Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 07.15


For the Monthly Report I have music from Aleksei Nikitin, Black Fan & music from Citizenn’s debut LP on Crosstown Rebels. I have more new cuts from Frits Wentink (of Will & Ink), J Albert & a nice collaboration between Trevino & Endian. Eric Duncan remixes Todd Terje along with forthcoming music from Lobster Theremin & its sublabel Mörk by Qnete & Romansoff. More big tunes from Scott Young, Gianmaria Coccoluto & Lando. Hakim Murphy & Fred P appears in the mix under their new aliases and Ben Hoo gets remixed by Israeli producer Shlomi Aber. Alden Tyrell does a banging remix of Oli Furness with Viers rounding off the show. Lastly make sure to check out the weekly shows on the site including some artists & label of the month mixes I did for Maurice Fulton & Lobster Theremin. There is also a Freerotation 2015 show followed by the most recent Thelonious Funk Sessions that includes the latest Next Gen exclusive mix by Wicked Bass & Lobster Theremin producer Raw M.T. The mix has had the most hits ever on a show in just one week. Don’t miss it. Until then…
Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

1. Aleksei Nikitin “Tebe Nujno Vernutsya”(Gost Zvuk)
2. Black Fan “J2015″(Local Talk)
3. Citizenn “Oh Bondage”(Crosstown Rebels)
4. Endian & Trevino “Exotica”(Birdie)
5. Frits Wentink “Dwayne Young “(Bobby Donny)
6. Todd Terje “Strandbar”[Eric Duncan Remix](Olsen)
7. Qnete “I Might Be Wrong”(Lobster Theremin PROMO)
8. J Albert “Dance Slow”(Exotic Dance Records)
9. Romansoff “Beyond The Self”(Mörk PROMO)
10. Scott Young “Commix”(Born Free)
11. hm505 “Kallabo”(Audio Visual)
12. Gianmaria Coccoluto “909 Delirium”(Tete)
13. FP197 “CM”(Soul People Music)
14. Gianmaria Coccoluto “Spacing”[Simoncino Bass Mental Remix](Tete)
15. Ben Hoo feat Karen Gibson Roc “Breathe”[Shlomi Aber Remix](Ovum)
16. Lando “Communication II”(Ultramajic)
17. Abayomi “Stars”(Abayomi)
18. Oli Furness “Decisions”[Alden Tyrell Remix](DEXT)
19. Viers “Temptation”(Hokkaido Dance Club)

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