Thelonious Funk Sessions # 269 (Next Gen Mix By The Oliverwho Factory)

     Another week & brilliant show with a Next Gen Mix. For the first part of the show features music from Call Super, Aleqs Notal, Tlim Shug & forthcoming music from A Taut Line. More music from Jayson Wynters, Map.ache remixes Urban Homes and the triumphant return of Actress & Objekt. Plenty of upfront pressure from Vincent G, Dortmund, Joton, TWR72 and a stomping rerub of Radio Slave’s classic Bell Clap Dance by Tuff City Kids. I have some acid wizardry from the I Love Acid compilation from Mystic Bill & Kerrie.  More bangers to round off the first part of the show by Fabrizio Rat and Jeroen Search.
    For the second part of the show we have yet another Next Gen Mix for the 4th show in a row for 2 people that have been so loyal & supportive of this show for years.  Hailing from Detroit, The Oliverwho Factory (Darryl & Shonie C) are living proof of how music can bring people together. They are a talented husband & wife team that puts a lot of love in their music. They have released most of their music on their Madd Chaise Intl imprint. However their production have been seen on Ostgut Ton, Rush Hour Records & Carl Craig’s legendary Planet E label. When I informed them that the show is approaching 10 years they were very happy to provide a mix.
     So for the mix they provide some classics from Kerri Chandler & fellow Detroiters Carl Craig & Robert Hood. There also Skudge and Tama Sumo’s remix of Mary Boyoi which have been fixture on this show of the years. However it’s their own productions in this mix that you may want to look out for.  They included one of their older productions Never Say Never. There’s the forthcoming track “My Life” & their remix of Tribe’s Living In A New Day. The unreleased remix of  Night Lights by Kevin Saunderson is the highlight of the mix for me. The Elevator took the original to another level to say the least.  I wanted to continue the fun with a triple play of The Oliverwho Factory, followed by music from Shanti Celeste, Adryiano & Dukwa.  Big thanks to Darryl & Shonie for taking time out of your schedule to make this happen.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
Part 1
1. Call Super “Fluenka Spoke”(Dekmantel)
2. Aleqs Notal “Unhidden Blues”(Sistrum)
3. Tlim Shug “Rari Techno”(Bobby Donny)
4. A Taut Line “February Snow” (Diskotopia PROMO)
5. Jayson Wynters “Technological Enslavement”(Don’t Be Afraid)
6. Urban Homes “Tropical Jam”[Map.ache Remix](Altin Village & Mine)
7. Actress “Fantasynth”(Ninja Tune)
8. Objekt “Needle & Thread”(Objekt)
9. Vincent G “Control Freak”(Rutilance PROMO)
10. Mystic Bill “Revenge of the Preacherman”(Balkan Recordings)
11. Dortmund “Acid Over Oslo”(Ploink PROMO)
12. Kerrie “Eerie Acid”(Balkan Recordings)
13. Radio Slave “Bell Clap Dance”[Tuff City Kids Remix](Rekids PROMO)
14. Fabrizio Rat “String” (Involve)
15. Joton “Filia”(Symbolism PROMO)
16. Jeroen Search “Frontal Lobe”(Warm Up Recordings)
17. TWR72 “Lucid”(Float Records PROMO)
Part 2
Next Gen Exclusive Mix: The Oliverwho Factory (Madd Chaise Inc/Rush Hour/Planet E)
18. The Oliverwho Factory “My Life”(Madd Chaise Intl)
19. Kerri Chandler “On My Way”(King Street Sounds)
20. DJ Able feat Hannah Khemoh “Ain’t Got Time”(TR Records)
21. Black Market “All The Critics”[Peter Inn Remix](Unreleased)
22. Tuccillo & Willie Graff “Give You Up”(Freerange Records)
23. White Horse “White Horse”[If You Wanna Ride Dub](Tommy Boy)
24. Shinedoe “Dillema”(High Pro File Records)
25. The Oliverwho Factory “Never Say Never”(Madd Chaise Intl)
26. Tribe “Livin In A New Day”[The Oliverwho Factory Remix](Unreleased)
27. The Oliverwho Factory”Night Lights”[Kevin Saunderson Remix](Unreleased)
28. Tres Demented “Demented Drums Version”(Planet E)
29. Mary Boyoi “Zooz”[Tama Sumo Remix](Süd Electronic)
30. Skudge “Air Walk”(Skudge Records)
 31. Robert Hood “Alpha”(M Plant)
End Of Mix
Triple Play: The Oliverwho Factory
32. The Oliverwho Factory “Disco Nights”[2015 mix](Madd Chaise Inc PROMO)
33. The Oliverwho Factory “Black”[Love Hangover Mix](Madd Chaise Inc)
34. The Oliverwho Factory “Better Days”[2015 mix](Madd Chaise Inc PROMO)
35. Shanti Celeste “Hinoki”(Dekmantel)
36. Dukwa “Fries Friends”(Numbers)
37. Adryiano “Flosk”(CESTRAW)
38. Dukwa “Illusory Dreams”(Numbers)

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