Thelonious Funk Sessions #267 (Next Gen Mix by Ken Desmend)


Kicking off the show I have music from Calibre, Larry Heard, Manmade Deejay & tracks from the Ostgut Ton camp by Nick Höppner and Fiedel. New music from Sven Weisemann, Juju & Jordash and Fred P. There’s some forthcoming music from TenGrams & Alice Bas remixed by Ena Cosovic. The triple play features tracks from AILA records featuring tunes from cliquee, Diego Pedemonte & our latest Next Gen Producer Ken Desmend (more on him in a moment). The first part of the show rounds off with music from Deep’a & Biri, Tin Man & Farrago.

For the 2nd consecutive show we have another Next Gen Exclusive mix. This time it’s Ken Desmend at the helm. If you have been following the show you may have noticed his music pop up on this show since last summer. I had a sudden overload of promos from AILA records show up in my emails. As much as I am grateful for getting promos sometimes it can be overwhelming. However the label along with many others give me a reminder that you must listen to everything. You never know what you will find. Ken Desmend was a prime example of that. The Hildburghausen, Germany based producer has been one of the most consistent producers to come out of the AILA camp so I had to get him on this mix series. So for the mix he included some of his forthcoming productions with Oskar on AILA Records. Music from the Arts imprints from Electric Rescue & Keith Carnal. He also has some killer tracks from Terence Fixmer & TVA. Big thanks to Ken for doing this mix. Also big thanks to you the listeners for listening.
Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
1. Calibre “Groove Seeker” (The Nothing Special)
2. Larry Heard “Dolphin Dream”(Black Market International)
3. Manmade Deejay “V-Bee”(Regelbau)
4. Nick Höppner “Out Of Sight”(Ostgut Ton)
5. Sven Weisemann “Maori Octopus”(Delsin)
6. Juju & Jordash “Wednesday Something”(Dekmantel)
7. Fred P “6AM” (Secretsundaze)
8. TenGrams “Please, Wash My Brain Again”(N.O.I.A. PROMO)
9. Alice Bas “Mother”[Ena Cosovic Remix](Svedjebruk PROMO)
10. Fiedel “Substance B”(Ostgut Ton)
Trip Play: AILA Records
11. Ken Desmend “Windows Of Time”(AILA Records)
12. cliquee “Acid House Bitch”[Ken Desmend Remix](AILA Records)
13. Diego Pedemonte “Alienation”(AILA Records)
14. Deep’a & Biri “Basic Cycle”(Black Crow Records)
15. Tin Man “Sunken Acid”(Global A)
16. Farrago “Where Angels Go”(Arts)
Part 2
Next Gen Exclusive Mix: Ken Desmend (AILA Records)
17. TVA “Radio Camaldoli Stereo”(Aeon)
18. Luca Gaeta “Line”(Respekt Recordings)
19. Ken Desmend & Oskar “The Lost Rider”[Ken´s Drum the Guy Remix](AILA Records PROMO)
20. Pablo Say “Green Melody”(Truesoul)
21. Dusty Kid “Sysma”(Suara)
22. Pleasurekraft “Maskara”(Kraftek)
23. Keith Carnal “Indemnify”(Arts)
24. Sian “Vast Obscurity”(Octopus Records)
25. Ken Desmend & Oskar “Picture of Nirvana”[Ken´s Sono Dub Remix](AILA Records PROMO)
26. Ramon Tapia “Karma” [Tiger Stripes Remix](Knee Deep In Sound)
27. Terence Fixmer “Elka”(Deeply Rooted House)
28. Jay Lumen “Search”(Footwork)
29. Wehbba “Stay Right”(Bedrock Records)
30. Skober & Luca Gaeta “Single Shot”(Funk’n Deep Records)
31. Dustin Zahn “Sun Breaker”(Cocoon Recordings)
32. Electric Rescue “Bray”[Keith Carnal Remix](Arts Digital)
33. Ken Desmend “Dark Control One”(AILA Records)
End Of Mix


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