Thelonious Funk Sessions #271

This week’s show kicks off with some London meets Philly soul by Omar remixed by DJ Jazzy Jeff. New music from Thomas Xu, Shinichi Atobe, Batu & Kowton. I have both tracks from Levon Vincent’s latest EP on his Novel Sound imprint. There some forthcoming music from Cyclonix & Satoshi Tomiie’s remix album. More big tracks from the Axe on Wax EP by Marlon Hoffstadt & Jesse Bru.  I have some serious previously unreleased KDJ edit pressure on  NDATL. New music from Waajeed of Platinum Pied Pipers followed by Fede Lng, DJ Boring & Boo Williams to round off the 1st part of the show.
The 2nd part of the show features a collaboration between Catz ’n Dogz & Yotam Avni, new music from the album of Markus Suckut and Cosmin TRG remixes Ada Kaleh on R&S. I have music from Jeroen Search, Fabrizio Rat, Parallx & Robert Hood. There’s music from Ben Sim’s Symbolism compilation by Mike Gervais & Mike Storm. More top notch tracks from the impressive album “Twelve” by +plattform. More bangers from Gunnar Haslam, Viers & DJ Spider. DJ Bone gets retooled by Len Faki & Ontal rounds off the show.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
Part 1
1. Omar feat Leon Ware “Gave My Heart”[DJ Jazzy Jeff Remix](Peppermint Jam PROMO)
2. Thomas Xu “Alottochewon”(Sound Signature)
3. Shinichi Atobe “Regret” (DDS)
4. Batu “Off Court”(Hessle Audio)
5. Kowton “Iodine”(Livity Sound)
6. Levon Vincent “A Woman I Know”(Novel Sound)
7. Cyclonix “Two Face”(Phuture Shock Musik PROMO)
8. Levon Vincent “Arpeggiator”(Novel Sound)
9. Marlon Hoffstadt “Heavily Dancin On The Ones And Twos”(Axe On Wax)
10. Satoshi Tomiie “Landscape”[Satoshi Tomiie Remix](Abstract Architecture PROMO)
11. Kenny Dixon Jr. “Untitled” (NDATL)
12. Waajeed “Winstons Midnight Disco”(Dirt Tech Reck)
13. Fede Lng “Inside Your Love”[Edit](PNP)
14. Jesse Bru “Tonite”(Axe On Wax)
15. DJ Boring “Tribal Dreams”(LPH WHITE)
16. Satoshi Tomiie “New Day”[Pablo Mateo Remix](Abstract Architecture PROMO)
17. Boo Williams “Animation”(Dame-Music)
Part 2
18. Catz ’n Dogz & Yotam Avni “Blakkat”(Watergate)
19. Markus Suckut “Fourth Movement”(EXILE)
20. Ada Kaleh “Devotare”[Cosmin TRG Remix](R&S)
21. Jeroen Search “Presentism”(Warm Up Recordings)
22. Fabrizio Rat “Damper”(Involve Records)
23. Markus Suckut “Eighth Movement”(EXILE)
24. Parallx “Golden Hour”(Arts)
25. Mike Gervais “Crisis”(Symbolism PROMO)
26. +plattform “Morne”(PLOINK PROMO)
27. Robert Hood “Nephesh”(Dekmantel)
28. +plattform “Brok”(PLOINK PROMO)
29. Mike Storm “Confirmed Life”(Symbolism PROMO)
30. Gunnar Haslam “Istvaeonic”(The Bunker New York)
31. Parallx “Lost In Time”(Arts)
32. Viers “Zehn”(Figure)
33. DJ Spider “Doomsday Counsel”(Low Income $quad)
34. DJ Bone “Black Patterns”[Hardspace Tool](LF RMX)
35. Ontal “Warp Drive”(Mord)

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