Thelonious Funk Sessions #221


Before I talk about the goodies on this show, there are a few things I would like to address. First of all I would like to thank Timo from Deep Rhythms for letting his site be the home for both my weekly & monthly shows. I am grateful for his assistance in helping the show grow as much as it has. Best of luck to him & his family’s journey in life. Secondly, I wanted to let you know that both shows (weekly & monthly) will be on my blog site initially. However I am in the work of getting my Youtube channel going so that I can upload the shows that you may have missed in recent weeks. Will keep you posted on this. With that being said, if you really like this show, please spread the word on it. It is an amazing way for me to be the extra voice for the artists supported on the show. I have put a lot of love in both shows & this time I need you the listener to let people know about the show. I refuse to pay extra money to get fake fans to like my show. Its music I believe in & I just want to be the extra person to trust in to help you find good music. That’s all.
Now as we take a new path with this new show for you, I have a pure selection from the collection with new music from Kiyoko & Roger West. This is followed by some nice warm grooves to go with the milder weather here in Chicago by HNNY & Andres. Moodymann does his magic with a remix of Ralf Gum featuring South African jazz legend Hugh Masekela. I have some forthcoming music from Kerri Chandler’s Madhouse imprint by Italian duo Marsupials. Big tunes by Son Of Sound, Daze & Oskar Offermann remixes the DJ Kicks exclusive tune by John Talabot. Maurice Fulton has proved his quality productions time & time again with his various remixes, aliases & productions for Mim Suleiman. His latest album as Boof is our triple play on the show. The killer cuts continues with music from Foreign, DJ Qu, Max M & Anthony Parasole followed by music from DJ Spider’s new LP on Plan B Recordings to round off the 1st part of the show.
The second part of the show features music from French producer Renart, more music from the Lobster Theremin camp by 1800HaightStreet and music from the albums of Nick Höppner & Zum Goldenen Schwarm. I have a double dose of Aybee on his Deepblak label. Impressive music from Archivist, Juares, Isreal Vines & more DJ Qu. Things get a bit more hype with music from Excell followed with a massive remix of A Sagittariun by Techno legend Rolando. I round off the show with some forthcoming tunes by Somewhen, Maxime Dangles & a killer remix by Eduardo De La Calle. One more thing to note. I am doing a live mix on m50’s Etc radio show on Friday night 10pm-2am CST (Chicago time). I understand that those living in Europe & Africa would be at least 6-7 hours ahead of me so it would likely be around 7am on Saturday that I would likely hop on for the mix. So plenty of music for you to listen to.

Enjoy The Music.
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk

Part 1
1. Kiyoko “Archways”(Samurai Horo)
2. Roger West “End House”(In Paradisum)
3. HNNY “Solsidan”(Let’s Play House PROMO)
4. Andres “Jungle Pain”(La Vida)
5. Ralf GUM feat. Hugh Masekela “With Her Hand”[Moodymann Remix](Gogo Music PROMO)
6. Marsupials “Hot Donuts”(Madhouse PROMO)
7. Son Of Sound “Er’body Gonna Love You Anyway”(District 30)
8. John Talabot “Without You”[Oskar Offermann Without Her Remix](!K7)
9. Daze “Neuromance”(Lobster Theremin)
Triple Play: Boof “The Hydrangeas Whisper” LP
10. Boof “Backlash”(Bubble Tease Communications)
11. Boof “Pete Found His Z”(Bubble Tease Communications)
12. Boof “Solar Eclipse On A Friday Morning”(Bubble Tease Communications)
13. Foreign “Untitled B1″(Baroc)
14. DJ Qu “Redtones”(Strength Music)
15. Max M “Architectural Lie”(M_Rec Ltd)
16. Anthony Parasole “7EVEN”(MDR)
17. DJ Spider “My Phoenix Rise”(Plan B Recordings)

Part 2
18. Renart “Seul Avec Ma Joie/Je Vainquis Par Les Larmes”(Fragrant Harbour)
19. 1800HaightStreet “111”(Lobster Theremin)
20. Zum Goldenen Schwarm “Schwelle”(Forum)
21. Nick Höppner “Paws”(Ostgut Ton)
22. Aybee “Metamorphosis”(Deepblak)
23. Archivist “Trophic”(Blankstairs)
24. Jaures “Nascent”(Shtum)
25. Israel Vines “Relapse”(Eye Teeth)
26. DJ Qu “Sweaty On”(Strength Music)
27. Aybee “The Sky Is Ours”(Deepblak)
28. Excell “Gorgo”(DOQ)
29. El_Txef_A “Claim of Planet Earth”[Eduardo De La Calle Internal Shuffle Mix](Forbidden Colours)
30. Somewhen “Dain”(IMF PROMO)
31. A Sagittariun “3-­4-­3″[Rolando remix](Hypercolour)
32. Maxime Dangles “Rough”(Skryptom PROMO)

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