Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 05.15

For the Monthly Report of May I have new music from Malcolm Moore, DJ Slyngshot, & Christian Piers. I have music from Caslau’s EP on ClekClekBoom. I have 2 different collaborations Hakim Murphy has done with Rev S. & Ike Release (as Innerspace Halflife). Call Super remixes Gonno & Cosmjn gets a rerub from Marcellus Pittman. New music from Fede Zerdan, Lachriz & Hedge Maze. Icelandic producer Exos has a go at Aubrey’s “Crimson Nebular”. I have music from Robert Hood’s latest EP on Epm music, a forthcoming DJ Spider remix of UVB & a old classic from Kenny Larkin as P.O.D.

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

1. Malcolm Moore “They Just Don’t Know You”(Altered Moods PROMO)
2. Caslau “Error 1″(ClekClekBoom)
3. Innerspace Halflife “Soma15″(Machining Dreams)
4. Caslau “Error 4″(ClekClekBoom)
5. Hakim Murphy & Rev S. “Tryout”(Synapsis)
6. Gonno “Obscurant”[Call Super Inna Loft mix](International Feel)
7. Cosmjn “Drops”[Marcellus Pittman Nubian Remix](Fragil Musique)
8. DJ Slyngshot “High Times”(Yappin)
9. Christian Piers “Offf”(17 Steps)
10. Fede Zerdan “Low Boost”(Cymawax)
11. Lachriz “Nothing Goes To Waste”(baud)
12. Hedge Maze “Untitled A1″(Lobster Theremin)
13. Aubrey “Crimson Nebular”[Exos Remix] (Solid Groove)
14. Robert Hood “Shaker”(Epm Music)
15. UVB “69”[DJ Spider Remix](PROMO)
16. Floorplan “Ritual”(Epm Music)
17. P.O.D. “Lifeforms”(Buzz)

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