Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 01.16

     For the first (and extremely late) monthly report of 2016 I have music from Leon Vynehall, Frits Wentink, Al Zanders & Max Mc Ferren. More music from Brooklyn based producer Alvin Aronson, OL  & Ge ology featuring legendary producer Mark De Clive Lowe. New music from Einka, Willis Anne, Bessiekat & Raw MT.  Forthcoming music from Carreno is LB followed by music from 3KZ, Rhythmath, Bas Amro & a killer forthcoming remix of Alex Dolby by Sandy Rivera to round off the show.   February monthly report coming up immediately. Until then…
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
1. Leon Vynehall “Midnight On Rainbow Road”[Beat Edit](Rush Hour)
2. Frits Wentink “Child of the Universe”(Heist)
3. Al Zanders “Long Gone”(Blind Jacks Journey)
4. Max McFerren “Hunting”(Allergy Season)
5. Alvin Aronson “Mat”(NORD)
6. OL  “Setun Flow”(Wilson)
7. Ge ology feat Mark De Clive Lowe “Moon Circuitry”(Sound Signature)
8. Einka “Tension”(Goldmin)
9. Willis Anne “Nonlinearity”(LAN)
10. Bessiekat “Opaque”(analog versions)
11. Raw M.T. “Richard’s Revenge”(Lobster Theremin)
12. Carreno is LB “Intergalactic Stone”(My Favorite Robot PROMO)
13. 3KZ “Distant Land”(Fides)
14. Rhythmath “002A”(Rhythmath)
15. Bas Amro “Imposter Persona”(Wolfskuil Ltd)
16. Rhythmath “002C”(Rhythmath)
17. Alex Dolby “Calypso”[Riviera 90’s Mix](Affekt Recordings PROMO)

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