Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 04.17


For this very tardy edition of April’s Monthly Report, I have music from the albums of Alexey Nikitin, William Masson & Greymatter. Lone returns with a killer ep on R&S. Ike Release has some new Material on Mister Saturday Night. New music from Botshelo Moate, Josh Butler & Gunnter. Madrid Inc gets a proper repress after 17 years. More bangers from Adryiano, Viers & TWR72 remixes Michael Klein. I must say the most slept on label for releases this year has to go to PLOINK. This time it is another impressive LP by +plattform. Markus Suckut & Peter Van Hoesen rounds off the show with some heavy tracks. Just a heads up be sure to check out my soundcloud page for 2 exclusive mixes I’ve done for Come Up Records & for Svedjebruk records. Definitely some mixes I enjoyed doing. Also all of the shows that are up for Thelonious Funk Sessions have Next Gen Mixes for Nebraska, Ken Desmend, Yotam Avni & The Oliverwho Factory. Monthly Report for May to come very soon. Until then…
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk



1. Alexey Nikitin “Bar’yer Neizvestnosti”[Barrier of Uncertainty](Gost Zvuk)
2. William Masson “Keep Movin’ Forward”(Society Music Recordings)
3. Alexey Nikitin “Zvezdnyy Inspektor”[Star Inspector](Gost Zvuk)
4. Ike Release “Geospatial”(Mister Saturday Night)
5. Lone “Chroma”(R&S)
6. Botshelo Moate “The Giving Child”[Tribute To God Soul Hloni](Kanzen PROMO)
7. Greymatter “Clocks”(WOLF Music)
8. Lone “Crush Mood”(R&S)
9. Josh Butler “Jackal”(Kaoz Theory PROMO)
10. Gunnter “Jupitos”(Rutilance PROMO)
11. Madrid Inc. “My Sundays Love”(541)
12. Adryiano “Not So Easy”(Shall Not Fade)
13. Viers “A Thought From The Machine”(Figure)
14. Michael Klein “Fronting”[TWR72 Remix](BLKDRP)
15. +plattform “Kerala”(PLOINK PROMO)
16. Markus Suckut “Third Movement”(EXILE)
17. +plattform “Wrak”(PLOINK PROMO)
18. Peter Van Hoesen “Oscar’s Blood”(Time To Express)

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