Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 12.15 Year End Review Albums of 2015


Sorry I am a bit tardy on this but here are the albums of 2015. It’s been a very pivotal year for the artists that have made this list. Seven Davis Jr & his rise to prominence has been well documented & his album confirms his brilliance. His album kicks off the top 10. This is followed by a criminally underrated album by DWIG. One album that a lot of people did not know about was a nice collaborative effort from Scott Grooves & Kataconda on Natural Midi. Viers has had an impressive year with his “Temptation” track which has made the Year End Review for my tunes of 2015. His album “Freesia” makes the top 10. Vril has made a name for himself with his releases on Ostgut Ton & Giegling. He released a superb album on Delsin that takes the #6 spot.

For the top 5 Linkwood’s sophomore EP makes the cut. Trevor Jackson has come a long way from his electro days of being the man behind    Playgroup. His Format LP show his brilliant versatility as a producer. Back in lat January, Levon Vincent had the scene buzzing with a sudden announcement of his self titled debut quadruple pack LP on his Novel Sound imprint. His album certainly lived up to the hype However one of the people he supported in his infamous Fabric mix wowed me a bit more. What is impressive about Joey Anderson is not just the fact that he did another impressive album. It is the fact that he did it a year after his debut LP which make him the first producer to make the Year End Review top 10 albums in consecutive years. However the album of the goes to an artist that has been in this game for almost 2 decades.
Baltimore native Maurice Fulton has seen & done it all throughout his prolific career. He’s done everything from producing tracks with his wife as MU, electro funk with his band Syclops, songs with Wanda Felicia about heart break as LadyVipb & recently some afro electronic groove for Tanzanian singer Mim Suleiman. Before he released Suleiman’s album in the latter part of 2015, he put aside some time to release his superb effort as Boof. It has everything you could possibly want from a producer of his caliber. Futuristic funk with a touch of disco? Check. Acid wizardry? Check. Some left field Techno? Check. This album epitomizes what an album should be & who else but Mr. Fulton. Big shout out to all of the producers that made 2015 a fantastic year in music. On to 2016!

Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk



10. Seven Davis Jr “Universes”(Ninja Tune)
– Options
– Sunday Morning
– Try Me (I’ll Funk You)

9. DWIG “From Here To There” (DWIG)
– True Story
– Cherry Tree
– Little Boy

8. Scott Grooves & Kataconda “Machinik 1-7″(Natural Midi)
– Machinik 3
– Machinik 5
– Machinik 1

7. Viers “Freesia”(Church) 
– Jiro
– Moonlighting
– Haruka

6. Vril “Portal”(Delsin) 
– Portal 7
– Portal 5
– Portal 6

5. Linkwood “Expressions”(Firecracker)
– Expressions
– Ignorance Is Bliss (Live Mix)
– Object

4. Trevor Jackson “Format”(The Vinyl Factory)
– Voodoo Racist
– Icaro
– Nowhere

3. Levon Vincent “Levon Vincent”(Novel Sound) 
– The Beginning
– Anti-Corporate Music
– Woman is an Angel

2. Joey Anderson “Invisible Switch”(Dekmantel) 
– Reset
– Nabta Playa
– Beige Mantis
1. Boof “The Hydrangeas Whisper”(Bubble Tease Communications) 
– Backlash
– Pete Found His Z
– Solar Eclipse On A Friday Morning

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