Thelonious Funk Sessions #229 (Freerotation 2015 Special)


This week’s show is all about the Freerotation Electronic Audio-Visual Festival & the artists that were put on the lineup. It was founded by Suzybee & Steevio, the venue is held in Baskerville Hall, near Hay-on-Wye, which developed from a musician’s free-party collective in the early 2000s. This is not your typical electronic festival. It is a non profit venue & you must be a member to buy a ticket to this event. Furthermore you have to be invited by another member to be a member which there is somewhat of a waiting list (correct me if I am wrong Steevio). This is all about good music with great art visuals for true fans of great forward thinking artists. In other word you will not see any Skrillex, Avicii or Snoop Dog. So in honor of this unique & exclusive venue, Thelonious Funk Sessions unofficially becomes Freerotation radio for the weekend.

Kicking off the special I have music from English producers Pearson Sound, Pev, Leif, Bass Clef, SCB (AKA Scuba) & Call Super. There are also some talented producers from the US representing such as Fred P, Afikan Sciences & DJ Spider. I have music from Perfume Advert, Donato Dozzy, Pangaea & Jackmate. The first part of the show rounds off with a triple play featuring music from Freerotation co founder Steevio.
The second part of the show kicks off with tune by a huge production collective known as the High On Wye Quintet. The collaborators are Steevio, Soulphiction (AKA Jackmate), Move D and Juju & Jordash. This was the inaugural release on Freerotation the label. I have more music from Lowtec, Burnt Friedman, Aybee, XDB and Juju & Jordash. Hakim Murphy returns to Freerotation along with October, Midland & Lucy. I have more music from Fred P & Call Super. Blawan will be a busy man this weekend. Not only will he be performing solo, he will also perform with his partner Pariah under their Karenn guise. I have music from Peter Van Hoesen, Portable & Objekt. Lastly Techno legend Anthony Child will be performing a live ambient performance. However he will be ripping it up under his Surgeon guise as well.
Big shout to the people camping out there this weekend for the love of good music. Much respect to Steevio & Suzybee for keeping this venue going for as long as you have.
Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

Part 1
1. Pearson Sound “Rubber Tree”[12” Mix](Hessle Audio)
2. Pev “Aztec Chant”(Livity Sound)
3. Leif “Solstice”(Sudden Drop)
4. Call Super “Hoax Eye”(Houndstooth)
5. Afrikan Sciences “Feel”(PAN)
6. Fred P Reshape “All the People”(Studio R)
7. DJ Spider “Mind Field”(Public System Recordings PROMO)
8. Bass Clef “Walworth Road Acid Trapdoor”(Punch Drunk)
9. Call Super “From Which I Fell”(Nous)
10. Perfume Advert “Fata”(Where To Now?)
11. SCB “Rope”(Hotflush)
12. Donato Dozzy “200.3”(
13. Pangaea “Mission Creep”(Hadal)
14. Jackmate “(Treat Your DJ Right)
Triple Play: Steevio
15. Steevio “Saith”(Mindtours)
16. Steevio “Cyfnos”[DJ Spider Remix](UntilMyHeartStops)
17. Steevio “Cydfodoli”(Mindtours)
Part 2
18. The High On Wye Quintet “Nant Feinion”(Freerotation)
19. Lowtec “Drone One”(Brainmath)
20. Burnt Friedman & Daniel Dodd-Ellis “Skies Okay Blue”(Nonplace)
21. Aybee “Metamorphosis”(Deepblak)
22. Juju & Jordash “Whippersnapper”(Dekmantel)
23. XDB “Pantal”(Story)
24. Hakim Murphy “MBangs”(Studio R)
25. October “Gate 2 Yesterday”(Skudge)
26. Midland “Checkbob”(Autonomous Africa)
27. Fred P “Splitting Particles”(The Corner)
28. Lucy & Xhin “LX1″(Stroboscopic Artefacts)
29. Peter Van Hoesen “Swerve Damiao”(Time To Express)
30. Karenn “Summer”(Works The Long Nights)
31. Portable feat. Efdemin “One Way”(Perlon)
32. Objekt “The Stitch Up”(Stitch Up)
33. Call Super “Fluenka’s Shelf”(Nous)
34. Objekt “CLK Recovery”(Objekt)
35. Surgeon “Fixed Action Pattern”(Token)

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