Thelonious Funk Sessions #264 (TF’s Artist Of The Month Mixtape Prince Of Denmark)


For this week’s show I have music from Masomenos, Isolee, Calibre & Ocobaya. JR Seaton (aka Call Super) debut his 1st release as Elmo Crumb on The Trilogy Tapes. There’s music from the the Mind Over Matter compilation by Edward & D-IX. Triple play goes to Folamour featuring tracks from All City Records & his Moonrise Hill Material imprint. More big tunes from S. Moreira, Miki Miyoshi & Karim Sahraoui remixes Cerebro. Electric Rescue, Cleric & Thomas Urv rounds off the 1st part of the show.

It’s been a while since I’ve done an artist of the month mix. So for the 2nd part of the show wanted to dive into the superb albums by Prince Of Denmark. Also known for his releases as Traumprinz & DJ Metatron, the mysterious producer’s best work in my opinion is his releases as Prince of Denmark. His 1st LP “The Body” was my pick for Album of 2013. 3 years later he returns with an octuple pack aptly titled “8” with a limited press of 100. It caused excitement due to the announcement but frustration due to the availability of the release. So I wanted to reflect on the brilliance of both releases. His tracks will certainly take you on a serious journey & I hope my mix does his music the justice. I will allow the details of the specific tracks to speak for itself. So by all means…
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk



Part 1
1. Masomenos feat Pit Spector “Totoloto”(Welcome To Masomenos PROMO)
2. Calibre “Sand Promise” (The Nothing Special)
3. Datassette “Hands & Faces” (Shipwrec)
4. Ocobaya “Messix”(1432 R)
5. Elmo Crumb “I Man A Canary Bird”(The Trilogy Tapes)
6. Isolée “Pisco”(Maeve)
7. Edward “Check Check”(Giegling)
Triple Play: Folamour
8. Folamour “Shakkei”(All City)
9. Folamour “Love Frequencies”(Moonrise Hill Material)
10. Folamour “Maybe I Did Burn Ya Place”(All City)
11. S. Moreira “The Truth”(SLOW LIFE)
12. Librarian “Journey”[Edit] (Waxtefacts)
13. D-IX “Hugo”(Giegling)
14. Miki Miyoshi “Freight Train”[Empty Stomach Edit](Sovereign State)
15. Cerebro “Factory”[Karim Sahraoui Remix](L-System)
16. Electric Rescue “Glicken”(La Chinerie)
17. Cleric “Shackled Minds” (Figure)
18. Thomas Urv “HZ”(PLOINK PROMO)
Part 2
TF’s Artist Of The Month Mixtape: Prince Of Denmark
19. Prince Of Denmark “Opening Dance”(FORUM)
20. Prince Of Denmark “Cut 02″(FORUM)
21. Prince Of Denmark “Neoclassicdub”(FORUM)
22. Prince Of Denmark “Your Body”(FORUM)
23. Prince Of Denmark “Darkspirit Cut”(FORUM)
24. Prince Of Denmark “Once With A Smile”(FORUM)
25. Prince Of Denmark “Nymphonic”(FORUM)
26. Prince Of Denmark “88888888”(FORUM)
27. Prince Of Denmark “Signjam”(FORUM)
28. Prince Of Denmark “Pulsierendes Leben”(FORUM)
29. Prince Of Denmark “Interlude”(FORUM)
30. Prince Of Denmark “Planet Uterus”(FORUM)
31. Prince Of Denmark “Latenightjam”(FORUM)
32. Prince Of Denmark “Thanatos”(FORUM)
33. Prince Of Denmark “Miseri”(FORUM)
34. Prince Of Denmark “Desire”(FORUM)
35. Prince Of Denmark “Mardou”(FORUM)
36. Prince Of Denmark “Neurobell”(FORUM)
37. Prince Of Denmark “Mentalbeam”(FORUM)
38. Prince Of Denmark “[In The End] The Ghost Ran Out Of Memory”(FORUM)
39. Prince Of Denmark “Tool 517″(FORUM)
40. Prince Of Denmark “Squidcall”(FORUM)
41. Prince Of Denmark “0R6145″(FORUM)
42. Prince Of Denmark “GS”(FORUM)
43. Prince Of Denmark “Cut Untitled Cut”(FORUM)
End Of Mix

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