Thelonious Funk Sessions #242 Year End Review 2015 [Vol. 3 of 5]

     For the 3rd installment of the Year End Review,  I have Floating Points kicking off the top 60 with music reminiscent of 4Hero. This is followed by music from the Zenker Brothers, Phran & Call Super makes the charts for the 2nd time thus far.  Brian Harden makes the top 60 for the 2nd year in a row.  One of the many highlights of Trevor Jackson massive Format LP makes the charts. Chicago duo Africans With Mainframes (Noleian Reusse & Jamal Moss) continues the acid wizardry followed by Boston 168, Mark Verbos & Excell to round off the Top 60.
     The top 50 feature music from the Decon/Recon #1 EP on Noise Manifesto, Gesloten Cirkel, Alvin Aronson & a massive remix of Radio Slave by Parris Mitchell. DJ Qu makes the Year end Review for the 3rd year in a row followed  by music from Maurice Fulton’s Boof project. Daze makes the Year End review along with music from Don Williams, Natan H & Breaker 1 2 to round off the top 50. Onwards & upwards to the top 40. Until then…
Enjoy the Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
Part 1
60. Floating Points “Silhouettes”[I, II & III](Pluto)
59. Zenker Brothers “Phing”(Ilian Tape)
58. Phran “Basical”(Klasse Wrecks)
57. Call Super “Fluenka’s Shelf”(Nous)
56. Brian Harden “Nostalgic Pieces”(D3 Elements)
55. Trevor Jackson “Voodoo Racist”(The Vinyl Factory)
54. Africans With Mainframes “RB-3″(Bio Rhythm)
53. Boston 168 “Terror Acid”(Involve Records)
52. Mark Verbos “In The Back Room”(The Bunker New York)
51. Excell “錆”(DOQ)

Part 2
50. rRoxymore / Oni Ayhun / Aquarian Jugs / Jaguar Woman “DR1-1″(Noise Manifesto)
49. Radio Slave “The Clone Wars”[Paris Mitchell ‘Computer Clone’ Remix](Rekids)
48. Gesloten Cirkel “Perron”(Murder Capital)
47. Alvin Aronson “Drone Techno”(White Material)
46. DJ Qu “SS1″(Secretsundaze)
45. Boof “Backlash”(Bubble Tease Communications)
44. Daze “Neuromance”(Lobster Theremin)
43. Don Williams “Attack Ships On Fire”(Dystopian)
42. Natan H “Lignes”(Finale Sessions)
41. Breaker 1 2 “In The Distance”(!K7)

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