Thelonious Funk Sessions #262 Year End Review 2016 [Vol. 5 of 5]

For our final installment we have french producers Folamour & Flabaire kicking off the top 20 followed by Frank Timm under his Soundstudio guise. Andres makes the the cut followed by Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda. Red Rack’em appears again on the Year End Review followed by a massive collaboration by Dynamo Dreesen, SVN and A Made Up Sound. The last tracks rounding off the top 20 sneaked up on me at the last minute. The first from the mysterious Janice & the other from Swedish producer Peder Mannerfelt. Two very massive tracks that could not be ignored.
Omar-S once again make his presence felt in the top 10 followed by Manzana Kicks, Legowelt, Bruce & the maniacal afro techno stomper by Randomer. Italian duo Boston 168 makes the top 5 along with the earth shattering drumkicks of Next Gen Alum Abayomi. Marlon Hoffstadt & Paris Brightledge were in fine form with their latest collaboration on Retrograde. Gabriels’ vinyl only one 12 was certainly a banger for me during the summer however there was one track that I just could not stop going back to this year. Peter Van Hoesen has seriously found a way to never cease to amaze me with his prolific career as a producer. His “Quadra” tune was nothing short of mesmerizing. It was one thing to hear the forthcoming clips of this track but it was another story to hear it in its full glory as Joey Anderson played it at Smart Bar at peak time. The reaction was priceless. It was one of the many highlights of not just the Dekmantel showcase. It is my highlight of 2016 & my tune of 2016. So there you have it. Now it’s time to focus on 2017. Enjoy the music & your New Year.

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk



Part 1
20. Folamour “Novalaise”(Moonrise Hill Material)
19. Flabaire “Album 5”(D.KO)
18. Soundstudio “Track 440” (Sound Sampler)
17. Andres “Mighty Tribe”(La Vida)
16. Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda “Priestess”(Clarity Recordings)
15. Red Rack’em “Wonky Bassline Disco Banger”(Bergerac)
14. Hiroshi Watanabe “The Leonids”(Transmat)
13. Dynamo Dreesen / SVN / A Made Up Sound “Untitled A1”(SUED)
12. Janice “Untitled A1”(Janice)
11. Peder Mannerfelt “Public Images”(Peder Mannerfelt)

Part 2
10. Omar-S “Heard’ Chew Single”(FXHE)
9. Manzana Kicks “Slow Train”(Bodytonic)
8. Bruce “I’m Alright Mate”(Timedance)
7. Randomer “Music for Two Kalimbas”(Dekmantel UFO Series)
6. Legowelt “At Delphi”(Craigie Knowes)
5. Boston 168 “303 Regiment”(Attic Music)
4. Abayomi “Blu Sun”(Abayomi Music)
3. Marlon Hoffstadt & Paris Brightledge “Elevate”(Retrograde)
2. Gabriels “Amethyst”(One Records)
Tune Of The Year
1. Peter Van Hoesen “Quadra”(Dekmantel UFO Series)

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