Thelonious Funk Sessions #231 (TF’s Artist Of The month Mixtape: Scott Grooves)


For this week’s show I have music from Axel Boman, Obas Nenor, Hidden Spheres & Matches featuring West London Broken Beat producer Kaidi Tatham on the keys. Been loving the productions of Japanese producer Hokuto Sato. Mr G returns with music on Dungeon Meat followed by Michael Ferragosto, Anthony Georges Patrice & Chicago producer Brian Harden. New music from Tiago, Deetron & MBM. Joey Anderson remixes Teengirl Fantasy, new music from Bleaching Agent, 9192, and a collaboration between Marieu & Mannella. The first part of the show ends with a forthcoming remix of Radio Slave by New York producer DJ Spider.
For the 2nd part of the show I wanted to focus on the discography of Scott Grooves. Prolific, timeless & uncompromising, Scott Grooves has been putting for over 20 years, making his debut on Drivetrain’s Soiree Records. He has worked with Roy Ayers and George Clinton & The Parliament. In fact he made a name for himself by doing a cover of the The Mothership. I’ve been wanting to do a portion of the show focusing on his work. He has released a compilation of his material on digital & cassette that were previously vinyl only along with a cassette only album with Kataconda on his Natural Midi imprint. So now is the time to make this mixtape happen. The mix features a lot of the tracks I have supported over the years such as “Adapt”, “DNA”, “Only 500” & “It Doesn’t All Have To Be Techy”. Of coarse one of my all time favorites tunes from Scott Groove was “The Journey”. It was tune that in my opinion was the new millenium’s rebuttal to DJ Rolando’s “The Jaguar”. Another Next level tune I favored was “Decimal” which can easily light up The Berghain. I also played some tunes from his collaborations with Kataconda. Definitely a mixtape I enjoyed doing. Be sure to check out his releases on his discogs & bandcamp page.

Enjoy The music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

Part 1
1. Axel Boman “Yes, Sylvia It Is Your Child”(Closer)
2. Obas Nenor “My Way Home”(Mahoghani Music)
3. Hidden Spheres “Be A Man”(Distant Hawaii)
4. Matches feat. Kaidi Tatham “Dreaming”(Arkhive London)
5. Hokuto Sato “The Midnight Of A Faun”(Neovinyl Recordings)
6. MR. G “Backtrackin”(Dungeon Meat)
7. Michael Ferragosto “Untitled 4″(Private Acid Traxs)
8. Anthony Georges Patrice “Springs Of A Being”(Lossless.CC)
9. Brian Harden “Protocol”(Perpetual Rhythms)
10. Tiago “Reach Out And Touch Somebody”(Interzona13)
11. Teengirl Fantasy “U Touch Me”[Joey Anderson Remix](Break World Records)
12. Deetron “Dexterity”(Character)
13. Babicka & Mic Mills present MBM “Lenny”(Untzz Twelve Inch)
14. Bleaching Agent “Indra”(Overlee Assembly)
15. Marieu & Mannella “Tecnologia Robotica”(Picnic34)
16. 9192 “Rave Soul”(NuLabel)
17. Radio Slave “The Clone Wars”[DJ Spider Remix](Rekids PROMO)
Part 2
TF’s Artist Of The Month Mixtape: Scott Grooves
18. Scott Grooves “Prove Myself Deep”(Natural Midi)
19. Scott Grooves & Kataconda “Machinik 2″(Natural Midi)
20. Scott Grooves “Patience”(Natural Midi)
21. Scott Grooves “It Doesn’t All Have To Be Techy”(Natural Midi)
22. Scott Grooves “Old Skool”(From The Studio Of Scott Grooves)
23. Scott Grooves & Kataconda “Machinik 6″(Natural Midi)
24. Scott Grooves “Riddum”(From The Studio Of Scott Grooves)
25. Scott Grooves “808”[Panther Version Dub Delay](Natural Midi)
26. Scott Grooves “Room 2 Breath”(From The Studio Of Scott Grooves)
27. Scott Grooves “Adapt”(Natural Midi)
28. Scott Grooves “909”[Panther TR Dub](Natural Midi)
29. Scott Grooves “DNA”(Natural Midi)
30. Scott Grooves & Kataconda “Machinik 1″(Natural Midi)
31. Scott Grooves “A’round Midnite”(Natural Midi)
32. Scott Grooves “Only 500″(Natural Midi)
33. Scott Grooves “The Journey”(From The Studio Of Scott Grooves)
34. Scott Grooves “Bonus Track 2″(Natural Midi)
35. Scott Grooves “Decimal”(Natural Midi)
End Of Mix

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