Thelonious Funk Sessions #261 Year End Review 2016 [Vol. 4 of 5]

For the 4th installment we dive into the top 40. Kicking off this installment is music from Byron The Aquarius, a producer who caused a commotion with his debut on Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature. Quite impressive however the highlight for me was from his Record Store Day release on Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats imprint. Rhythm & Sound legend Mark Ernestus continues his adventures in collaborating with musicians from various African countries. This time he collaborates with Nigerian band Obadikah. Levon Vincent appears again with another banger from his Novel Sound imprint. Lawrence’s rerub of Kettenkarussell makes the cut followed by Adryiano, Nicuri & Joe Claussell’s brilliant remix of Yotam Avni. Dasha Rush’s contribution to the #savefabric compilation makes the list followed by Denis Sulta & Hymns to round off the top 40.

For the top 30 I have two collaboration featuring Joy Orbison. The first is with Herron (CO/R) followed by one of his many collaborations with Boddika on Sunklo. We stay in the UK with music from Pearson Sound & Tessela followed by Italian producers Lory D & Richeart. We venture to France with legendary producer Pepe Bradock & Electric Rescue. Emmanuel & Russian techno stalwart Stanislav Tolkachev rounds off the top 30. Next week we will reach the conclusion of the Year End Review next week with the top 20 tracks & top 10 albums of 2016 on the weekly & monthly shows. Until then, enjoy the music & your holidays.

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


Part 1
40. Byron The Aquarius feat MDMA “Exxxtasy”(Wild Oats)
39. Mark Ernestus Meets Obadikah “April”(Honest Jon’s)
38. Levon Vincent “Berlin”(Novel Sound)
37. Kettenkarussell “Of Course”[Lawrence Remix](Geigling)
36. Adryiano “Paths Of Yours”(CESTRAW)
35. Yotam Avni “Pentimento”[Joaquin Joe Claussell’s Divergent Mix](Rebirth)
34. Nicuri “Ripples Of Time”(Green Village)
33. Dasha Rush “Sweet Monsters”(Fabric)
32. Denis Sulta “Dubelle Oh XX”[JVIP](!K7)
31. Hymns “Route Acid”(Salt Mines)
Part 2
30. CO/R “Bells, Walking”(Hingefinger)
29. Boddika & Joy Orbison “Severed Seven”(Sunklo)
28. Pearson Sound “Tsunan Sun”(Pearson Sound)
27. Tessela “Up” (!K7)
26. Lory D “Game Of Three Synth”(Numbers.)
25. Pepe Bradock “Boom Boom Crash”(Atavisme)
24. Richeart “Purple Grace”(Gravity Graffiti)
23. Electric Rescue “Rexpirations”(Skryptöm Records)
22. Emmanuel “Exhibition”(Arts)
21. Stanislav Tolkachev “Don’t Be Surprised”(I/Y)

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