Thelonious Funk Sessions #250


This show marks another milestone with show #250. I want to take the time to say thanks to all of the artists, label execs & you the listeners that have supported this show in various ways. Your support keeps me motivated to do this in my free time. So for this milestone I have music from Konrad Wehrmeister, Manzana Kicks and a forthcoming Marcel Lune remix of Redpine & Solo on Studio Rockers. More forthcoming music from the 4th installment of the Prima Norsk compilation from De Fantastiske To. There’s music from from Yuri Shugin, Jque Pbrs Tgxu, Circling Vultures, Lubin and a double dose of tracks from Marcello Napoletano (aka Michael Ferragosto). Jordan Fields & Ricardo Miranda breaths new life into a Boo Williams classic along with new music from the albums of Omar-S & Hiroshi Watanabe to round off the 1st part of the show.

The 2nd part of the show features more music from Hiroshi Watanabe’s LP. I have all of the tracks from the forthcoming Village Elders EP featuring Dakini9, Nicuri, Disaroen & DJ Spider. Speaking of DJ Spider, he is one of the two triple plays featured on the show. The other involves music from the Vigenère imprint featuring more music from Jque Pbrs Tgxu & PGRJ TELM. There’s music from Big Strick, The Gods Planet, Terrence Dixon & Rødhåd. Emmanuel does a stunner of a remix for Shlomo, followed by music from Regal, Mark Forshaw & Africans With Mainframes to round off the show. Also please be sure to check out my Monthly Show for May can be found on my Mixcloud page & my main site. I’ve also upload ALL exclusive mixes that have been played on past shows on Mixcloud as well. Lots for you to listen to so by all means…

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk



Part 1
1. Konrad Wehrmeister “Jet”(SVS Records)
2. Manzana Kicks “Slow Train”(Bodytronic Music)
3. Redpine & Solo “Hindsight” [Marcel Lune Remix](Studio Rockers PROMO)
4. De Fantastiske To “Syklon”(Beatservice Records PROMO)
5. Yuri Shulgin “Nothing In The City”(Modernista)
6. Circling Vultures “Birth of Tragedy”(L.I.E.S.)
7. Marcello Napoletano “Cafè Nanà”(UN.T.O. Records)
8. Lubin “Cooking In Detroit”(Kimochi)
9. Michael Ferragosto “Sick Strings”(Dog In The Night Records)
10. Boo Williams “Mortal Trance”[Jordan Fields spacedub redit](No Label)
11. Omar-S “Chama Piru’s”(FXHE)
12. Boo Williams “Mortal Trance”[Ricardo Miranda Mortal Trance rerub](No Label)
13. Omar-S “Buggin Out”(FXHE)
14. Jque Pbrs Tgxu “Coleoid”(Vigenère)
15. Hiroshi Watanabe “Heliosphere”(Transmat)

Part 2
16. Big Strick “Dirty Burner”(7 Days Ent.)
17. Dakini9 “Lost Paradise”(Green Village PROMO)
Triple Play: DJ Spider
18. DJ Spider “Planetary DisFunkshun”(Rekids PROMO)
19. DJ Spider “Toxic Trace 2″(Green Village PROMO)
20. DJ Spider “Montag”(Rekids PROMO)
21. Hiroshi Watanabe “Story Teller”(Transmat)
22. Nicuri “Ripples Of Time”(Green Village PROMO)
23. The Gods Planet “Time Machine”(TGP)
24. Disaroen “Serious Doorman”(Green Village PROMO)
25. Terrence Dixon “Stardust”(New York Haunted)
26. Rødhåd “Maschinenvolk”(Dystopian)
Triple Play: Vigenère Records
27. Jque Pbrs Tgxu “Onykia”(Vigenère)
28. PGRJ TELM “An Unexpected Movement”(Vigenère)
29. Jque Pbrs Tgxu “Veranyi”(Vigenère)
30. Shlomo “Burned Hand”[Emmanuel remix](Arts Collective)
31. Regal “Salie”(Involve Records)
32. Mark Forshaw “Submission”(Contort Yourself)
33. Africans With Mainframes “Negroid Spinx”(Soul Jazz Records)

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