Thelonious Funk Sessions #240 Year End Review 2015 [Vol. 1 of 5]

It is now time for me to rank the top 100 tunes of 2015. Quick reminder that only tunes that I have received or released between December 1st of last year to November 30th of this year will be in this 5 part installment. The top 100 kicks off with music from Kiyoko on Samurai Horo. This is followed by one of the highlights of Bjork’s emotional Vulnicura LP. Things pick up with music from Nicholas featuring the vocals of Nikki-O of Moodymann fame. Speaking of Moodymann, his remix of Ralf Gum featuring Hugh Masekela makes the list. More big tunes from Marsupials, Melchior Communications Ltd, Suitdancer & Tandy Ogmo. NYC producer Terekke’s X alias makes an appearance with Zigg Gonzalezz (AKA Shed) rounding off the top 100.
The Top 90 features music from Anthony Naples, Dakini9 & Brazilian producer SeixlacK. RA music critic Angus Finlayson certainly puts his money where his mouth is under his Minor Science project. More impressive tunes by Romansoff, Nick Höppner, Eduardo De La Calle & Nicuri. Claudia Anderson & Exo’s remix of Aubrey rounds out the top 90. Next week we go into the top 80. Until then…
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk



Part 1
100. Kiyoko “Archways” (Samurai Horo)
99. Björk “Black Lake”(One Little Indian)
98. Nicholas ft. Nikki-O “Ghetto Opera”[Hope 4 Tomorrow Mix](X Masters)
97. Ralf GUM feat. Hugh Masekela “With Her Hand”[Moodymann Remix](GOGO Music)
96. Marsupials “Hot Donuts”(Madhouse)
95. Melchior Communications Ltd “Meditation 5″(Perlon)
94. Suitdancer “Shimmer”(Tone Control)
93. Tandy Ogmo “Everybody Work Your Body”(Viewlexx)
92. X “B1″(Rush Hour)
91. Zigg Gonzalezz “High Jackin”(Power House)

Part 2
90. Anthony Naples “Refugio”(Text)
89. Dakini9 “Howler”(Green Village)
88. SeixlacK “Vasumitra”(bliq)
87. Minor Science “Closing Acts”(Whities)
86. Romansoff “Beyond The Self”(Lobster Theremin)
85. Nick Höppner “Paws”(Ostgut Ton)
84. Eduardo De La Calle “The Sudama Song”(Nonplus)
83. Nicuri “Holding The Four Winds”(Growin Music)
82. Claudia Anderson “Liquid Forms”(Singular Records)
81. Aubrey “Crimson Nebular”[Exos Remix](Solid Groove)


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