Thelonious Funk’s Monthly Report 04.15

For the Monthly Report of April I have music from S.O.N.S, TB Arthur, Andrew Red Hand & a nice collaboration by Kero & Kyle Hall as K2. Maxtrixmann gets a rerub from Hieroglyphic Being, Amir Alexander channels his Chicago roots with some acid wizardry on Sublevel Sounds & I play some music from Scott Groove’s Unreleased Anthology series. I have music from German producer Aera (sorry for confusing him with M50 LOL!). Kris Wadsworth doe a heavy remix of Rogerio Martins. More music from Nick Hoppner’s Folk LP followed by tunes from Archivist, CW/A, Excell, Stenny & Next Gen alum s:VT.

Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

1. S.O.N.S “Tribute To The Truth”(Shibuya One Night Stand)
2. K2 “Riverside Connextion”(Detroit Underground)
3. Matrixmann “Venetian Mask”[The Hieroglyphic Being Experience](Spectral Sound)
4. Andrew Red Hand “Shattered Soul”(M.O.S.)
5. TB Arthur “Roller Disco”(Test Pressing)
6. Amir Alexander “Return Of The Zombie!”(Sublevel Sounds)
7. Scott Grooves “Red Crates”(Modified Suede)
8. Aera “You Know Juno”(Maeve)
9. Scott Grooves “French Road”(Modified Suede)
10. Nick Höppner “Out of”(Ostgut Ton)
11. Rogerio Martins “Otherwise Unknown”[Kris Wadsworth No Bible Remix](Piston Recordings PROMO)
12. Archivist “Ganymede In Transit”(Blankstairs)
13. CW/A “Lintwurm”[Lucy Remix](Parachute)
14. Excell “錆”(DOQ PROMO)
15. Stenny “Hagale”(Illian Tape)
16. s:VT “Teach You”[Desire] [Part 1](Work Them Records)

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