Thelonious Funk Sessions #244 Year End Review 2015 [Vol. 5 of 5]


For the final installment of the Year End Review I have music from Peder Mannerfelt, DJ Qu, Flørist & Zum Goldenen Schwarm to kick off the top 20. Followed by music from Benjamin Damage, Alex Falk and another superb collaboration from SHDW & Obscure Shape. I have amazing music from Joey Anderson’s massive Invisible Switch LP on Dekmantel along with Yaleesa Hall & a frantic remix of Martyn Hare by JoeFarr to round off the Top 20.
For the Top 10, I have music from the superb EP from DJ Spider & Marshallito which I debuted on my monthly show back in the fall of last year (months before it’s official release). Nuclear Winter was also played on Ben UFO’s show on Rinse FM. Foreign made quite an impression with his EP on Baroc & the jewel of that crown of an ep was the Side B1 track. Jessie Osborne-Lanthier acid wizardry makes the list follow by some Futuristic boogie by the most adorable Detroit duo Oliverwho Factory. Viers makes the top 10 with a some heavy soulful techno with a drum kick Head High would be proud of. Alden Tyrell’s earth shattering remix of Oli Furness makes the top 5 followed by some spaced out late night grooves by nthng. 2015 was a memorable year for my beloved FC Barcelona. So I chuckled when I saw a producer name themselves after a former disgruntled Barca player (Ibrahimovic) while naming the song after my club’s football ground “Camp Nou”. Superb track is an understatement when describing this & it is my anthem for the club I’ve supported. Visca Barca! The runner up goes to EMG & his destructive tune “Reaction”. This tune has been nothing short of spectacular throughout this year but there was one track that wowed me more that did not even get an official release. Perc has a history of banging out some classics in recent year. But the miracle edit he pulled on Moby’s unplayble “Thousand” was nothing short of genius. You don’t believe me? Just watch the reaction he received when he played the track to end off his Boiler Room mix in London late last year. It certainly grabbed my attention this year & it is my tune of 2015. Onwards to 2016… Enjoy the music…
And your New Year,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk



Part 1
20. Peder Mannerfelt “Set It Off”(Ultimate Hits)
19. DJ Qu “Untitled”[Verbal](Social Experiment)
18. Flørist “Final Bounce”(All Caps)
17. Zum Goldenen Schwarm “Schwelle”(Forum)
16. Benjamin Damage “Trickster”(50 Weapons)
15. SHDW & Obscure Shape “Ruf Der Freiheit”(From Another Mind)
14. Alex Falk “What Is Free”(Finale Sessions)
13. Joey Anderson “Amarna”(Dekmantel)
12. Yaleesa Hall “Third Perrin”(Will & Ink)
11. Martyn Hare “Forever Empty”[JoeFarr Remix](Emetic DNA)

Part 2
10. DJ Spider & Marshallito “Nuclear Winter”(The Trilogy Tapes)
9. Foreign “Untitled B1″(Baroc)
8. Jesse Osborne-Lanthier “909 Problems But The Pitch Aint One”(Where To Now?)
7. Oliverwho Factory “Black”[Love Hangover Remix](Madd Chaise Inc)
6. Viers “Temptation”(Hokkaido Dance Club)
5. Oli Furness “Decisions”[Alden Tyrell Remix](Dext Recordings)
4. nthng “1996”(Mörk)
3. Ibrahimovic “Camp Nou”(Subwax BCN)
2. EMG “Reaction”(Berceuse Heroique)
—————–Tune Of The Year ——————–
1. Moby “Thousand”[Perc Edit](CDR)

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