Thelonious Funk Sessions #252

For this week’s sessions I have music from Black Monk, Pollyn remixed by Moodyman (again), Byron The Aquarius, DJ Aakmael & Omar-S. Pepe Bradock’s classic remix of Iz & Diz appears on the show followed by Shinichi Atobe, DJ Qu & Luke Solomon remixed by Filsonik. I have music from Robert Hood, Randomer, Keita Sano, TAFKAMP, Legowelt & some more old favorite of mine by Trickski & Claro Intelecto.

For the 2nd part of the show there’s music from TUC, Ken Desmend & Hironori Takahashi. The triple play feature music from the brilliant Viscera EP from Fango. This is followed by music from Derek Plaslaiko, PVNV & Andre Kronert remixed by Regal. Rounding off the show I have music from Phyrgian, Remco Beekwilder, SHDW & Obscure Shape and more tracks from Robert Hood.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk



Part 1
1. Black Monk “Hummin In The Sun”(Poo-Bah Records)
2. Pollyn “Too Late To Change The Past”[Moodymann Remix](Pollyn)
3. Byron The Aquarius feat MDMA “Extasy”(Wild Oats)
4. DJ Aakmael “Beautiphul”(Church)
5. Omar-S “You Silk Suit Wearin MuLaFuk’ka”(FXHE)
6. Iz & Diz “Mouth”[Brad Peep’s Remix For Friends]
7. Shinichi Atobe “World 4″(DDS)
8. DJ Qu “Whistle Song”(Strength Music)
9. Luke Solomon feat Nick Maurer “Script”[Filsonik Remix](Cuttin’ Headz PROMO)
10. Floorplan “Music”(M-Plant)
11. Shinichi Atobe “World 2″(DDS)
12. Randomer “Running Dry”(Dekmantel UFO Series)
13. Keita Sano “High”(Unfulfillment)
14. TAFKAMP “I Laf You”(Paling Trax)
15. Legowelt “Techno Madchen”(BAKK)
16. Trickski “Sweat”(Sonar Kollektiv)
17. Claro Intelecto “Rise”(Modern Love)

Part 2
18. TUC “4x5_83x2″(Salt Mines)
19. Ken Desmend “Window Of Time”(AILA RECORDS PROMO)
20. Hironori Takahashi “Gaizar”(Original Mix)
Triple Play: Fango “Viscera 1/3” EP (Degustibus Music)
21. Fango “Valvae”(Degustibus Music)
22. Fango “Vena Cava”(Degustibus Music)
23. Fango “Rectum”(Degustibus Music)
24. Derek Plaslaiko “In the Clouds”(The Bunker NYC)
25. PVNV “Pace Chemistry”(Taapion Records)
26. André Kronert “Dirty Old Man”[Regal Remix](Odd Even)
27. Phyrgian “Xtorsion”(Alss)
28. Robert Hood “Master Jack”(Dekmantel)
29. Remco Beekwilder “Fraud”(Self Reflektion)
30. SHDW & Obscure Shape “Die Macht Des Schicksals”(From Another Mind)
31. Floorplan “He Can Save You”(M-Plant)


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