Thelonious Funk Sessions #224

This week’s show kicks off with music from the Fent Plates compilation Beyond The Confines by Feverkin. Nice deep UK bass from the mysterious Themosthigh & Quarion does a nice Fela tribute on a cassette compilation curated by German producer Moomin. I have new music from talented up & coming producer Morgan Buckley. New music from Semtek, Massiande, Natan H & a killer remix of Osunlade by Chicago producer Steve Tang. Hakim Murphy has a new collaboration with Rev S & Rødhåd remixes Sy & Frank Wiedemann’s Howling collaboration. This week’s triple play focuses on unknown producer Anthony Brooklyn featuring tunes from his 1st EP on Tomorrow Is Now Kid & his new remix of ManooZ. The first part of the show rounds out with music from DJ Octopus, Shed WK7 guise, DJ Spider, Richard Harrow (AKA Raw MT) & DJ Qu.
The second part of the show features Hodge’s remix of Divided followed by a couple of tracks from the ON Records compilation “6” by Terence Fixmer & Moerbeck. Big tune from the sublabel of Lobster Theremin Mörk by nthng! The “1996” tune has an amazing mixture of Soulful techno with an atmospheric backdrop reminiscent of some tunes from Geigling records. Think of Traumprinz’s “All The Things” (my tune of 2014). I have new music from Keita Sano’s new album on 1080p. One of the most impressive EPs features music from rRoxymore, Oni Ayhun, Aquarian Jugs & Jaguar Woman. Two of the tracks are in the mix. New music by Kito Jempere, Fede Zerdan & Nitejams. More impressive music from KiNK, The White Man & The Arab, Adventice & Green Gums. Ed Davenport remixes Aubrey, Nitin gets a rerub from legendary Dutch producer Steve Rachmad under his Parallel 9 guise & Developer rounds off the show with music from his latest EP on Olympian.
Enjoy the Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

Part 1
1. Feverkin “Turn To Salt”(Fent Plates Records)
2. Themosthigh “Praise”(The Most High)
3. Quarion “Fela Fo Eva”(Closer)
4. MB AKA Morgan Buckley “Absolutely No Peace”[Can’t Get No Peace & Quiet](Rush Hour)
5. Semtek “Bad Teeth”(Niche ‘N’ Bump)
6. Osunlade “Peacock”[Steve Tang Remix](Yoruba Records)
7. Massiande “Stand”(M>O>S)
8. Hakim Murphy & Rev S. “Booming System”(Synapsis)
9. Howling “Signs”[Rødhåd Remix](Monkeytown)
10. Natan H “Cruisin”(Altered Moods)
Triple Play: Anthony Brooklyn
11. Anthony Brooklyn “Running”(Tomorrow Is Now Kid!)
12. ManooZ “The Deeper Side”[Anthony Brooklyn’s Ghetto Dub](Soul Food)
13. Anthony Brooklyn “Somethin’ About You”(Tomorrow Is Now Kid!)
14. DJ Octopus “Untitiled”(Hot Shit Recs In Effekt!)
15. WK7 “Washer”(Power House)
16. DJ Spider “Mind Field”(Public System Recordings PROMO)
17. Richard Harrow “∆ÇÎ∂ H∆MM€R”(Lobster Theremin)
18. DJ Qu “Cycling”[I’ll Wait](No.19)
Part 2
19. Divided “Uildi”[Hodge Remix](Project 13)
20. Terence Fixmer “Moments”(ON Records)
21. nthng “1996”(Mörk)
22. Moerbeck “Weapons In Your Head”(ON Records)
23. Keita Sano “Insomnia”(1080p)
24. rRoxymore, Oni Ayhun, Aquarian Jugs & Jaguar Woman “DR1-1″(Noise Manifesto)
25. Kito Jempere “Amended Wonders”(Let’s Play House PROMO)
26. The White Man & The Arab “Hashashin”(The White Man & The Arab)
27. Fede Zerdan “One Live Jam”(Cymawax PROMO)
28. Nitejams “Untitled A1″(Nitejams)
29. KiNK feat. KEi “Session 2″(Self Released)
30. rRoxymore, Oni Ayhun, Aquarian Jugs & Jaguar Woman “DR1-3″(Noise Manifesto)
31. Adventice “Extraction Force”(Tresor)
32. Green Gums “Cestodas Labyrinth”(Diagonal)
33. Aubrey “Crimson Nebular”[Ed Davenport remix](Solid Groove)
34. Nitin “Dubbed Out”[Parallel 9 Version By Steve Rachmad](No19 PROMO)
34. Developer “Olympian 1.3″(Olympian)

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