Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 12.16 Year End Review Albums of 2016

     For the last Monthly Report of 2016 we focus on the albums that stood out for me.  I will feature 3 tracks from each of these albums. So kicking of the review I have music from the albums of MGUN, Steven Julian (aka Funkineven) and Cape. Shinichi Atobe’s previous album was my pick of 2014. His sophomore effort makes the cut again. Convextion makes his mark with a brilliant album on a.r.t.less records. As we all know 2016 was a trying time for the world in so many aspects. If there was an album that needed to be released this year it was certainly Will Long album sampling various civil right leaders. Urbano makes the list followed by Hiroshi Watanabe & Flabaire.
     There was once an interview that was done with Chicago producer Vincent Floyd stated that he felt people did not like his music. This led to him giving up on music a period. Thankfully he is back in the game & has now released some of his archives which are in high demand. It makes you wonder how much more he would have done for house music if he believed in himself. You see being a DJ/Producer you have to have confidence in what you do. If you don’t how can you expect others to believe in you. Well the artist who produced my Album of the Year is not short on confidence judging by the title of his latest masterpiece “The Best”. He could have crumbled from harsh criticism from his previous album & his fabric mix. But guess what a man of his caliber does not have any fucks to give about that. He has a vision for his music & its either you like or move on.  Omar-S was in fine form not just with his albums but with his various EP’s he released. His album is my pick for 2016. Please enjoy the music & your New Year…
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
10. MGUN “Gentium”(Don’t Be Afraid) 
– “Past Due”
– “Veyra”
– “Half Past 3”
9. Steven Julien “Fallen”(Apron Records) 
– “XL”
– “Jedi”
– “Kingdom”
8. Cape “My Own Jungle”(Savor Music) 
– “Faiser”
– “Flavor”
– “The Real”
7. Shinichi Atobe “World”(DDS) 
– “World 4”
– “World 1”
– “World 2”
6. Convextion “2845”(a.r.t.less) 
– “Distant Transmission”
– “Flyby”
– “Exploration”
5. Will Long “Long Trax”(Comatose) 
– “Get In And Stay In”
– “Daylight & Dark”[DJ Sprinkles Overdub](Comatose)
– “That’s What They Understand”
4. Urbano “23”( 
– “Travel Inside Your Head”
– “Brother”
– “Protect The Revolution”
3. Hiroshi Watanabe “Multiverse”(Transmat) 
– “Story Teller”
– “Soul Transitions”
– “The Leonids”
2. Flabaire “It’s Just a Silly Phase I’m Going Through”(D.KO)
– “Stars”
– “Berggasse 19” [Spiritual mix]
– “Album 5”
1. Omar-S “The Best”(FXHE) 
– “Time Mo 1″[Norm Talley Mix]
– “You Silk Suit Wearin MuLaFuk’ka”
– “Chama Piru’s”

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