Thelonious Funk Sessions #270


This week’s show feature’s music from Vagrant, Hanna, Bonobo & Kettenkarussell. I have music from the Rebirth 10 year anniversary remix EP featuring music from Full Intention and Butch & Vogt. There’s music from Saile, Sentiments (featuring Franck Gérard), Tilman & Soutine.  Every once in a while there is a track that despite how much you have your ear to the ground, you still missed it. Well Mount Liberation Unlimited’s “Clinton Space Funk” qualifies as such. I have a collaboration between Butane & Worldline followed by Fabrice Lig, Ocobaya & a banger from Retro Activity. Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier remixes a classic from Madrid Inc & Daphni rounds off the 1st part of the show.

For the 2nd par of the show I have music from nthng, a replay of SHDW & Obscure Shape, Uto Karem, Robert Hood and a triple play of DJ Deep. I have more upfront pressure from Radio Slave followed by Cadans & 2000 and One (remixed by Len Faki). New music from Aggborough, Boston 168, ABSL & +plattform. SHDW & Obscure Shape appears again on the show this time remixed by Dax J, followed by Lory D & Ewan Jansen rounding off the show. Lastly I will be archiving the Next Gen exclusive mixes on my Mixcloud page very soon. Until then…

Enjoy the music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

Part 1

1. Vagrant “Morning”(Insight Music)
2. Hanna “Buck Town”(Perpetual Rhythms)
3. Bonobo feat. Innov Gnawa “Bambro Koyo Ganda”(Ninja Tune)
4. Butch & C.Vogt “The Infamous”[Palms Trax Smudge Mix](Rebirth PROMO)
5. Kettenkarussell “New York Blues”(Giegling)
6. Saile “Richard Double G In NYC”(Down By The Lake)
7. Kettenkarussell “Everything”(Giegling)
8. Sentiments feat. Franck Gérard “Freecell 52″(Light On Earth)
9. Hanna “Stranger”(Waella’s Choice)
10. Tilman & Soutine “You Know That”(Fine)
11. Full Intention “Icon”[Gerry Read Remix](Rebirth PROMO)
12. Mount Liberation Unlimited “Clinton Space Funk”(Junk Yard Connections)
13. Butane vs Worldline “What We Do”(Alphahouse PROMO)
14. Fabrice Lig “Border 2 Border”[Instrumental](We Play House Recordings)
15. Ocobaya “Perspec”(1432 R)
16. Retro Activity “Rocket”(B.SOUL Ltd PROMO)
17. Madrid Inc. “My Sundays Love”[Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier Dub Remix](Invade PROMO)
18. Daphni “Tin”(Jiaolong)
Part 2
19. nthng “The Traveller”(Transatlantic)
20. SHDW & Obscure Shape “Himmel Und Erde”(REKIDS)
21. Uto Karem “Living The Night”(Agile PROMO)
22. Robert Hood “Solid Thought”(Dekmantel)
Triple Play: DJ Deep
23. DJ Deep “Chord Kids”(REKIDS PROMO)
24. DJ Deep “New Horizon”[Roman Poncet ‘Steps’ Remix](Deeply Rooted House PROMO)
25. DJ Deep “La Grande Brasserie 2e Service”(REKIDS PROMO)
26. Radio Slave “Reverse”(REKIDS PROMO)
27. Cadans “1 Bar FU”(Clone Basement Series)
28. 2000 and One “Get Down”[Len Faki Hardspace Mix](Figure)
29. Aggborough “Talos Principle”(OTB Records)
30. Boston 168 “Orbit”(Enemy Records)
31. ABSL “Reduction”(South London Analogue Material)
32. +plattform “Khartoum”(PLOINK PROMO)
33. SHDW & Obscure Shape “Die Dinge des Lebens”[Dax J Version](From Another Mind)
34. Aggborough “Saving Bacon”(OTB Records)
35. Lory D “mg-comp-strngd”(Numbers)
36. Ewan Jansen “Wooden Ships”(Red Ember Records)

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