Thelonious Funk Sessions #257

This week’s Session includes music from Yve Tumor, a classic De La Soul instrumental (produced by JDilla) and Volor Flex. New music from Hodge, DJ Soch, Gauss & Aquarium. I have music from Harvey Sutherland’s collaboration with Bermuda. Gold Panda makes an appearance on the show followed by Red Rack’em, Traumprinz & Hollis Parker. New music from Frag Maddin, DXC, A Sagittariun & Rolando remixes Roberto. Activ Analog & Museum rounds off the 1st part of the show.
2nd part of the show starts with another impressive collaboration by Mark Ernestus. This time its with Nigerian band Obadikah. There a couple of tracks from October’s latest ep on No Corner. Roman Flugel is featured twice with music from his new LP & from the massive compilation #savefabric. Speaking of #savefabric there are other tracks from the compilation from Paula Temple & Luke Slater’s Planetary Assault Systems. New music from the LPs of Keita Sano, Pangaea, Stanislav Tolkachev & Skudge. Gauss returns with some new material followed by music from the Stockholm LTD EP A Number Of Thoughts by Phara and Sinfol & Octual. Yaleesa Hall & Malin round off the show with music from the Hypercolour 10 Year Anniversary compilation. 40 tracks in 3 hours. A perfect segue for the Year End Review of the top 100 tunes of 2016. Be. Ready.

Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk



Part 1
1. Yves Tumor “The Feeling When You Walk Away”(PAN Records)
2. De La Soul “Stakes Is High”[Instrumental](Tommy Boy)
3. Volor Flex “Into Deep”(SEALT)
4. Hodge “Body Drive”(No Corner)
5. DJ Soch “Unknown”[Tribal dub mix] (Black Angus Rough)
6. Gauss “Differential”(Gauss LTD)
7. Aquarium “Nightedit18″(Self Released)
8. Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda “Priestess”(Clarity Recordings)
9. Gold Panda “Chiba Days”(City Slang)
10. Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda “Bravado”(Clarity Recordings)
11. Red Rack’em “Love Beat”(Nsyde)
12. Traumprinz “Good Vibrations”[Kasha’s Instrumental Mix](Traumprinz)
13. Hollis Parker “Sunshine”(Self Released)
14. Frag Maddin “Phase Interface”(What Came First)
15. DXC “Sự biến đổi”(Beste Modus PROMO)
16. A Sagittariun “Djax”(Hypercolour)
17. Emmanuel “Hype Beast”(Darkmatter Inc.)
18. Roberto “Perisphinctes”[Rolando Remix](Fossil Archive)
19. Activ Analog “Lifeline”(Assemble Music)
20. Museum “Ra”(Indigo Aera)
Part 2
21. Mark Ernestus Meets Obadikah “April”(Honest Jon’s)
22. October “Death Drums Along the River”(No Corner)
23. Roman Flugel “Warm And Dewy”(Dial)
24. October “The Mangroves of Neptune”(No Corner)
25. Roman Flugel “Jam The Jam”(#savefabric)
26. Keita Sano “Full of Love”(Rett I Fletta)
27. Gauss “Curvature”(Gauss LTD)
28. Juan Maclean’s Peach Melba “Boy”(Classic Music Company)
29. Shlomi Aber “XY Play”(NonPlus)
30. Charles Noel “En Manque De Cannelle”(Moto)
31. Pangaea “More Is More to Burn”(Hessle Audio)
32. Phara “Gazelle”(Stockholm LTD)
33. Paula Temple “You Cannot Kill A Soul By Killing The Body”[Live At Moogfest](#savefabric)
34. Sinfol & Octual “Signals”(Stockholm LTD)
36. Planetary Assault Systems “Twelve”[L.B. Dub Corp Meets PAS Rework](#savefabric)
37. Moby “Porcelain”[Luca Agnelli remix](Drumcode)
38. Stanislav Tolkachev “Mostly Harmless”(Mord)
39. Skudge feat DJ Samo “Polar”(Skudge)
40. Yaleesa Hall X Malin “Buchan Trap”(Hypercolour)

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