Thelonious Funk Sessions # 254

    This is my first show I’ve done since July. Lot of things going on but I’m glad to get back in the swing of doing this. So kicking off the show I have music from Willow, Steven Julian (aka Funkineven) & Rafael Moraes. I have music from the Deep House Japan compilation on R2 by Kentaro Iwaki and a collaboration by Loftsoul & Miruga. Henrik Schwarz does one of his signature remixes of Baaba Maal. New music from Detroit producer Kevin Reynolds on Osunlade’s Yoruba records. More amazing talent from Japan from the impressive Takuya Matsumoto. There more deepness from the left coast by Aybee, followed by music from CO/R & DJ Pegasuz.  The first triple play features music from the Svedjebruk imprint their latest releases from Pistol Pete & Alice Bas. The first part of the show finishes with music from Frank Timm’s Soundstudio alias, The Conservatives & a live version of Titonton Duvante’s “Concupiscent”.
     For the 2nd part of the show I have more music from Frank Timm under his Soundhack alias followed by music from DJ Shmugs, Levon Vincent & another triple play of some forthcoming DJ Spider material on Green Viliage & Thema. New music from Convextion, Eric Cloutier & Joey Anderson.  Marco Shuttle brings the goods with some deep grooves followed by Adryiano, Marco Zenker,  Ilario Alicante & Deetron. Drum kicks get much tougher towards the end of the show with bangers from Urbano, Emmanuel, B.K.R. & 2 tracks from Remco Beekwilder (with a Tripeo remix).
     Last I would like to thank you for your messages sent to me to make sure that I am OK.  It really shows that you value what I do. This is really my way of inviting you into my collection  that have built for almost 2 decades.  This show is a way for me to help you explore the brilliant minds that may be somewhat difficult to find. I will continue to do so.  I am now settled & ready to finish the rest of the year out with a bang in anticipation for next year’s 10 year anniversary of me doing this show. So by all means I am not stopping this anytime soon. So please keep spread the word if you love the show & of coarse…
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
Part 1
1. Willow “Untitled A2″(Workshop)
2. Steven Julien “Oshun”(Apron Records)
3. Loftsoul & Miruga feat Rescue Poetix “Wild Ones”(R2)
4. Rafael Moraes “Sumthin’ Deep”(Vinyl Vibes PROMO)
5. Baaba Maal “Fulani Rock”[Henrik Schwarz Remix](CDR)
6. Kevin Reynolds “Vibe Samba”(Yoruba Records)
7. Takuya Matsumoto “Yellow Ambrella”(Iero)
8. Aybee “The Heart Of The Sun”(Deepblak)
9. CO/R “Bells, Walking”(Hinge Finger)
10. DJ Pegasuz “Tuningszene”(Hamsa Intenational)
11. Kentaro Iwaki “Cobalt Blue002″(R2)
Triple Play: Svedjebruk Records
12. Pistol Pete “Field”(Svedjebruk)
13. Alice Bas “Riot”(Svedjebruk)
14. Pistol Pete “Montana”(Svedjebruk)
15. The Conservatives “Loneliness”[Live At Stubnitz 030605](Viewlexx)
16. Soundstudio “Track 440″(Sound Sampler)
17. Titonton Duvante “Concupiscent”[Live Version]
Part 2
18. Soundhack “What You Feel”(Sound Sampler)
19. DJ Shmugs “Tear It Down”(Cestraw)
20. Levon Vincent “Birds”(Novel Sounds)
Triple Play: DJ Spider
21. DJ Spider “Urantia of Nebadon”(Green Village PROMO)
22. DJ Spider ” Throwing Hairs”(Thema PROMO)
23. DJ Spider “Space Jungle”(Green Village PROMO)
24. Convextion “Distant Transmission”(a.r.t.less)
25. Eric Cloutier “Gossamer”(Sistrum)
26. Joey Anderson feat Ralph Ugo “AE”[Absolutely Eclectic](Inimeg)
27. Marco Shuttle “Danza Cinetica”(Spazio Disponibile)
28. Adryiano “Brykk”(Cestraw)
29. Marco Zenker “Isolated”(Illian Tape)
30. Ilario Alicante “Rising Lines”(Cocoon PROMO)
31. Deetron “The Core”(Subject Detroit)
32. Urbano “Travel Inside Your Head”(
33. Emmanuel “Exhibition”(ARTS)
34. Remco Beekwilder “10th Planet”(Self Reflektion)
35. B.K.R. “Artic”(Whistleblower PROMO)
36. Remco Beekwilder “Planet Moria”[Tripeo Remix)(Self Reflektion)

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