Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 05.16

For the monthly report of May I have a couple of tracks from Folamour, Boo Williams remixed by Andres and music from Patrice Scott. More nice tracks from Battista on Warm Sounds followed by forthcoming music from the Beste Freunde EP by Julien Sandre & Walker. New music from Manzana Kicks and Nebraska. We go into some edits by the Cesario Magnifique & the Shoes Crew. I wanted to throw a classic track from Karizma from his debut LP back in 07. We go a little bit deeper towards the end of the show with some music from TV OUT, Sneaker, DJ Spider & Hymns.

Enjoy the Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk



1. Folamour “Novalaise”(Moonrise Hill Material)
2. Boo Williams “Accellerate”[Andres Remix](Axe On Wax)
3. Patrice Scott “The Detroit Upright”(Sistrum)
4. Battista “What am I Supposed to Do Now?”(Warm Sounds)
5. Julien Sandre “Ordinary Madness”(Beste Freunde PROMO)
6. Manzana Kicks “In Knots”(Bodytronic Music)
7. Walker “Confession”(Beste Freunde PROMO)
8. Nebraska “Done My Best”(Mister Saturday Night)
9. Folamour “La Pierre et le Sabre”(Moonrise Hill Material)
10. Timmy Thomas “Why Can’t We Live Together”[House Mix](Shoes)
11. Cesario Magnifique “Edit #2″(M.C.D. Disco Edits PROMO)
12. Cute Heels “Verge”(Kess Kill)
13. Cesario Magnifique “Edit #5″(M.C.D. Disco Edits PROMO)
14. Karizma “Renegade Ha”(R2 Records)
15. TV OUT “Always Anyways”(Salt Mines)
16. Sneaker “Haunted Samba”(Rat Life)
17. DJ Spider “TMC”(Rekids PROMO)
18. Hymns “Route Acid”(Salt Mines)


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