Thelonious Funk Sessions #225

     This week’s show kicks off with another nice tune from the Fent Plates compilation Beyond The Confines by Klātu. Moire remixes Finnish band Jaga Jazzist on Ninja Tune. New music from Takuya Matsumoto followed by more cuts from Maurice Fulton’s BOOF alias. New music from Comfort Fit, ODE records, Nitejams & Steve Murphy. L.I.E.S. artist Florian Kupfer does a nice edit of Sade followed by a classic tune from Mike Grant remixed by Mr G.  More music from Havantepe, Nail, Los Hermanos & Michael Ferragosto (AKA Marcello Napoletano).  I ran across Actress’ installment of the DJ Kicks series. I did not realize one of the tracks I wanted on the mix by Hank Jackson I already owned well over a year ago.  Big tune nevertheless.  A Sagittariun returns with another nice tune from his Elastic Dreams imprint followed by an acid edit of the Weeknd by Lars Behrenroth to end the 1st part of the show.
     The second part of the show features music from the most recent EPs by Minor Science & Terron on the Whities imprint. There is a double dose of music from the Creme Organization camp by Perseus Traxx & Photonz.  Last week I played music from Keita Sano on the 1080p label. This week I have music from another nice album by Wywy Brix on the label. Swedish producer Peder Mannerfelt does a nice remix of Volte Face, Skream does a nice edit of Paleman’s BezzleDub & is available for free on his soundcloud account.  This week we have a triple play of Eduardo De La Calle featuring tunes from his latest EPs Mental Groove & NonPlus.  Amazing tunes by Claudia Anderson, Ben Buitendijk & Alex Coulton. Eric Cloutier, Ilario Alicante & Løt.te rounds off the show.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
Part 1
1. Klātu “Window Trinket”(Fent Plates)
2. Jaga Jazzist “Oslo Skyline”[Moire Remix](Ninja Tune)
3. Takuya Matsumoto “Chocolate Giants”(Iero)
4. BOOF “Intro To It’s Sunny S Outside”(Bubble Tease Communications)
5. Comfort Fit “Staubschicht”(Musik Krause)
6. Unknown Artist “#0000ff a” (ODE Records)
7. Nitejams “Untitled B1″(Nitejams)
8. Steve Murphy “UK Treatment”(Lobster Theremin PROMO)
9. Florian Kupfer “SAD 001 A”(SAD Edit)
10. Mike Grant “My Soul, My Spirit”[Mr. G’s Freedom Train Mix](Moods & Grooves)
11. Havantepe “Plane Waves”(Boe Recordings)
12. Nail “Track Two” (Shabby Doll Records)
13. Los Hermanos “That’s When U Know Its For Real”(Pushmaster Discs)
14. Michael Ferragosto “A1. Untitled”(Private Trax)
15. Hank Jackson “Track 3″(Proibito)
16. A Sagittariun “Empathogen”[Re-Design](Elastic Dreams)
17. The Weeknd “Earned It”[Lars Behrenroth Dark Edit](CDR)
Part 2
18. Minor Science “Closing Acts”(Whities)
19. Perseus Traxx “Mind Block”(Creme Organization)
20. Wywy Brix feat. Xiao Feng “Escitalo”(1080p)
21. Terron “No 29 Pareto 20/80″(Whities)
22. Photonz “Sad Mania”(Creme Organization)
23. Volte-Face “Until The Light Takes Us”[Taken Lightly by Peder Mannerfelt](Bleed)
24. Paleman “BezzleDub”[Skrea-Edit](CDR)
Triple Play: Eduardo De La Calle
25. Eduardo De La Calle “The Sudama Song”(NonPlus)
26. Eduardo De La Calle “Mental Jazz”(Mental Groove)
27. Eduardo De La Calle “Sri Sri Ragendra DAS”(NonPlus)
28. Claudia Anderson “Liquid Forms”(Singular Records)
29. Ben Buitendijk “First Magnitude”(Ogun)
30. Alex Coulton “Antagonise”(Bloc)
31. Eric Cloutier “Raxeira”(Wolfskuil Limited)
32. Ilario Alicante “Theory Of Path”(Pushmaster Discs)
33. Løt.te “History of Discipline”(The Bunker New York)

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