Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 03.17

For the monthly report of March some classics from the Prescription catalog by Noni & Ani (RIP) along with some rare tracks from Ewan Jansen’s vaults. Instinct’s Mindsearch has been a personal favorite of mine for years & it was mastered by Anthony Shake Shakir. It cost a pretty penny on discogs. DJ Fett Burger remixes Telephones followed by Nail & Baltra remixes LK. I have music from Flood, Flangertrackxs, Cosimo Damiano & Orbe. New music from Eduardo De La Calle, DJ Spider remixes Brendon Moeller & new music from René Pawlowitz under hid Seelow & Operation Amplified guises. Roman Lindau remixes Avision, KiNK gets a rerub from Serge & Tyrell & new music from DVS1 from his HUSH 20 LP!
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


1. Noni “Be My Friend”(Prescription)
2. Hi Mount “In The Heat”(Regelbau)
3. Ewan Jansen “Solo Traveller”(Red Ember)
4. Ani “Love Is The Message”[For Those Who Didn’t Hear It](Prescription)
5. Instinct “Mindsearch”(Decisive)
6. Telephones “U DTMF Party Jungel”[DJ Fett Burger’s Understated Moss Phlox Mix](Running Back)
7. Nail “On Wid It”(Monologues)
8. LK “I Know I Know”[Baltra Remix](Traxx Underground)
9. Flood “Nachtmahr”(Record Union)
10. Flangertrackx “B3. Untitled”(Flangertrackx)
11. Cosimo Damiano “Sky Never Answers”(UN.T.O.)
12. Orbe “Blackboard Fluids”(ORBE Records PROMO)
13. Eduardo de la Calle “DVF – The Unobtrusive Temptation”(Semantica)
14. Brendon Moeller “Turbulance”[DJ Spider Remix](Plan B)
15. Seelow “KKid_V2″(Ilian Tape)
16. Avision “One Hitta”[Roman Lindau Remix](Inmotion Ltd PROMO)
17. KiNK “Beats”[Serge & Tyrell Remix](Royal Oak)
18. Operation Amplified “#32500432″(The Final Experiment)
19. DVS1 “Nineteenninetysix”(HUSH)


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