Thelonious Funk Sessions #238 (Next Gen Performance By Ron S.)


This week I have new music from Shine Grooves on Kimochi. Kit Clayton returns as Kid 606 remixing Actress. More impressive music from STL ,Gesloten Cirkel, Mandingo & Adryiano. I have some forthcoming music from Nacho Marco on Kerri Chandler’s Madhouse recordings. Robert Hood brings the heat with a nice remix of Mumbai Science under his Floorplan guise. Lee Gamble returns from a huge 2014 with another big EP on PAN records. The first triple play of the show features music from the last 3 EPs of Chicago producer Brian Harden. To finish off the first part of show I have a nice collaboration between SHDW & Obscure Shape and Sa Pa.

The second part of the show features a Next Gen exclusive performance that was provided by St Louis based producer Ron S. I first heard an EP he did on his Anode imprint & I was even more impressed by his label releases. So I had to have him on the show. This performance was record just a few weeks ago. Definitely a very good producer as well as a good A&R. Definitely check out his catalog on his Bandcamp page. I decided to play do a triple play of his productions from his label to follow his performance. This was followed by a nice remix of Nick Sinna by Vril on Prime Numbers. More music from SHDW & Obscure Shape, Chicago Skyway, Michal Wolski & Vernon Felicity. I have two tracks from the impressive compilation “Consider This A Warning” by Imugem Orihasam & Zadig on Chronicle records. To round off the show I have a big remix of David Mayer by Eduardo De La Calle on Gruuv Records. Once again big thanks for Ron S. for providing the recording performance for us to enjoy. We are a couple of weeks from the Year End Review in December. Until Then…
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

Part 1
1. Shine Grooves “Tea”(Kimochi)
2. Actress “Bird Matrix”[Kid606 Club Remix](!K7)
3. STL “The Liker”(Lick My Deck)
4. Gesloten Cirkel “Never”(Murder Capital)
5. Nacho Marco “Tunnels”(Madhouse PROMO)
6. Adryiano “GDWTMFB”(Soul Notes)
7. Mandingo “Universes II”(Rekids)
8. Mumbai Science “Black Hole”[Floorplan Remix](Lektroluv)
9. Lee Gamble “B23 Steelhouse”(PAN)
Triple Play: Brian Harden
10. Brian Harden “Protocal”(Perpetual Rhythms)
11. Brian Harden “Amerigo”(Sounds Of The City)
12. Brian Harden “Nostalgic Pieces”(D3 Elements)
13. SHDW & Obscure Shape “Nachtblende”(From Another Mind)
14. Sa Pa “Fast Jam”(MDR)

Part 2
Next Gen Exclusive Performance: Ron S. (Anode Records)
End of Performance
Triple Play: Ron S.
15. Ron S. “Riot Gear”(Anode)
16. Ron S. “RTFM”(Anode)
17. Ron S. “7th Objective”(Anode)
18. Nick Sinna “Black Rose”[Vril Remix](Prime Numbers)
19. Vernon Felicity “Dropping Faces” (M>O>S)
20. Chicago Skyway “Empty Pattern 31″(Emphasis)
21. Michal Wolski “Dawn”(Eerie)
22. Imugem Orihasam “Tame Pogn”(Chronicle)
23. SHDW & Obscure Shape “Die Geliebte des Anderen”(From Another Mind)
24. Zadig “In The Abyss Of Time”(Chronicle)
25. David Mayer “Burn vs. Helios”[Eduardo de la Calle Deconstruction remix](Gruuv PROMO)

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