Thelonious Funk Sessions #218

Part 1
1. Loefah “Woman”(Berceuse Heroique)
2. Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force feat.Mbene Diatta Seck “Yermande'[Prophet 5 Mix](Ndagga)
3. Takuya Matsumoto “EKR’s Galactic Dance Part 2″(Royal Oak)
4. Ozel AB “Sidestep To Your Left”(Lobster Theremin)
5. Takuya Matsumoto “EKR’s Galactic Dance Part 1″(Royal Oak)
6. Taro Tokugawa “Here My Dear”(Public Possession)
7. Eli Escobar “Thank You Les”(Night People NYC)
8. AU feat. Paleo “It Takes Time”(Wania)
9. DJ Spider & Marshallito “Nuclear Winter”(The Trilogy Tapes PROMO)
10. Levon Vincent “Anti- Corporate Music”(Novel Sound PROMO)
11. Ekman “Implausible Inconsistency System”(Beduoin)
Triple Play: Nummer
12. Nummer “Scion”(Going Good)
13. Nummer “To The D”(Nummer Music)
14. Nummer “Moon to Jupiter”(Going Good)
15. Manuel Gonzales “Full Frontal”(Berceuse Heroique)
Part 2
16. Chicago Jim “C2″(Lobster Theremin)
17. Pinch feat.Temi Oyedele “Are You Coming with Us?” (Soundway Records)
Triple Play: Point G
18. Point G “Rumi”(Point G)
19. Mr.KS “Groove On”[Point G Remix](Music Is Love PROMO)
20. Point G “Mantra Box”(Point G)
21. Ejeca “Mellow Sun”[Citizen Late Nite Dub](Moda Black PROMO)
22. Minus 8 “Runaway”[Tweak Remix](Compost)
24. S.A.T. “The Rig”(Ibadan)
25. Ben Sims “The Fear”(Theory)
26. Zadig “642”(StudioR)
27. Kowton “Glock and Roll”(Whities)
28. Robert Hood “Exturnus Oblique”[Re-Plant](M-Plant)
29. Fango “Tei”(Degustibus Music)
30. A Sagittariun “Loopholes”(Elastic Dreams)
31. Fango “Vampiro”(Degustibus Music)
32. Babicka “Stars of Avion”(Untzz Twelve Inch)

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