Thelonious Funk Sessions #233 (TF Präsentieren die Giegling Familie)

For this week’s show I want to dive deep into the prolific catalog of Giegling & its various sublabels Traumprinz, Forum & DWIG. So this entire show is about the Giegling Family. I have music from Traumprinz AKA Prince Of Denmark & DJ Metatron, one of the main fixtures on parent label and his own label imprint. There’s music from DWIG’s latest album on his sub label. There is also a collaboration he did with Deer as well. There are some cuts from Edward’s latest album back in late 2014 along with a tune from his latest EP on just release on the parent label a couple of weeks ago. I have music from the brilliant albums of Zum Goldenen Schwarm & Sa Pa on the Forum imprint. Lastly there a some nice tracks from Matthias Reiling, Monkey Maffia & Herr Koreander. Be Sure to check out the catalog from this label on Discogs. Hope you enjoy the show as much as I did.
Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

Part 1
1. Traumprinz “Let It Go”(Giegling)
2. DWIG “Cherry Tree”(DWIG)
3. DWIG & Deer “Organic”(Giegling)
4. Prince OF Denmark “Traumwurm”(Giegling)
5. Ferdinand “The Trip”(Giegling)
6. Traumprinz “Intrinity”(Traumprinz)
7. Edward “Skating Beats”(Giegling)
8. Monkey Maffia “Filter Funk”(Giegling)
9. DJ Metatron “U’ll Be The King Of The Stars”(Traumprinz)
10. DWIG “Little Boy”(DWIG)
11. Traumprinz “I Love Ya”(Traumprinz)
12. Prince Of Denmark “Cut 02″(Forum)
13. Herr Koreander “Klauds”(Giegling)
14. Sa Pa “Boss Walks”(Forum)
15. Prince Of Denmark “Your Body”(Forum)
16. Zum Goldenen Schwarm “Wirbel”(Forum)
Part 2
17. Edward “Into A Better Future”(Giegling)
18. Matthias Reiling “Warm Down”(Giegling)
19. Traumprinz “Believe”(Giegling)
20. Edward “Open”(Giegling)
21. Traumprinz “Something Magic”(Traumprinz)
22. DJ Metatron “Oh Ah”(Traumprinz)
23. Traumprinz “All The Things”(Giegling)
24. Zum Goldenen Schwarm “Schwelle”(Forum)
25. Traumprinz “I Gave My Life”(Traumprinz)
26. Sa Pa “Adelaide”(Forum)
27. Prince Of Denmark “Cut Untitled Cut”(Forum)
28. Zum Goldenen Schwarm “Aufgang”[Part 2](Forum)
29. Sa Pa “Russolo”(Forum)
30. Prince Of Denmark “[In The End] The Ghost Ran Out Of Memory”(Forum)
31. Traumprinz “I Found Truth In A Soft Night Of Confusion But I Lost It”(Giegling)
32. Zum Goldenen Schwarm “Aufgang”[Part 1](Forum)

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