Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 08.16


For the very tardy Monthly Report I have music from Bessiekat, Aera & Fred P’s FP Oner project. WC0016 & Abono team up again followed by Tissu, Gerd, Mall Grab & Seven Davis Jr’s sick ode to two important musical geniuses of our time. Black Loops remixes ANC followed by music from D-IX, Palace & a double scoop of Randomer’s killer tracks on the Dekmantel UFO Series. I have music from Jackmaster’s DJ Kicks Series by Lory D along music from DJ Sotofett, Urbano, Alex.Do, Jeroen Search. Thinks get a bit eerie towards the end with music from Eric Fetcher & music from the Booma Collective. 20 tracks for you to enjoy on the late but extended Monthly Report.
Enjoy The Music,


Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk


1. Bessiekat “Hearp”(Flumo Recordings)
2. Aera “Krystal Close”(Innervisions)
3. FP-Oner “Adjusted Perception”(Mule Musiq)
4. WC0016 & Abono “Untitled A1″(ALLISANDNOT)
5. Tissu “Space Loop”(Lobster Theremin)
6. Gerd “Planet F.M.D.X.”[Mix 707](Royal Oak)
7. Mall Grab “Menace II Society”(Unknown To The Unknown)
8. Seven Davis Jr “Prince Michael”(Secret Angels)
9. ANC “Herman’s Place” [Black Loops Remix](Who Else Black)
10. D-IX “Night Rocker”(LACKREC.)
11. Palace “Touch Me”(Hot Haus Recs)
12. Randomer “Music for Two Kalimbas”(Dekmantel UFO Series)
13. Lory D “Deep Acoustic”(!K7)
14. Randomer “Rendell Pips”(Dekmantel UFO Series)
15. DJ Sotofett “Philip Sherburne, your word should be worth more than the ignorance of Pitchfork”[Alternate Mix](SO-PHAT)
16. Urbano “Brother”(
17. Alex.Do “Sentionaut”(Dystopian)
18. Jeroen Search “Tensile Force”(Figure SPC)
19. Eric Fetcher “Revolt”(Raw Raw Records)
20. Unknown Artist “Ghost 4″(Booma Collective)

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