Thelonious Funk Sessions #249

This week’s session features music from O’Flynn, Call Super & some India meet Chicago House by Unna Yanna. This is followed by a classic from Larry Heard & a double dose of Reggie Dokes. I have new music from Omar-S album “The Best” along with music from Red Rack’em, Philipp Matalla, Leif and a JD Twitch edit of Amadou et Miriam. Four Legs, Lenson & another classic from Wagon Cookin rounds off the first part of the show.
For the 2nd part of the show I dusted off an old track from Planet Of Drums CD only release from 20 years ago. This is followed by tracks from CNCPT, Viers, DJ Spider, Gomorra & Rhythmath. The triple play of the week features music from the first volume of the techno compilation “Akke Oi Bekos Akkelos” by Puresque, Phyrgian & Jhon Spark. Area gets a rerub from Italian producer Donato Dozzy, followed by music from Aggborough, Deetron and another brilliant collaboration from SHDW & Obscure Shape. Yuuki Sakai & A Sagittariun rounds off the show. Also be sure to check out the Monthly show for April on this site or on my mixcloud page.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk



Part 1
1. O’Flynn “Spyglass”(Blip Discs)
2. Unna Yana “Chimmy’s Theme”(Atypical Dopeness)
3. Call Super “Nervous Sex Traffic”(Dekmantel)
4. Larry Heard “Black Oceans”(Black Market International)
5. Unna Yana “Eru Mahye”(Atypical Dopeness)
6. Reggie Dokes “Afro Sci”(People Of The Earth)
7. Omar-S “Heard Chew Single”(FHXE)
8. Reggie Dokes “Piano Seduction”(People Of The Earth)
9. Red Rack’em “Destined”(Bergerac)
10. Philipp Matalla “Kiba”(KANN)
11. Amadou et Miriam “Ce N’est Pas Bon”[A JD Twitch Edit](Autonomous Africa)
12. Leif “Tumbler”(Galdoors)
13. Four Legs “Aguirre”(The Trilogy Tapes)
14. Lenson “Complete Muppets”(Paling Trax)
15. Wagon Cookin “Contour Generator”(Compost)

Part 2
16. Planet Of Drums “Egypt”(Avex Trax)
17. CNCPT “Foreign Drum Sequence 1″(Modularz)
18. Viers “Lain”(Figure)
19. DJ Spider “Divine Builders”(BleeD PROMO)
20. Gomorra “Beelzebub”(Be As One)
21. Rhythmath “Untitled A”(Rhythmath)
Triple Play: Various “Akke Oi Bekos Akkelos Vol 1″(Alss)
22. Puresque “Søsarei”(Alss)
23. Phyrgian “SpsS”(Alss)
24. Jhon Spark “Night Tribe”(Alss)
25. Area “Entireless”[Genesis Chamber Beats By Donato Dozzy](Tesuji)
26. Aggborough “In A Sieve”(One Track Brain)
27. CNCPT “Foreign Drum Sequence 3″(Modularz)
28. Deetron “Mr. Smooth”(Music Man)
29. SHDW & Obscure Shape “Die Weiße Rose”(From Another Mind)
30. Yuuki Sakai “Ui Paim”(Diffuse Reality)
31. A Sagittariun “Contortion”(Elastic Dreams)


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