AILA Records PROMO)
20. Pablo Say “Green Melody”(Truesoul)
21. Dusty Kid “Sysma”(Suara)
22. Pleasurekraft “Maskara”(Kraftek)
23. Keith Carnal “Indemnify”(Arts)
24. Sian “Vast Obscurity”(Octopus Records)
25. Ken Desmend & Oskar “Picture of Nirvana”[Ken´s Sono Dub Remix](AILA Records PROMO)
26. Ramon Tapia “Karma” [Tiger Stripes Remix](Knee Deep In Sound)
27. Terence Fixmer “Elka”(Deeply Rooted House)
28. Jay Lumen “Search”(Footwork)
29. Wehbba “Stay Right”(Bedrock Records)
30. Skober & Luca Gaeta “Single Shot”(Funk’n Deep Records)
31. Dustin Zahn “Sun Breaker”(Cocoon Recordings)
32. Electric Rescue “Bray”[Keith Carnal Remix](Arts Digital)
33. Ken Desmend “Dark Control One”(AILA Records)
End Of Mix

Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 03.17

For the monthly report of March some classics from the Prescription catalog by Noni & Ani (RIP) along with some rare tracks from Ewan Jansen’s vaults. Instinct’s Mindsearch has been a personal favorite of mine for years & it was mastered by Anthony Shake Shakir. It cost a pretty penny on discogs. DJ Fett Burger remixes Telephones followed by Nail & Baltra remixes LK. I have music from Flood, Flangertrackxs, Cosimo Damiano & Orbe. New music from Eduardo De La Calle, DJ Spider remixes Brendon Moeller & new music from René Pawlowitz under hid Seelow & Operation Amplified guises. Roman Lindau remixes Avision, KiNK gets a rerub from Serge & Tyrell & new music from DVS1 from his HUSH 20 LP!
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


1. Noni “Be My Friend”(Prescription)
2. Hi Mount “In The Heat”(Regelbau)
3. Ewan Jansen “Solo Traveller”(Red Ember)
4. Ani “Love Is The Message”[For Those Who Didn’t Hear It](Prescription)
5. Instinct “Mindsearch”(Decisive)
6. Telephones “U DTMF Party Jungel”[DJ Fett Burger’s Understated Moss Phlox Mix](Running Back)
7. Nail “On Wid It”(Monologues)
8. LK “I Know I Know”[Baltra Remix](Traxx Underground)
9. Flood “Nachtmahr”(Record Union)
10. Flangertrackx “B3. Untitled”(Flangertrackx)
11. Cosimo Damiano “Sky Never Answers”(UN.T.O.)
12. Orbe “Blackboard Fluids”(ORBE Records PROMO)
13. Eduardo de la Calle “DVF – The Unobtrusive Temptation”(Semantica)
14. Brendon Moeller “Turbulance”[DJ Spider Remix](Plan B)
15. Seelow “KKid_V2″(Ilian Tape)
16. Avision “One Hitta”[Roman Lindau Remix](Inmotion Ltd PROMO)
17. KiNK “Beats”[Serge & Tyrell Remix](Royal Oak)
18. Operation Amplified “#32500432″(The Final Experiment)
19. DVS1 “Nineteenninetysix”(HUSH)