Thelonious Funk Sessions #266 (Next Gen Mix By Nebraska)


This weeks show kicks off with some old broken beat classics from NEPA All-Stars, Alex Phountzi (remixed by Daz-I-Kue) & Zero dB’s remix of John Kong & Moonstarr. New musisic from Ben Hauke on Church records. This week’s triple play features the previously unreleased tracks from Ron Trent’s Compilation of his legendary Prescription label on Rush Hour. I have a couple of more classics from Big Bang (remixed by Alex Attias), Just One & the Detroit supergroup 3 Chairs. New music Soulphiction, Simoncino, Fiedel & Carsten Jost. DJ Sotofett does a journey of a remix for Yoshinori Hayashi. Nebraska does a killer remix of Mr. Beatnick. More on Nebraska in the 2nd hour. I have a couple of Chicago disco edits from Cesario Magnifique & Mall Grab rounds off the 1st part of the show.
For the 2nd hour we have an exclusive Next Gen Mix 8 years in the making & by a producer that truly needs no introduction. We are talking about Nebraska. I first ran across this producer who initially released some tracks on Rush Hour & Down Low Records. I was so impressed with his music that I had to get in touch with him. He was nice enough to pass on a few tracks that he completed that needed to be shopped around. One of the main tracks was the maniacal banger “Green Marimba”. I premiered on this show back in 2008. I said to him whoever get this track will be a very lucky man. A couple of years later I was offered an A&R position at Chicago label Smooth Agent. Guess who was the 1st person I contacted? Yep. The track had an vinyl release on the Smooth Agent compilation EP “The New Recruits“. The track was also release digitally with the other tracks he sent to me initially. Still I felt it did not get enough recognition it truly deserved until it was licensed in a mix compilation on Mister Saturday Night records. In all of this I suddenly though why the hell have I not asked the man for an exclusive especially considering some of his tracks premiered on this show? He concurred.
So for this mix he included music from Valentine Unlimited Orchestra, Smith N Hack & of coarse the aforementioned Green Marimba tune. He’s also included his remix of Session Victim & some classic jams from Bill Withers, War, Billy Paul & Azymuth. He also showed some love from label mate Keita Sano along with some tracks that have been fixtures on this show by Felix Wentink & Soundstudio. He’s also included some Techno Soul from UR remixed by Aaron Carl. Big up to Ali for taking the time to put this mix together for us. After the mix I included another track from Nebraska, Roger 23 & Sounders Department. DJ Spider adds more dirt to his forthcoming remix of Vohkinne. New music from the albums of DVS1 & nthng. The show rounds off with more forthcoming pressure Guti X Morgan (remixed by Mark Broom), Orbe & P. Leone. What more can you ask for on this show?
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk



Part 1
1. NEPA All-Stars “The Way”(Surplus)
2. Alex Phountzi Feat. Xantoné Blacq “Another Way”[Daz-I-Kue Remix](Funk Of Fury)
3. John Kong & Moonstarr ‎”Future Vision”[Zero dB Remix](Fluid Ounce)
4. Ben Hauke Feat Joe Armon-Jones “I Kinda Missed It” (Church)
Triple Play: Ron Trent
5. Ron Trent “Energy”(Rush Hour)
6. Ron Trent “History”(Rush Hour)
7. Ron Trent feat Harry Denis “Black Magic Woman”(Rush Hour)
8. Big Bang “Higher”[Alex Attias Altitude Rework](Arision)
9. Just One “Love2Love”(Neroli)
10. SoulPhiction “Blues Theory”[Churchapella](Philpot)
11. Simoncino “Gherkin Tape”(Unknown To The Unknown)
12. Fiedel “S-Drive”(Ostgut Ton)
13. Carsten Jost “Dawn Patrol”(Dial)
14. Yoshinori Hayashi “Waterwheel Scenery”[DJ Sotofett’s Dubcurve fix-mix feat. Osaruxo](JINN Records)
15. 3 Chairs “I Wonder Why”[Edit](Three Chairs)
16. Mr. Beatnick “Church Street Blues”[Nebraska Remix](Tief Music)
17. Cesario Magnifique “Edit #2″(M.C.D. Disco Edits PROMO)
18. Mall Grab “2 B Reel”(House Crime)
19. Cesario Magnifique “Edit #5″(M.C.D. Disco Edits PROMO)
Part 2
Next Gen Exclusive Mix: Nebraska (Rush Hour/Mister Saturday Night/Smooth Agent)
20. Valentine Unlimited Orchestra “Take You Back”(Cornhusker Records)
21. Nebraska “Green Marimba”(Smooth Agent)
22. Smith N Hack “To Our Disco Friends”(Smith N Hack)
23. Bill Withers “Harlem”(Sussex)
24. War “Galaxy”(MCA Records)
25. Session Victim “Good Intentions” [Nebraska Soho Samba Mix](Retreat)
26. Keita Sano “Explosion”(Mister Saturday Night)
27. Soundstudio “Track 440″(Soundsampler)
28. Frits Wentink “Rising Sun, Falling Coconut”(Heist)
29. UR “Hard Life”[Aaron Carl mix](UR)
30. Billy Paul “East”(Philadelphia International Records)
31. Azimuth “Dear Limmertz’’(Milestone Records)
End Of Mix
32. Nebraska “Moritzplatz Mode”(Ferox)
33. Roger 23 “Of Poor Quality And Method Of Communication”(Ilian Tape)
34. Sounders Department ” Untitled B”(Sounders Dept)
35. Vohkinne “Perceived Augmentation of Light”[DJSpider Remix](Atrophic Society PROMO)
36. DVS1 “Watchtower”(HUSH)
37. Guti X Morgan “Her House”[Mark Broom Remix](Cuttin’ Headz PROMO)
38. Orbe “Higher Dimensions Influences”(Orbe Records PROMO)
39. nthng “Soms”(Lobster Theremin)
40. P.Leone “Coast Atlantic”(E-MISSIONS PROMO)


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