Thelonious Funk Sessions #243 Year End Review 2015 [Vol. 4 of 5]


For the 4th installment of the Year End Review, we have music from Marcelo Napoletano’s Ra Thoth and the Brigantes Orchestra to kick off the top 40. Pepe Bradock’s stunning remix of Todd Terje make the list follwed by tunes from Levon Vincent, Linkwood, Norse, Terence Fixmer, & Somewhen. Earlier on this Year End Review Parris Mitchell’s remix of Radio Slave made the list. This time DJ Spider’s take on Radio Slave’s “Clone Wars” makes the top 40. More music from The Bunker NYC camp by Lot.te followed by a heavy collaboration between Marieu & Mannella to round off the top 40.
Marcel Dettmann’s collaboration with Luke Slater as S/D from the Zehn compilation makes the top 30. Abayomi makes the charts again but this time it is on his self titled label. By the way he has provide an exclusive mix for the Next Gen Series. Be on the lookout for this in the New Year. I have music from Sinfol, Adventice & 1800HaightStreet. DJ Spider is on the charts again on this show this time as a collaborator with fellow New Yorker Marshallito from their massive EP on The Trilogy Tapes. Inigo Kennedy remix of I/Y makes the list followed by Pev’s killer remix of Steevio. One collaboration I have been impressed with has been between SHDW & Obscure Shape. One of the many highlights of their first EP “Die Dinge des Lebens” makes the list. Lastly Ténèbre rounds off the top 30 with the earth shattering “Fonction N°7”. The final installment of the Year End Review is approaching but in the meantime… Enjoy the music & your holiday season…

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk



Part 1
40. Marcello Napoletano Presents Ra Thoth and the Brigantes Orchestra “Introspettivo”(Berceuse Heroique)
39. Todd Terje “Inspector Norse”[Pepe Bradock Remix](Olsen)
38. Levon Vincent “Woman is an Angel”(Novel Sound)
37. Linkwood “Object”(Firecracker)
36. Norse “Amur”(Soul Notes)
35. Terence Fixmer “Moments”(ON Records)
34. Somewhen “Aula”(IMF)
33. Radio Slave “The Clone Wars”[DJ Spider Remix](Rekids)
32. Løt.te “History of Discipline”(The Bunker NYC)
31. Marieu & Mannella “Tecnologia Robotica”(Picnic34)

Part 2
30. S/D “The Launderette”(Ostgut Ton)
29. Abayomi “Stars”(Abayomi)
28. Sinfol “Crystalline”(Anagram)
27. Adventice “Extraction Force”(Tresor)
26. 1800HaightStreet “Heldled”(Lobster Theremin)
25. DJ Spider & Marshallito “Point Zero”(The Trilogy Tapes)
24. I/Y “Termination”[Inigo Kennedy Remix](Fracture)
23. Steevio “Seren”[Pev Remix](Schmorgasbord)
22. SHDW & Obscure Shape “Die Dinge des Lebens”(From Another Mind)
21. Ténèbre “Fonction N°7″(Ténèbre)


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