Thelonious Funk Sessions #230 (Next Gen Mix By Raw M.T.)


     This week’s show kicks off with music from Jay Daniel, Mix Mup, Jay Ka, Fischerle, L.F.T. & Foreign. This week’s triple play features music from our latest Next Gen producer Raw M.T.  This is followed by new music from Gesloten Cirkel on Viewlexx recordings. I included a some classics such as Soha & Soundstream’s killer remix of Prosumer & Murat Tepeli. Reshape remixes Compassion Crew on Dolly followed by music by Ilario Alicante, Vril, Maxime Dangles, Clouds & Obsolete Music Technology to round off the first part of the show…

     As mentioned the latest installment of my Next Gen Series is talent producer Raw M.T. known for his releases on Wicked Bass, Lobster Theremin (as Richard Harrow) & Mörk. Been a big support of his tracks on my show since 2013 when I first played a Greg Beato remix of his tune on Wicked Bass.  He also has been keeping an eye on the shows as well, which made it much easier for me to get a positive response to my request for an exclusive mix. So for the mix it’s tons of classics by Chateau Flight, Strong Souls & Maurice Fulton’s Stress project (can’t have enough of Maurice Fulton on the show lately).  Be sure to check out his releases on his discogs page. Big thanks to Raw M.T.  for providing this mix for us to enjoy!  After the mix I wanted to continue the old skool cuts with music from Oneiric, Atom Heart and a timeless, killer record Instinct that is worth every penny on discogs.  I have a replay of another classic by Mark Nicholas O. along with another Basic Recordings release by Point G to round off the show.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

Part 1
1. Jay Daniel “Anything With A Moonroof”(Watusi High)
2. Mix Mup “Plastic Bag”(Meakusma)
3. Jay Ka “Dirty Earth”(As It Is)
4. Fischerle “Watermelons”(Speaker Footage)
5. L.F.T. “Tayto”(Woodwork)
6. Foreign “Untitled A1″(Baroc)
Triple Play: Raw M.T.
7. Raw M.T. “Essence”(Wicked Bass)
8. Raw M.T. “Untitled 01″(Unrelated Records)
9. Raw M.T. “Falling Into Nowhere”(Wicked Bass)
10. Gesloten Cirkel “Alseep”(Viewlexx)
11. Soha “Balance”(Basic Recordings)
12. Prosumer & Murat Tepeli “Serenity”[Soundstream’s Dusty Machine Mix](Ostgut Ton)
13. Compassion Crew “V.H.S.S.”[Redshape Remix](Dolly)
14. Ilario Alicante “Thera”(Cocoon Recordings)
15. Vril “Portal 1″(Delsin/Ann Aimee)
16. Maxime Dangles “Ventricule” (Skryptöm Records PROMO)
17. Clouds “Teeth Marks On A Pallet”(Opal Tapes)
18. Obsolete Music Technology “Broken Siren”(Emphasis)
Part 2
Next Gen Exclusive Mix: Raw M.T. (Wicked Bass/Lobster Theremin/Mörk)
19. Hawke “I Have Her”(Distance)
20. Unknown
21. The Bermuda Triangle “Marine Sulphure Queen”(Vibraphone Records)
22. Château Flight “Rise & Fall Of Babylon”(RYTHMiX)
23. Strong Souls “Sensual”[Let’s Work](Black Market International)
24. Maurice Fulton presents Stress “You Changed My Life”(Bubble Tease)
25. Unknown
26. Kahuun “Batteri”(Hi Fi Terapi/Sex Tags UFO)
27. Powder “Alien”
28. Faster Action “UNTITLED”(Rush Hour Store Jams)
29. The Central Executives “Dance Dance Dance”(Golf Channel Recordings)
30. Zombie Zombie “La Danse Des Ombres”(Versatile)
31. Torske “Jeg Vil Være Søppelmann”[WOW! Edit](Svek)
32. Members Only “Gonna Make It Now”(Members Only)
33. Unknown
34. Repetentes 2008 “Professora Marta”(40% Foda/Maneirissimo)
End Of Mix
35. Oneiric “Blue Envelope”(Mystic Records)
36. Atom Heart “As She Left”(Our Choice)
37. Instinct “A Groove”(Decisive Records)
38. Mark Nicholas O. “Sex 4 Daze”(Ringrose)
39. Point G “Underwater”(Basic Recordings)

3 thoughts on “Thelonious Funk Sessions #230 (Next Gen Mix By Raw M.T.)

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    1. hendu231979 Post author

      Hi George,

      Are you referring to the show with Raw M.T.? If you need a copy of this mix I can send it to you. The weekly shows are up for a limited time to make room for newer shows. Just send me your email address & I will send it to you… Monthly show are always going to be on Mixcloud…


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