Thelonious Funk Sessions #217

Part 1
1. Portable feat. Lcio “Surrender”(Live At Robert Johnson)
2. Herbert “Her Face”(Accidental)
3. Floating Points “Nuits Sonores”(Eglo)
4. Jouem “Dazzling Light”(Mojuba)
5. Garrett David “Console Cowboy”(Gramaphone)
6. X “A1″(Rush Hour)
7. Head Front Panel “B1″(Head Front Panel)
8. X “B1″(Rush Hour)
9. DJ Metatron “U’ll Be The King Of The Stars”(Traumprinz)
10. John Beltran “Lunata”(Soul Research)
11. DJ Metatron “Oh Ah”(Traumprinz)
12. DJ Boom “Kinda Kickin”[Efdemin Remix](Curle Recordings)
13. Studyman “Unlost”(Decabaret)
14. A Sagittariun “Quartz”(Secretsundaze)

Part 2
15. Tambien & Tiago “B1 Untitled”(Public Possession)
16. The 2 Bears “My Queen”[Henrik Schwarz Remix](Southern Fried Records)
17. Nicuri “Outflight”(Yygrec)
18. Darque “Son Of Soil”(Smooth Agent)
19. Eric Cloutier “Anaphalantiasis”(Semantica)
20. Nina Kraviz “Prozimokampleme”(Trip)
21. DJ Spider “Their Mindless Heard”(Studio R)
22. Chris Mitchell “4th Density”(Vanguard Sound)
Triple Play: Marcel Dettmann Records (MDR)
23. Dario Zenker “Nearlin”(MDR)
24. Lockertmatik “M_Lock 4” (MDR)
25. Marcelus “Flash”(MDR)
26. Ike Release “Marant”(M>O>S)
27. Steve Huerta “Say It Wasn’t”[Locked Groove Remix](Anjunadeep PROMO)
28. Robert Hood “Minus”[Edit](M-Plant)
29. DJ Spider & Marshallito “Zero Point”(The Trilogy Tapes PROMO)
30. Don Williams “Attack Ships On Fire”(Dystopian)

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