Thelonious Funk Sessions #223 (TF’s Oledustyteckno Mix Vol. 2)


This weeks show is dedicated to my brother Josef Anwuzia. Why? Because this is a way to show him what his big brother can do for starters. Secondly, I really want him to have a touch of what inspired me as a DJ & I hope this gives him inspiration himself. I had it with DJ Madrid of the White Label crew here in Chicago. It took one seed of inspiration & it led me to what I love. It is also fitting that this is the weekend of Worldwide Record Store Day on Saturday. So I wanted to dig deep into my own collection of older cuts. So here goes…
So kicking off the show I have some very cool folk jazz from Finland by Kuusumun Profeeta. There is a reason why my name is Thelonious Funk. I have music from Ballistic Brothers’ Rude System LP back in 97. Believe it or not most of the artists in the industry are inspired by hip hop. However Bahamadia took it to another level by fusing Jungle with Hip-Hop. I wanted to take the opportunity to play some records that were under the radar like Calm’s Organ Language tune. It’s a tune that you could see being played by Larry Heard, Joey Anderson or even Nicuri. Glenn Underground follows with music from his classic Futureshock EP. More big tune from Sean Deason, Instinct, & a really good Karizma remix of SUMO’s “Love Beat”. That was Karizma on the rise. I have music from Instinct, Round One & DJ Rolando remixes Kraftwerk. Quentin Harris’ mix of Peven Everett was a tune that I had when I was helping out with Brian Reaves’ Unified Records imprint. Glad to see that I managed to get a copy considering the foolishly high prices on Discogs. Innervisions’ Dixon remix of Fauna Flash is featured along with Inner Soul’s “Pressure” during the earlier days of DJ Deep’s Deeply Rooted House imprint. Rounding off the first part of the show is a tune from Yennek that is still a personal favorite of mine to this very day.
As promised my latest installment of my Oledustytekno series returns with music from Kech, A Tribe Called Dance, Adam X, Don Williams & a collaboration between the Broccoli Brothers & The Righteous Men. I have more music from the Djax-Up Beats imprint by Chicago legends Corey Holloway & Mike Dearborn. Transmat was well represented in this mix with music from Joey Beltram & Stephen Brown. Detroit producers Gary Martin, Claude Young & DJ Bone are also included in the mix. I have some sleeper cuts from Ø, Cristian Vogel & Monrellla. Basic Channel’s classic “Phylyps Trak” makes it on the mix along with some classic Ron Hardy jacking beats. Another record that could cost you a pretty penny thanks to Ben Klock’s killer mix would be the HMC Marauder EP. Good record but will cost you a good 125 euro in pristine condition.
Really enjoyed doing this show & I plan to do another one much sooner than a year. As I looked through some of the collection there were so many tunes that I really could have used for the series. There’s always another volume I can do right? Well until then…

Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

Part 1
1. Kuusumun Profeeta “Vuosisadan Vaihteesa”(Puu)
2. Ballistic Brothers “Tuning Up!”(Soundboy Entertainment)
3. Bahamadia “Pep Talk”(Good Vibe Recordings)
4. Organ Language “Talk Without Lips”(Revirth)
5. Glenn Underground “Madzone”(Djax-Up-Beats)
6. Sean Deason “The Shit”(Art Of Dance)
7. SUMO “Lovebeat”[Karizma’s K2 Darq Dub](HEYA HIFI)
8. Instinct “Mindsearch”(Decisive Records)
9. Round One “I’m Your Brother”[Chicago’s Twisted Mix](Main Street Records)
10. Kraftwerk “Expo 2000″[DJ Rolando Remix](EMI)
11. Peven Everett “Put Your Back Into It”[Quentin Harris Remix](Unified Records)
12. Fauna Flash “Alone Again”[Dixon’s Stripped Down Mix](Compost)
13. Inner Soul “Pressure”(Deeply Rooted House)
14. Yennek “Kiss Me Again”[Goodbye Kiss Remix](Art Of Dance)
Part 2
TF’s Oledustyteckno Mix Vol. 2
15. Kech “Irony”(Tresor)
16. A Tribe Called Dance “Tribal Soul”(Vicious Music)
17. Joey Beltram “Energy Flash”(Transmat)
18. Adam X “Birth”(Sonic Groove)
19. Broccoli Brothers vs. Righteous Men “Ruhrschnellweg”[Last Exit Stahlhausen Mix](Thee Blak Label)
20. Claude Young “Wind-Up”(7th City)
21. Ø “Röntgen”(Sähkö Recordings)
22. DJ Bone “The Haunting”(Metroplex)
23. Cristian Vogel “We’re Only In It For The Money”(Mille Plateaux)
24. Gary Martin ‎”Samedi”(Teknotika Records)
25. Don Williams “Orderly Kaos”(a.r.t.less)
26. Chateau Flight “Cosmic Race”(Versatile)
27. Corey Holloway “No Further”(Djax-Up-Beats)
28. Monrella “Studio 1″(ZET)
29. Basic Channel ‎”Phylyps Trak”(Basic Channel)
30. Mike Dearborn “Gas Chamber”(Djax-Up-Beats)
31. Ron Hardy “The Ron Track”[Beats](Unreleased)
32. HMC “Marauder”(Juice Records)
33. Stephen Brown “Language”(Transmat)
End Of Mix

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