Thelonious Funk Sessions #272 (Next Gen Mix By Karu)

For this week’s session I have new music from Ploy, Daphni & Black Loops. I have music form the Lehult compilation featuring music Epikur and a collaboration by Liem & Eddie Ness. More music from the Sound Signature camp by Julion De’Angelo followed by DJ Slym Fas. I have music from the albums of Terrence Parker & Karen Gwyer.  New music from E. Myers, Bodycode, DJ Deep and Floorplan remixing Radio Slave. For the triple play I wanted to turn back the clock with some music from Arthur Smith’s Grain productions on Fat City. More bangers from Ontal, Dje Deep remixed by Mr. G & Shed unleashes his EQD moniker to round off the 1st part of the show.
For the 2nd part of the show we have another artist from the Smooth Agent camp Karu. I have had the pleasure of meeting from being A&R at the label but he was one the earlier producers on the label before I arrived. He hit me up recently & he has a new album out Intimate Venues. He has also collaborated with Hanna on his latest release. So for his mix he has some of his older productions & his most recent on his new LP. Other highlight are DJ Raybone Jones, Shed & Wajeed latest music from his EP which was played on the previous show. He’s also included music from Hanna, Byron Aquarius and a Tuff City Kids remix Of Radio Slave classic Bell Clap Dance.  He has even rounded off his mix with Nebraska’s remix of Frits Wentink. Definitely worth checking out. So there you have it 50 tracks for you to enjoy.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
Part 1
1. Ploy “Intrigued By The Drum”(Timedance)
2. Daphni “Hey Drum”(Jiaolong)
3. Liem & Eddie Ness “Exodorus”(Lehult)
4. Black Loops “Le Mirage”(Toy Tronics)
5. Julion De’Angelo “Pocketfull”(Sound Signature)
6. DJ Slym Fas “Luv Music” (Intangible & Soundworks)
7. Epikur “Speedrunner IV”(Lehult)
8. Black Loops “Red Light”(Toy Tronics)
9. Terrence Parker “GOD Will Provide”(Planet E)
10. Karen Gwyer “Did You Hear the Owls Last Night?”(Don’t Be Afraid)
11. E. Myers “Rabona”(White Label)
12. DJ Deep “Tuesday Record Shopping In Paris”(Kaoz Theory PROMO)
13. Karen Gwyer “The Workers Are on Strike”(Don’t Be Afraid)
14. Radio Slave “Feel the Same” [Floorplan Remix 1](Rekids PROMO)
15. DJ Deep “Cavalier Drums”(Kaoz Theory PROMO)
16. Terrence Parker “Lets Go”(Planet E)
17. Bodycode “Synchronized Sleep”(Perlon)
Triple Play: Grain (Fat Cat Records)
18. Grain “Untitled A2″(Fat Cat Records)
19. Grain “Untitled B1″(Fat Cat Records)
20. Grain “Untitled A1″(Fat Cat Records)
21. Ontal “Warp Drive”(MORD)
22. DJ Deep “Surge” [Mr G’s Protected Dub](Deeply Rooted House PROMO)
23. EQD “EQD#006B”(Equalized)
Part 2
Next Gen Mix Exclusive Mix: Karu (Smooth Agent/Intimate Venues)
24. Mad Rey “Dreamz”(D.KO)
25. Karu “Before the Night Comes” (Intimate Venues)
26. XOA “In So”[Byron the Aquarius Remix](One House)
27. James Jacob “Over”(Food Music)
28. DJ Raybone Jones “Detroit Deep Essentials”(
29. Steve Kelley “Padda” (Celestial Recordings)
30. Bodhi “Wiggler”(Strictly Rhythm)
31. Kizzmo “Vai Piano” (Snatch! Records)
32. Hatiras “Give Me Love”(Spacedisco Records)
33. Shed “Mayday” (Ostgut Ton)
34. KARU “Night Minds” (Little Angel)
35. Hanna “Here’s to Love”
36. Waajeed “Better Late Than Never” (DIRT TECH RECK)
37. Daniel Jef “The Bird Song”(Hangover)
38. Demuir “Unicorn”(Great Lakes Audio)
39. Junior Sanchez “You,I & the Music” (BROBOT)
40. Gerbert & Roog “Any”(Simma Black)
41. Byron the Aquarius “Night In Jakarta” (In-Beat-Ween Music)
42. Radio Slave “Bell Clap Dance” [Tuff City Kids Remix](Rekids)
43. Danilo De Santo “My Mind”(KONNEQT)
44. Melvin Meeks “Funky Melody”[KARU Remix)(Smooth Agent Records)
45. AFTAHRS “Sway”(Celestial Recordings)
46. Dennis Quin “Read Me Wrong”(Madhouse Records)
47. Mihai Popoviciu “I Should”(Poker Flat Recordings)
48. Mirco Caruso “Again & Again”[Scott Diaz Remix](Safe Music)
49. Julio All “Throw Questions”[Matt Sassari Remix](Panterre Musique)
50. Frits Wentink “Rising Sun, Falling Coconut”[Nebraska Remix](Heist)
End Of Mix

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