Thelonious Funk Sessions #263 (#savedfabric Special)


Kicking off the first Thelonious Funk Sessions of 2017, I wanted focus on a club that has been a crucial part of club culture since 1999. I am referring to London’s Fabric in the Farrington district. The club has host many legendary venues with well respected producers & DJ in the music we love. Fabric has also released just over 90 mixes beginning back in 2001. I personally felt it was an opportunity for the club to give those that have not been there to experience the club with these legendary mixes. But they did not stop there. They hired a well respected DJ & host of Electronic Exploration show Rob Booth (80,000 followers) as A&R to run their critically acclaimed Houndstooth sublabel. However as you know with club culture it tends to be the scapegoats for anything that may occur & unfortunately Fabric experienced this in 2016. However people spoke up (me included) about the injustice of pointing the finger at club culture when some individuals make irrational life choice that affects others. Now for the record this is MY opinion. All across the world a various governments have used as an excuse to establish a hidden agenda for their own ideologies. This compilation is a way to not just help Fabric but club culture AS A WHOLE. Thankful we spoke up and said hell no to the BS. Fabric was shut down but just reopened in earlier this month without having to lose even more money fighting in courts. If there is no fabric there would be no more of the legendary exclusive mixes from their label. Furthermore we would not be able to enjoy Rob Booth’s magic as A&R of Houndstooth.  So for the show all tracks from the compilation. 110 tracks to choose from so here goes.

So for the 1st Hour I have breaks & some UK bass  from Om Unit, Lakker, Overmono, Trevino & dBridge. Things pick up with music from John Tejada, Clark, Letherette, Bruce & Tiefschwarz. A few more highlights of the compilation were from Mike Shannon Feat. Dave Aju and the LCC All Stars, Pinch & Roman Flugel. The 2nd part of the show we have tracks from Throwing Snow, Peter Van Hoesen, Simian Mobile Disco, Exercise One, South London Ordnance & Planetary Assault Systems. Dasha Rush & Paula Temple rounds off the show.  You can find this compilation on their Bandcamp site.


Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk



Part 1
1. Om Unit “Pop Lockin’ Hieroglyphs”(Fabric)
2. Lakker “Tuc Tuc”(Fabric)
3. Overmono “U-Plastics”(Fabric)
4. Trevino “Fractured”(Fabric)
5. dBridge “Modern Submission”(Fabric)
6. John Tejada “Ucbtron”(Fabric)
7. Clark “Shadow Banger”(Fabric)
8. Letherette “Stabz”(Fabric)
9. Bruce “Cables”(Fabric)
10. Tiefschwarz “Wegekuckuck”(Fabric)
11. October “Anna’s Acid Hour”(Fabric)
12. Agoria “Tribute”(Fabric)
13. Neville Watson “Fight On”(Fabric)
14. Matthew Styles & s-vt – Compilation “Machine Life”(Fabric)
15. Jesse Rose “Suck It And See”(Fabric)
16. Mike Shannon Feat. Dave Aju and the LCC All Stars “Can’t Take My Love Away”(Fabric)
17. Route 94 “fabric”(Fabric)
18. Nathan Fake “Laluna”(Fabric)
19. Pinch “Skylines”(Fabric)
20. Heartthrob “Scott’s Teats”(Fabric)
21. Roman Flügel “Jam The Jam”(Fabric)
Part 2
22. Throwing Snow “One For The Booth”(Fabric)
23. Peter Van Hoesen “Into A Fortification”(Fabric)
24. Skream “Munk”(Fabric)
25. Cosmin TRG “Dens”(Fabric)
26. Simian Mobile Disco “Balloon Takes A Holiday”(Fabric)
27. Exercise One “All These People”(Fabric)
28. South London Ordnance “Arc”(Fabric)
29. Audion “Fun House”(Fabric)
30. Tom Demac “Unchained”(Fabric)
31. Kirk Degiorgio “Shadow Of A Solitary Being”(Fabric)
32. Slam “Government Problem”(Fabric)
33. Perc “Foto Real”(Fabric)
34. _Unsubscribe_ “FFS, R”[Loop Mix](Fabric)
35. Masters of Disasters “The Church Of The Many”(Fabric)
36. Planetary Assault Systems “Twelve”[L.B. Dub Corp Meets PAS Rework](Fabric)
37. Kangding Ray “Summerend”(Fabric)
38. Dasha Rush “Sweet Monsters”(Fabric)
39. Paula Temple “You Cannot Kill A Soul By Killing The Body”[Live At Moogfest](Fabric)

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