Thelonious Funk Sessions #248


This session features music from the debut album of Flabaire, followed by music from Djrum & a triple play from Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers’ first EP in almost a decade. More impressive tracks from Bepotel, Buttechno, Four Legs (Samo DJ & Skudge) & James Duncan. I have Italian producer Simoncino remixed by Mr. Fingers on L.I.E.S. Red Rack’em is bring the goods with some killer disco grooves on his Bergerac imprint. More superb tracks from Mall Grab, Gabriels & Hiroshi Watanabe to round off the first part of the show.

For the second part of the show we have some acid wizardry from Richeart followed by Tessela & Four Legs remixes Assar on Born Free. More music from Hiroshi Watanabe’s EP on Transit. Mojuba main man Don Williams remixes Blackhall & Bookless followed by music from Ben Buitendijk & a double dose of Emmanuel. There new music from Developer, Jose Cabrera (JC), Blawan, Markus Masuhr & Seelow AKA Shed. Things get heavier toward the end of the show with forthcoming music from Electric Rescue & an old techno dusty by the criminally underrated Monrella.
Enjoy the Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk



Part 1
1. Flabaire “Bruxelles”(D.KO)
2. Djrum “Untitled 9″(Illian Tape)
3. Flabaire “Stars”(D.KO)
Triple Play: Mr. Fingers 
4. Mr. Fingers “Outer Acid”(Alleviated)
5. Mr. Fingers “Qwazars”(Alleviated)
6. Mr. Fingers “Nodyahed”(Alleviated)
7. Bepotel “Wolf”(Bepotel)
8. Buttechno “Tragediya V Stile Dub Piano”(Johns Kingdom)
9. Four Legs “Clearwater Bay”(The Trilogy Tapes)
10. James Duncan “Kingston-Throop Stop”(WNCL Recordings)
11. Simoncino “Beyond the Dance”[Mr. Fingers Remix](L.I.E.S.)
12. Flabaire “Album 5″(D.KO)
13. Red Rack’em “Wonky Bassline Disco Banger”(Bergerac)
14. Mall Grab “Down”(Church)
15. Gabriels “Amethyst”(One Records)
16. Hiroshi Watanabe “The Leonids”(Transmat)
Part 2
17. Richeart “Purple Grace”(Gravity Graffiti)
18. Tessela “Swimming”(Poly Kicks)
19. Assar “Pant”[Four Legs remix](Born Free Records)
20. Hiroshi Watanabe “Soul Transitions”(Transmat)
21. Blackhall & Bookless “Links”[Don Williams remix](Jaunt)
22. Ben Buitendijk “King Cobra”(Oblique Music)
23. Emmanuel “All Killer No Filler”(Darkmatter Inc.)
24. Monoloc “Gipson”[SHDW & Obscure Shape Remix](Soma)
25. Emmanuel “Darknet”(Darkmatter Inc.)
26. Developer “The Charmer”(Modularz)
27. JC “Paradox Strategy”(Cabrera)
28. Blawan “Lit Up Communicat”(Ternesc)
29. Markus Masuhr “Gloomy Thoughts”(LCR Records)
30. Seelow “xx4A”(The Final Experiment)
31. Electric Rescue “Rexpirations”(Skryptom PROMO)
32. Monrella “Studio 4″(ZET)

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