Thelonious Funk Sessions #222

This week’s show kicks off with new music from Rabit on Mumdance & Logo’s new label Weightless. When going through a lot of music each year it’s easy to miss out on some good music no matter how much you keep your ear to the ground. Dorian Concept’s spacey tune “Trophies” would be one of those examples. I have more music from the Hunters + Palmers camp by Wrong Steps. Things pick up a bit with music from Bufiman, Adesse Versions, Iron Curtis, Legowelt & Nick Hoppner. Last week I played the sun drenched “Solsidan” tune from HNNY. This week features a very glitched out take by Avalon Emerson. I have new music from Shed’s WK7 project followed by more music from DWIG, E GZR & Call Super. I round off the first part of the show with a Triple Play of music from Fort Romeau’s new LP & his remix of Afrobeat legend Tony Allen.
The 2nd Part of the show starts with some music by S.O.N.S followed forthcoming material from Keita Sano & a split EP featuring DJ Spider & Grey People on Public System Recordings. Swedish producers Peder Mannerfelt & Simon Haydo are very talented in their own solo productions. Imagine my delight when I got word of a very nice collaboration they were working on. I have more music from Red Rack’em, Steevio, Somewhen, Moonstarr, s:VT & Zum Goldenen Schwarm. I rounded off the 2nd part of the show as I did with the first with another Triple Play. This time it features music from the 3 part EP on Mistress Recordings by Mike Gervais, Kirill Mamin & Juxta Position. Lastly I wanted to mention that I’ve been busy with a lot of guest mixes & appearances on various sites & shows. As mentioned last week I made an appearance on M50’s etc Radio Show on WNUR & Intergalactic FM. It is now available for you to enjoy on Soundcloud or Mixcloud. I did a fun mix for Lars Behrenroth’s Deeper Shades of House late last year. Lastly I have completed 2 mixes for two other online sites. I will keep you posted when those mixes are made available. Until then…

Enjoy The Music,

Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

Part 1
1. Rabit “More Memories”(Weightless)
2. Dorian Concept “Trophies”(Ninja Tune)
3. Wrong Steps “GREY”(Huntleys + Palmers)
4. Bufiman “Basedrum Party”(VFMM)
5. Adesse Versions “First Time”(Numbers)
6. Iron Curtis “Magnet”(Office Recordings)
7. Legowelt “Evaporate With Me 2 Infinity”(Technicolour)
8. Nick Höppner “Mirror Image”(Ostgut Ton)
9. HNNY “Solsidan”[Avalon Emerson Remix](Let’s Play House PROMO)
10. WK7 “More Music”(Power House)
11. DWIG “True Story”(DWIG)
12. E GZR “Untitled A2″(Wania)
13. Call Super “From Which I Fell”(Nous)
Triple Play: Fort Romeau
14. Fort Romeau “Insides”(Ghostly International)
15. Tony Allen feat Damon Alborn “Go Back”[Fort Romeau Absolut Remix](Jazz Village)
16. Fort Romeau “Latel”(Ghostly International)

Part 2
17. S.O.N.S “Glimpse Of A Light”[In The Rainforest](S.O.N.S)
18. Keita Sano “Flowers From Your Grave”[T2 Edit](Holic Trax PROMO)
19. Grey People “Deep Friday”(Public System Recordings PROMO)
20. Mannerfelt/Haydo “Never Let You Down”(Avian)
21. DJ Spider “Demon Seed”(Public System Recordings PROMO)
22. Red Rack’em “Live At Music Hall”(Wolf Music)
23. Steevio “Codi”(Mindtours)
24. Somewhen “XJ”(IMF)
25. Marc King “Water Of Life”[Omar S Mix](FXHE)
26. Kobosil “Secede”(MDR)
27. Moonstarr “The Metropolitan”(New Kanada)
28. s:VT “Subterranean Realm”[Henning Baer Remix](Work Them Records)
29. Zum Goldenen Schwarm “Aufgang”[Part 1](Forum)
Triple Play: Various Artists “Mistress 5.1-5.3″(Mistress Recordings)
30. Mike Gervais “Grind”(Mistress Recordings)
31. Kirill Mamin “Cutting”(Mistress Recordings)
32. Juxta Position “World Domination”(Mistress Recordings)

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