Thelonious Funk Sessions #235

This week’s show kicks off with new music from Camilla Luna, Joy Orbison & Flørist. I have more nice tunes from Sleep D, Mark Du Mosch, Porn Sword Tobacco & Nick Simoncino. There’s a double dose of music from Chicago duo Africans With Mainframes (AKA Jamal Moss & Noleian Reusse). More impressive tunes from Roberto Clementi, Elad Magdasi, Dax J & a killer remix of Paul Woolford by Vincenn. I have some nice collaborations DJ Spider & Phil Moffa and Randomer & Cadans to round off the first part of the show.
The second part of the show features music Gauss, Ishivu, & a double dose of music from Santiago Salazar’s debut album. Nice collaboration from Ajukaja & Andrevski followed by more music from the Butter Sessions camp. Great music from Max McFerren, Idealist, Adryiano & Arcarsenal. I have great music from the EP Ethyl & Fiori including a nice remix from Giegling producer Edward. More music from the impressive EP by Flørist followed by tunes from Blawan, Lockertmatik, Mørbeck & Ryogo Yamamori to finish the show.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

Part 1
1. Camilla Luna “There 4 U”(Cymawax PROMO)
2. Joy Orbison “A213″(Rush Hour)
3. Flørist “Marine Drive”(All Caps)
4. Arcarsenal “Day Of Down”(Bass Cadet)
5. Sleep D “Vermondo Vermango”(Butter Sessions)
6. Mark du Mosch “2nd 5ystem”(Dekmantel)
7. Porn Sword Tobacco “Enkel Disko För Hand”(Aniara Recordings)
8. Nick Simoncino “Spiaggia Misano”(Signal Code Records)
9. Africans With Mainframes “RB-1″(Bio Rhythm)
10. Roberto Clementi “THD”(Hypercolour)
11. Africans With Mainframes “RB-3″(Bio Rhythm)
12. Elad Magdasi “Finger Trip”(Front Left Records)
13. Paul Woolford “Erotic Discourse”[Vincenn Remix A](Unreleased)
14. Dax J “Kill False Prophets”(Eartoground)
15. DJ Spider & Phil Moffa “Blademaster”(Sublevel Sounds)
16. Randomer & Cadans “Angry Fiddle”(Clone Basement Series)
Part 2
17. Gauss “Pauca Sed Matura”(Gauss LTD)
18. Ishivu “Gryning”(Trunkfunk Records)
19. Ajukaja & Andrevski “Looking For Something That’s Not There”(Levels)
20. Santiago Salazar “Chicanismo”(Love What You Feel)
21. DJ Fett Burger & Jayda G “VV”[Sleep D Rainforest Version](Butter Sessions)
22. Santiago Salazar “Varrio 2 Varrio”(Love What You Feel)
23. Max McFerren “Sipps”(1080p)
24. Idealist “100%”(Idealistmusic)
25. Adryiano “Moccassin Groove”(Soul Notes)
26. Ethyl & Flori “Empyrean Woman”[Edward Remix](Aim)
27. Arcarsenal “Peoples Above The Sky”(Bass Cadet)
28. Ethyl & Flori “Kuju”(Aim)
29. Flørist “Final Bounce”(All Caps)
30. Blawan “Diatonic Valves”(Ternesc)
31. Lockertmatik “1st.StmNT”(MDR)
32. Mørbeck “Put The Swords Down”(Code Is Law)
33. Ryogo Yamamori “New Approach”(Flash Recordings)


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