Thelonious Funk Sessions #220 (Next Gen Performance by seixlacK)

     FINALLY,  I am up & raring to go.  Sorry (once again) for the delay.  I am making various changes to make the experience for you guys to help have more control over when I am able to post new content while helping spread the word on the show in bigger ways. More on that in the coming weeks. So kicking off the show I have new music from Djrum followed by classic tunes by Kenny Larkin’s POD project & a killer broken beat remix by Moonstarr on Planet E. I have a new remix of Ekman by Breaker 1 2 on Berceuse Heroique. I have new music  from Usio, Sevensol & Bender, Arcarsenal and DJ Deep’s Rebeval project on L.I.E.S.  The triple play features music from this week’s Next Gen Producer seixlacK who has just released an EP on bliq Records.  More on him in just a moment. Gauss, Jean Nipon & DJ Spider rounds off the 1st part of the show.
     The 2nd part of the show features a Next Gen first on this show. We have an exclusive Live Set recorded & provided by Brazilian producer seixlacK. I have been keeping an eye on him ever since his appearance on Chico Dub’s Hye Brazil compilation Series. His star has risen even more when his “Seu Lugar é o Cemitério” came out on Brazilian label 40% Foda Maneirissimo, receiving support from Philip Sherburne (Resident Advisor) & Steve Mizek (Little White Earbuds).  His  “Tele-Sexo”  tune made my Top 100 tunes of 2014 & I feel he is just getting started. His latest EP on bliq certainly confirms this. He brings the goods with this sets with some serious acid wizardry. No tracklisting (obviously) since this is an improvised set but I am sure you will enjoy it regardless.  Once again if you are a vinyl lover be sure to pick up a copy of his EP on bliq records. Big thanks to Fernando for doing this!
     I wanted to follow up the set with some amazing cuts by Hodge, Joey Anderson & a killer remix of Trinity by Eric Cloutier. Red Rack’em brings the heat with some music on City Fly Records followed by music from Lando. Darryl & Shonie of The Oliverwho Factory brings raw techno with a touch of disco boogie. This is the perfect set up to round off the show with a MASSIVE edit of Moby’s “Thousand” by Perc. Definitely an early highlight for 2015. Shows are coming thick & fast going forward. I appreciate the patience & support in this huge transition for the show.  I will promise to keep things fresh with plenty of quality.
Enjoy The Music,
Henderick AKA Thelonious Funk
Part 1
1. Djrum “Plantain”(Samurai Red Seal)
2. POD “Northern Lights”(Buzz)
3. Zenker Brothers “Ping”(Illian Tape)
4. Todd Sines feat. Natasha Labelle “Come Closer”[Moonstarr Broken Dub](Planet E)
5. Ekman “GMMDI”[Breaker 1 2 Remix](Berceuse Heroique PROMO)
6. Usio “Galaxy”(Huntleys & Palmers)
7. Arcarsenal “Suzgun Beats”(Underground Quality)
8. Sevensol & Bender “Tribal.De”(Kann)
9. Rebeval “Chantage”(L.I.E.S.)
Triple Play: seixlacK
10. seixlacK “Nublando O Ar”(bliq)
11. Lake Haze “Aranha Negra”[Seixlack remix](One Eyed Jacks)
12. seixlacK “Vasumitra”(bliq)
13. Gauss “Sigma”(Contrast Wax)
14. Jean Nipon “Cause of Action”(ClekClekBoom)
15. DJ Spider “Democide”(Sublevel Sounds)
Part 2
Next Gen Exclusive Set: seixlacK (bliq Recordings/40% Foda Maneirissimo)
End Of Set
16. Hodge “I Don’t Recognise You Lately”(Hemlock Recordings)
17. Trinity “Slippin”[Eric Cloutier Perpetual Motion Remix](Nightime Drama)
18. Joey Anderson “Back Draft”(Dekmantel)
19. Red Rack’em “Dark Boxing”(City Fly)
20. Lando “No Matter”[Where You Are](Myth Music)
21. The Oliverwho Factory “Black”[Love Hangover Remix](Madd Chaise Inc PROMO)
22. Moby “Thousand”[Perc Edit](CDR)

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