Thelonious Funk Sessions #227 (TF’s Artist Of The Month Mixtape: Maurice Fulton)


This week’s show kicks off with music from Matthias Reiling, Trevor Jackson & Maurice Fulton’s Syclops band (more on him in a bit). I have some more music from the Opal Tapes sublabel Black Opal from J. Albert & Nathan Melja. More music from Ten Walls, Stellar Om Source, Route8 & Galcher Lustwerk. There is some forthcoming music from Alexis Raphael followed by music from Black Suede, Ital & a nice acid meets Donna Summer tune from Secret Studio. I have music from Velez, Echoplex, Nikita Zabelin along with music from Icelandic producer Exos. I wanted to round off the first part of a show with a track dedicated to my beloved Tr3ble winning FC Barcelona & the city that supports them with a massive track named after their stadium Camp Nou by a producer named after former Barca player Ibrahimovic LOL! Hilarious but a very cool & unique way of paying tribute. My anthem of the summer perhaps?
For the second part of the show features my artist of the month mix of productions from the multi talented Baltimore based producer Maurice Fulton. He has been making a name for himself since the tender age of 13. He has produced under various monikers & for other artists. He has recently released an amazing album under his Boof guise. So I wanted to cover productions from his Electro fused funk with his wife Mutsumi (as MU), the abstract groove with Tanzanian singer Mim Suleiman, His band Syclops, his vocal deep house music for a broken heart as Ladyvipb & his Basic Channel style  techno as Boof. He is certainly one the most versatile producers in the game & will always stand the test of time no matter what trends are out there. So here’s to you Maurice for your consistent bodies of work. Much respect…
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

Part 1
1. Matthias Reiling “Is Anybody There”(Giegling)
2. Syclops “The E Ticket”(Tirk)
3. Trevor Jackson “Icaro”(Format Records)
4. Nathan Melja “Ludes”(Black Opal)
5. Ten Walls “Sparta”(BOSO)
6. Stellar Om Source “Never”(RVNG Intl)
7. Galcher Lustwerk “Parlay”(Lustwerk Music)
8. Route 8 “Relaxed”(Lobster Theremin)
9. Alexis Raphael “More Than A French Kiss”(Lower East PROMO)
10. Black Suede “Connect Like 2 Ways”(CGI Records)
11. J. Albert “M15″[Ivy Mix](Black Opal)
12. Ital “Toxic Work Environment”(Gang Of Ducks)
13. Secret Studio “Grime Time”[For Donna Mash Up](SS Recordings)
14. Velez “Black Wool”(Subwax BCN)
15. Echoplex “Recovered”(Argumento Music)
16. Exos “Listen To My Voice”(Æ Recordings/Delsin)
17. Nikita Zabelin “Rush”(трип)
18. Ibrahimovic “Camp Nou”(Subwax BCN)
Part 2
TF’s Artist Of The Month Mixtape: Maurice Fulton
19. Mim Suleiman “Nyuli”(Running Back)
20. Boof “Birgit Boogie”(Bubble Tease/ Running Back)
21. Boof “Joi Is Smiling”(Running Back)
22. Syclops “Michele’s H With C”(Bubble Tease/ Running Back)
23. Mim Suleiman “Flava”(Running Back)
24. Syclops “Sarah’s E With Extra P”(Bubble Tease/ Running Back)
25. MU “Look Down At Your Feet Below”(Bubble Tease Communication)
26. Boof “Dinge Dig”(Running Back)
27. MU “58, 26, 34 & 20” (Bubble Tease Communication)
28. Syclops “Jump Bugs”(Bubble Tease/ Running Back)
29. Ladyvipb “Life With Denise”(Nuphonic)
30. Syclops “5 In”(Bubble Tease/ Running Back)
31. Ladyvipb “Pain In My Brain”(Nuphonic)
32. Syclops “Back When Lynn”[The Classic](Bubble Tease/ Running Back)
33. Boof “Backlash”(Bubble Tease/ Running Back)
34. Boof “Pete Found His Z”(Bubble Tease/ Running Back)
35. Boof “Solar Eclipse On A Friday Morning”(Bubble Tease/ Running Back)
36. Ladyvipb “You Gave Away My Everything”(Nuphonic)
End Of Mix

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