Thelonious Funk Sessions #232


This weeks shows kicks off with some older broken beat classics from Kalle,Magnus & Daniel, Soulphiction and King Britt’s classic rerub of Soul Dhamma’s “Flower”. I have more breaks from Maxime Dangles superb album. Hodge does a remix of Gramrcy on Ancient Monarchy followed by Thomas Urv’s rerub of Kahuun. I have new collaboration by Jackson Lee & Ben Jenkins under their Internet Spy Machine moniker. More impressive tunes from Cate, Pablo Mateo, Frits Wentink and The Meckanism. New music from Happa, JP Enfant, DLS and Gorgon City gets remixed by Mak & Pasteman. This week’s triple play is all about DJ Guy featuring tunes from his album on NORD & from his ep on Cejero. More big cuts from Clip & MBM to round off the 1st part of the show.
The 2nd part of the show kicks off with a trippy remix of Tonepusher’s Windmill by Victor Dudley. This is followed by tunes from Roebin de Freitas, Session Restore & a big Terrence Dixon remix of Altstadt Echo’s Modern Cathedral. I have another impressive tune from Bleaching Agent’s impressive EP along with tracks from Terron, Mr. G and Hakim Murphy’s hm505 moniker. DJ HMC’s “6AM” gets a much need repress & it appears on the show along with Q3A. There more big tunes from Mark Forshaw, WC0016 & ABONO and Alden Tyrell remixes Geeeman. Steve Murphy remixes Bessiekat on new label Isaiah Tapes. I have music from New York based producers Civil Duty & Mark Verbos. Roman Lindau remixes Will & Ink and a collaboration between Cassegrain & Tin Man rounds off the show…
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

Part 1
1. Kalle,Magnus & Daniel “Jazz Mann Jazz”(Tamburin)
2. Soulphiction “No Jealousy”(Sonar Kollektiv)
3. Soul Dhamma “Flower”[Scuba’s Underwater Garden Dub](Velocity)
4. Maxime Dangles “VIII”(Skryptöm Records)
5. Gramrcy “Bargain Jam”[Hodge Remix](Ancient Monarchy)
6. Kahuun “Plenty Headroom”[Thomas Urv’s Slightly Less Headroom Remix](Ploink)
7. Internet Spy Machine “MMMDXSBOT”(Mystical Disco)
8. Cate “Breakup”(DOGE)
9. The Mekanism “Felicidad”[SEK Raw mix](Madhouse Records PROMO)
10. Pablo Mateo “Untitled B1″(Lackrec)
11. Frits Wentink “Guacamole”(Bobby Donny)
12. Happa “Ascension”(PT5)
13. Gorgon City feat. Katy Menditta “Imagination”[Mak & Pasteman Remix](Virgin EMI)
14. JP Enfant “Subliminal Message Of Fear”(Les Enfants Terribles)
15. DLS “NTHW”(Semper Memor)
Triple Play: DJ Guy (NORD Records/Cejero)
16. DJ Guy “AS54 A3″(NORD Records)
17. DJ Guy “Cds 90 X3r Trk 4″(Cejero)
18. DJ Guy “CDS90 A1″(NORD Records)
19. Clip “Brotherhood”(Fina White)
20. Babicka & Mic Mills present MBM “Write U A Luv Song”(Untzz Twelve Inch)
Part 2
21. Tonepushers “Windmill”[Victor Dudley Remix](Purespace Recordings PROMO)
22. Roebin de Freitas “Crapeaud”(Authentic Pew)
23. Altstadt Echo “Modern Cathedrals Part 1″[Terrence Dixon Remix](Modern Cathedrals)
24. Session Restore “Anchor”(Separate Skills Recordings)
25. Bleaching Agent “Static Renegade”(Overlee Assembly)
26. Session Restore “Visus”(Separate Skills Recordings)
27. Terron “№ 33.2 Hawk”[Part I](Whities)
28. Mr. G “Meat Beatz Pt 3″(Dungeon Meat)
29. hm505 “Porta”(Audio Visual)
30. Q3A “Beyond Reality”(Black Venison)
31. DJ HMC “6AM”(Reflector Records)
32. Geeeman “Wanna Go Bang”[Alden Tyrell Instrumental](Aus Music)
33. WC0016 & ABONO “Untitled A1″(ALLISANDNOT)
34. Mark Forshaw “For No One”(Scenery)
35. Bessiekat “Louvers”[Steve Murphy Remix](Isaiah Tapes)
36. Civil Duty “Microtome Massacre”(The Corner)
37. Mark Verbos “In The Back Room”(The Bunker New York)
38. Will & Ink “Mersellanious”[Roman Lindau Remix](Will & Ink)
39. Cassegrain & Tin Man “Seduct Seduct”(Infrastructure New York)

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