Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 09.16

For the Monthly Report of September, I have music from Mr. Fingers, Kevin Reynolds & a double dose of lush deepness from Will Long on DJ Sprinkles’ Comatonse imprint. More big tunes from 1977, Pepe Bradock & tracks from Frank Timm’s aliases (Soundstream & Soundstore). There’s some tracks from Rufus, I:Cube, YoshiFumi and a deadly forthcoming tune from Marlon Hoffstadt & Paris Brightledge. I have 2 tracks from Marcel Fengler’s latest output on his IMF label followed by music from Clouds, M. Rav (AKA Patricia) & Diego Pedemonte to round off the show.

Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


1. Mr. Fingers “Aether”(Alleviated Records)
2. Will Long “Get In & Stay In”(Comatonse Recordings)
3. Kevin Reynolds “Fembehyahget”(Yoruba Records)
4. Will Long “Daylight & Dark”(Comatonse Recordings)
5. 1977 “AMFBTG”(For Those Who Know)
6. Pepe Bradock “Grodno”(Atavisme)
7. Soundstore “Relief”(Sound Sampler)
8. Rufus “Hellow”(Bosconi Extra Virgin)
9. Soundstream “Aqua Dance”(Sound Sampler)
10. I:Cube “VVV”(Versatile)
11. YoshiFumi “You’ve Gatta Get In The Groove”(R2)
12. Marcel Fengler “Kyu”(IMF)
13. Marlon Hoffstadt & Paris Brightledge “Elevate”(Retrograde PROMO)
14. Marcel Fengler “Shitau”(IMF)
15. Clouds “Ultras In Africa”(Black Opal)
16. M. Rav “M. Ravitz (2)”(L.I.E.S.)
17. Diego Pedemonte “Piano Things”(AILA Records PROMO)

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