Thelonious Funk Sessions #247


Sorry for the extended hiatus but I am back with a new show. This show features music from Leafar Legov, Flying Lotus, E.R. & Soulphiction. The first triple play feature music from Moomin including his lush remix of the Peven Everett classic “I Can’t Believe I Loved Her”. There is music from Fede Lng, Washerman and a couple of tracks from the Beste Modus EP by stevn.aint.leavn & Diego Krause. Nummer has a go at one of the tracks from Linkwood’s impressive LP on Firecracker. More impressive music from Adryiano, Los Hermanos remixes I-Robots, Steve Rachmad rerubs DJ W!LD & Daze rounds off the 1st part with music from his latest EP on Lobster Theremin.
The second part of the show kicks off with some filth by Ben Kaczor on Soul Notes. Marcel Dettmann remixes Heiko Laux, Jonas Kopp remixes Farron & DJ Qu hits hard with another deadly track on Social Experiment. More nice tracks from Wrong Copy, Peder Mannerfelt, Rezzett & M7. I have triple plays from two Techno compilations “Herdersmat part 1​-​7” and “Unknown Landscapes Vol 3”. Very big collaboration between Einka & Terrence Dixon. Nthng brings the goods once again from his impressive EP on Pacific Command followed by music from Surgeon and Kapoor. BNJMN remixes Akira S on a forthcoming remix EP on Absolut (yes the vodka company). Gary Martin’s remix of I-Robots rounds off the show. Also if you have a chance be sure to check out the monthly reports for January & February on my mixcloud page or on this blog site.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious



Part 1
1. Leafar Legov “Mx Home”(Giegling)
2. Flying Lotus “R2 Where R U?”(Hollywood Records)
3. E.R. “Terraraw”(1432 R)
4. Soulphiction “Amerika”(Musik Krause)
Triple Play: Moomin
5. Moomin “A Minor Thought”(Smallville)
6. Peven Everett “I Can’t Believe I Loved Her”[Moomin version](Smallville)
7. Moomin “You Neva Know”(Smallville)
8. Fede Lng “Fade to Black”(Blaq Numbers)
9. Washerman “Traction”(Drumpoet Community)
10. stevn.aint.leavn “Say My Name”(Beste Modus)
11. Linkwood “Love Lost”[Nummer Remix](Firecracker)
12. Diego Krause “Nebula” (Beste Modus)
13. Adryiano “Speculate”(CESTRAW)
14. I-Robots “Own Existence”[Los Hermanos Remix](Opilec Music PROMO)
15. DJ W!ld “Just In Time” [Steve Rachmad Remix](Roush PROMO)
16. Daze “Oil Rig”(Lobster Theremin)
Part 2
17. Ben Kaczor “Rotting Cage”(Soul Notes)
18. Heiko Laux “Fernweh”[Marcel Dettmann Remix](Kanzleramt)
19. Farron “Equinox”[Jonas Kopp Sword remix](Shaw Cuts)
20. DJ Qu “Final Call”(Social Experiment)
21. Wrong Copy “In To 5″(MDR)
22. Peder Mannerfelt “Variations Of Love”(Ultimate Hits)
23. Rezzett “Hey Hugo”(The Trilogy Tapes)
Triple Play: Various “Herdersmat part 1​-​7″(Mord)
24. Radial “Cru”(Mord)
25. Clouds “Healthy Rapid”(Mord)
26. Lag “Varijacije”(Mord)
27. M7 “Revolver 01″(The Revera Corporation)
Triple Play: Various “Unknown Landscapes Vol 3″(Pole Recordings)
28. Echologist “1968”(Pole Recordings)
29. Conrad van Orton “Nathalie”(Pole Recordings)
30. Eric Fetcher “Commender”(Pole Recordings)
31. Terrence Dixon & Einka “Subconsciously”(Goldmin)
32. nthng “In The Afterglow”(Pacific Command)
33. Surgeon “Inside”(Blueprint)
34. Kapoor “Vision”(Four Sides)
35. Akira S “Miami Vice”[Bnjmn Absolut Remix](Absolut PROMO)
36. I-Robots “Own Existence”[Gary Martin Teknotika Remix](Opilec Music PROMO)

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